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Want to Sell Me Your Body? [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


"That makes a grand total of 100 thousand dollars." After Tsukasa's mom is killed in a car accident, her dad becomes addicted to drinking and gambling. One day, he disappears, leaving Tsukasa with a debt of 30 thousand dollars. There's no way a student like Tsukasa could get her hands on that much money! Eventually, debt collector Reiko shows up, inviting herself into Tsukasa's home and telling her to pay up. She offers the young girl a way of getting cash fast: by selling herself to Reiko. "Want to sell me your body?" Tsukasa agrees without really understanding what that entails, and when Reiko moves in with her, their relationship suddenly takes an unexpected turn...


Kaoru Kun Comic

"In Yuni-san's country, everyone kisses the ones they love every day." Yuni-san gave me my first kiss. I don't really understand young love or true love but I do Know what it means to "like."


My Boyfriend the Homeboy Comic


My boyfriend is sick, he suddenly stopped going to work and never leaves home. So he jokingly calls himself a "homeboy" but while I try to laugh with him I am actually really concerned. We live together but only talk through a computer chat!? Through force or charm, I'll drag him out of there!

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