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Starting Today, You're My Woman -The Selfish Mobster and the Prince- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


Yuna Soma encounters a prince-like stud on her way to work who cheers her up. That same night, she receives a phone call from someone claiming to be a friend of her deceased father. Something happened when her father was still alive and the voice tells Yuna he has something of her father's to hand her. She's not sure whether to believe him or not, but she goes to his place anyway. However, she ends up getting dragged into a mobster's office, and she finds the young gang leader who looks just like the prince she met that morning! She's being kissed all of a sudden, stripped of her underwear, and she finds herself being touched all over! She shouldn't like it, but she's starting to feel good...


Do You Want Me to Undress You? -The Domineering Director and the Confining Contract- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


"Just do as I say." Employed as a captive lover for one month!? Mio Sakamoto's just an ordinary person, working multiple part-time jobs to pay for her younger brother's school tuition. She's waitressing as usual, when some wealthy-looking customers start an argument of some sort. While Mio is carrying an order to that table, one of the wealthy customers, a super-hot guy, grabs her arm. "This is the woman I love!" he declares, and abducts her from the restaurant!! That man, actually the director of a high-class hotel, orders Mio to act as his lover, so he can break off an engagement his parents arranged... In exchange for playing the part she's been given, Mio will be paid so much, she'll never have to work again. But he suddenly forces himself upon her... Even so, Mio can't refuse him when he looks at her that way...!


Absolute Submission: The Princess in Spectacles -The Gentleman Beast's Sexual Training- Comic


Hina is a bespectacled girl who can only be described as homely. One day she crashes into a super-famous businessman on the street! As payment for his dirtied suit, he carries her off to his palatial mansion. She is dressed up by his exclusive stylist and... forced to train! Even though her mind doesn't want to, her body responds... "I'm going to educate you." The sadistic socialite begins to teach the naive, unsophisticated girl an extremely lewd lesson...!


Forbidden Nectar Mannequin - My Sadistic Manager's Intense on the Job Training - Comic


Rika is just a young woman with a love for fashion. When she decides to go for an interview for an up-and-coming designer she finds out that it's at an apartment! Feeling suspicious, she is just about to leave when she is dragged into the apartment. She isn't even allowed to turn down the offer and is instead ordered to take off her clothes! Unable to resist she is suddenly standing stark naked and putting on Mr. Asano's newest design! He begins to feel her up, and not just above her clothes! Will Rika give in and allow herself to become his living mannequin!?

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