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Together with Me Comic

PublisherJunet Co.,LTD

Kanata, a university student, is introduced to an underground job forum by his friends. There he sees an ad that promises 930 dollars for just one day, on the condition that into men!

As Kanata recently broke up with his old boyfriend and feels desperate, he responds to this clearly suspect ad... His employer turns out to be Yamada, a perfectly respectable man who, too, is suffering from a recently broken heart... He asks Kanata to "make him forget about kindness", but what is his ultimate goal...?

The main title is 50 pages, followed by 74 pages filled with three stories of varying length. The stories and the characters in them are just lovely.


The First Thing My Little Brother Ever Begged For [Plus Bonus Page] Comic


After a chaotic few days, the Ichinose brothers went from friendly siblings to lovers. Chihiro's the older brother and is a clumsy guy who works part-time jobs. Even though he was timid about their relationship at first, he lets his work-horse of a younger brother, Chikage, guide him, and they spend their days together full of love. ...Or so they thought! With the appearance of Toya Momoshiki, the stuck-up son of a rich family and Chikage's rival in high school, the brothers' secret relationship is quickly discovered. In order to protect his little brother, Chihiro listens to Toya's demands even if they involve physical things, but...!! This is the even more raunchy and hilarious second chapter of this series about clumsy and cute brotherly love, which in addition to the main story, includes a prequel from Chikage's point of view about how his love for Chihiro grew! Includes a first-edition bonus page plus a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


What My Little Brother Is Begging for Today Comic


"I want to sleep with you, Chihiro." When my little brother said that, I, Chihiro Ichinose, had my whole life turned upside down. Chikage and me are brothers and we get along great. He's a manga artist that I'm proud of and it's already been a few years since I came with him to Tokyo. Is this my punishment for getting too used to living in comfort!? His sudden declaration of wanting to "sleep with me" made me very confused, but he won't stop being persistent. No matter how much material he needs for his yaoi stories, this is too far! But, when my cute brother begs me in desperation, I can't refuse... I think... What should I do!?

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