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Legal Playboy Boytoy No.666 - Doing to You What You Did to Me - Comic


Our main character is a manwhore who has thrown away more fuck buddies that there are stars in the sky. Everyone always told him that someday his actions come back to bite him, but he never paid them any mind. Even now, he spends his nights drinking... Then, one day, he comes home in a good mood, and slips into unconsciousness. When he wakes up, he's surrounded by strange men, who start attacking him without any explanation. They humiliate him, and mess him all up! "From this point on, when someone wants you, you must have sex with them." As a man with glasses explains how he's been chosen as part of a new sexual service law, his ass gets stamped! And from that day forward, his epic life as a runaway piece of ass begins!

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