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I Can't Believe a Vibrating Phone Made Me Cum on the Train... (Current ch. 2) Comic


"You want me to stop? Or... Do you want me to make you cum?" He keeps teasing her on the train and she can't hold back anymore...!! Azusa is stuck close to the man next to her during rush hour. Just then, something vibrates near her sensitive area... No way! Is it a phone vibrating!? The train rattles and pushes her against it. She can't move and cums... And the owner of that phone is a younger man from her company! Seeing her climax, he says, "If you'd like, I can entertain you," and closes in on her on the way home... Her body is getting hot from being played with in a naughty way... She knows she shouldn't, but what can she do...? She's gonna cum again...!!

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