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Train Him Top to Bottom [Plus Bonus Page] Comic

Takashi prides himself on being a "top," and he's in love with a close friend. Right when his friend is lying vulnerable before him... his other friend Kotaro makes a move on Takashi himself! Why does it feel so damn good in Kotaro's arms...!? A wannabe-top gets trained to be a bottom in this romantic comedy full of desperate crushes and hot, steamy action! Comes with bonus content for both the print and digital versions!


Work Them Hard Comic

Shinobu Nagatani's captain of a judo club that seems doomed to failure. But, he manages to get the club members to win the national championship by enticing them with a "reward." Unfortunately, that reward turns out to be his body...!! The captain's about to learn the joys of bottoming... while everyone watches!! A hot, steamy romantic comedy!

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