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The Demanding Author and the Frisky Kitty's Confusion [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Jun had finally gotten the demanding author, Yudai Kase, to take him as a lover. Though, getting his attention away from 2D worlds was just as difficult as ever... Yet, there were times he'd suddenly embrace him in a night of passion. However, Yudai takes a blow to the head while the two are on vacation and wakes up with amnesia... Jun attempts to jog his lover's memory with his own body, but...! A love story between a demanding author and a selfish young model! Seigo and Akane's next episode and bonus story "Between Jun's Legs," also included. Exclusive Renta! content.


The Demanding Author and the Fledgling's One-sided Love Comic

Young model Jun Nanami is madly in love with ex-supermodel and manga artist Yudai Kase. After moving in with him in hopes of becoming Yudai's "one and only", Jun finds Yudai's cousin is in the way...!! The popular "Drawn" series is back!!


The Demanding Author Falls for the Loser Comic Hot

Jun Nanami is a young model. Except, his agency is forcing him to work as a manga assistant! He's less than thrilled about the arrangement until he realizes the artist is actually his idol, ex-model Yudai Kase!! A high-and-mighty author falls for a bratty young model in this steamy love story!

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