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Please Marry Me Right Now -I've Gotta Get Married in the Next Three Months- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


Kotoha hasn't had a boyfriend in ten years, but now she'll get married in three months! Right before a company party, Kotoha Aihara (29) got news that her grandmother has only six months left to live. On her sickbed, Kotoha's grandmother says her only regret is not being able to see Kotoha get married... So, Kotoha decides to get married within the next three months!! Desperate and willing to marry anyone, three of her coworkers nominate themselves for the job!! After the company party, they decide to test their physical compatibility, but it's been a while for Kotoha (plus, there are three of them!), so things heat up pretty fast... Is this for real!?


The Blue-Collar Boy's Intense Caress -Going So Far the First Time...- Comic

One day, Kasumi gets harassed by a stranger and Yuto, a blue-collar worker who happened to be nearby helps her... She goes to his house to treat her wound, but... he ends up seducing her and...! She can't believe she's going this far with a guy she barely knows!!


How To Use Adult Toys -Testing For Satisfaction- Comic

I've messed up so many times at work, I got transferred to a new department. ...It's the Adult Toy Research and Development Lab!? And the guy giving me a serious talk while holding a product is my first crush!? Now, I'm supposed to test out his latest creation...? A collection of stories, including a slippery episode at a certain hotel!


Marrying My Childhood Sweetheart -Seduction in Nothing But an Apron- Comic

I finally married my childhood sweetheart! ...But, it's not nearly as passionate as I imagined... I can't believe it's been over a month and we haven't consummated our marriage. Am I just not an attractive woman...? Why did you marry me, Atsuya?


There's a Reason Hotel Beds Have Two Pillows -With My Coworker on a Business Trip- Comic

I have to share a hotel room with my coworker!? The mean coworker that's always making fun of me!? And when he sneaks into my bath and starts rubbing me there... The hot water starts gushing into me, making me hotter than I've ever been before! Next thing I know, he starts licking me down there...... In addition to the title story, this volume also contains, "But Water'll Get in! Lovers at the Bath House", "Good on the Chase and in the Bedroom: Forbidden Overtime", "Peak Overtime: A Secretary's Obscene Love", and "Embraced in the Holy Night: Sharing a Bawdy Bed with My Boss".

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