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Handcuff My Heart! Comic

Aya mistakes an undercover detective named Kenjiro for a molester on the train! Their meeting is the start of a thrilling romance! "Kenjiro is going to steal my heart!" A young lady and a detective! Don't miss the conclusion to their love story! This is Ulala Hoshi's first manga compilation. It contains three stories of the steamy couple, Aya and Kenjiro, along with two separate stories! Please enjoy reading this manga.


Totally out of Control: Girl Tactics Comic

Excellence? Miwa got a boyfriend, the younger Yuu. Will she also get his virginity? But he's dominating her!! Has Miwa's delusion run wild? Then, the compilation love story "Love Guardian, "about a high school SP and the rich boy she's supposed to protect. Ulala's heart is gonna burst!


My Dear Butler Comic

The young, spoiled Airi is enjoying living life on her own when who should appear in front of her but the absolutely useless butler, Soujirou. Airi can't believe how terrible a butler he is when he was sent by her very own mother to keep an eye on her. So, why does she start to find the things he does adorable? What would happen if a rich young girl fell in love with her butler? Besides the title story, this volume contains 3 one-shot stories revolving around Sumire Villa and the men that live there! Ulala's comics are bound to make your heart race!

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