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My Junior's so Tolerant It's Scary. [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic Hot

Kazuma's just your regular office worker... Except for the fact that he likes playing with his ass so much, he's been holding off on masturbating for two weeks. One weekend, on the way home from one of his usual self-loving sessions in a soundproofed, easily-cleaned hotel room... he happens upon his junior colleague Maruyama and gets roped into drinking with him! Later, when carrying a passed-out drunk Maruyama to bed, Kazuma catches sight of Maruyama's raging boner...!
Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


Lovin' Ya Comic

A story about two Kyoto boys and their everyday lives filled with fun times, sexy times, and heartwarming moments. Osugi and Take are college classmates and best friends. Osugi, who's handsome but a total letdown on the inside, tells Take how he feels about him... Which is nice and all, but Take just gets shocked at everything he does... "Are you some kinda perv!?" Best friends? Or lovers? What does fate have in store for these two!?

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