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Engrave My Love [Total ch. 5] Completed NEW Comic

PublisherOtome-chika POP

He feels the lust in his eyes. Every day, the tattoo artist Washio comes to the flower shop Haruno works at. Haruno always feels the intense way Washio watches him. He's a playboy who wants to have a little fun, and asks Washio to the hotel. As usual, Haruno uses his skillful technique to lead Washio in bed, but the unexpected happens when Haruno finds their roles reversed!
Washio tells Haruno that he's just getting started and it looks like they're going to be there for a while because of Washio's unbelievable stamina. Haruno's body gets engraved with Washio's unsatiable lust...!
A faithful inexperienced tattoo artist and a florist who's a player. A love story between an unlikely couple.

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