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Ch. 1 FREE

After-School Education [Total ch. 5] Completed NEW Comic

I'll never have a love affair like this in all my life! thinks Masato, a high school boy who always watches adult movies and touches himself in the company of his two best friends. What's more, he arrives at the conclusion that the greatest pleasure attainable would be a dry climax...!! After stimulating himself inside, he realizes that he can come by doing it with another guy, and immediately strives to train his body. Meanwhile, the cool and handsome Uta, who sleeps with girls every day, sees him watching gay movies, and getting carried away he asks to do it with him, too!

Ch. 1 FREE

LOVE TRAP I Couldn't Believe How Head Over Heels He Was For Me, But It Was Just A Trap. [Total ch. 10] Completed NEW Comic

"You're so wet... I'll go nice and deep inside you." "Ah... we can't... go any further." Hinako had always dreamed of living on her own. But right after she finally got her wish, for a reason unbeknownst to her, the apartment manager, Harumi, had fallen in love with her at first sight. Although bewildered at first, one "fateful event" sparked a change in their relationship, pushing them to cross a line... With his throbbing member, his touch unlocked a waterfall of pleasure. Making love to her most intimate parts over and over, seducing her until she was under his spell... But lurking underneath it all... "You adorable fool." Harumi suddenly reveals a different side!? Could it be that he's been harboring a "dark secret"?


Mellow Days, Spicy Nights -How To Love A Stray Girlfriend- [Total ch. 7] (Current ch. 2) NEW Comic


She just can't refuse when he pleads like that!

With no money to her name, freelance writer Nijiko has just become homeless.
After collapsing from starvation, she wakes up to find a guy named Sogo has taken her home with him.
Sogo's clean and tidy place, as well as his delicious cooking, make her feel like she's gone to heaven.
But, after spending a week basically being pampered as his pet, she realizes she can't depend on him forever.

When she broaches the subject of leaving, Sogo asks her if she'd stay if they were dating.
Suddenly, he's no longer her kind caretaker, but a strong and aggressive man!

With her lips covered by his kisses, Nijiko can't refuse the "exciting" lifestyle that awaits her...

Ch. 1 FREE

Do I Have to Do It in Order to Lose Weight!? -The Best Training I've Ever Had- [Total ch. 6] Completed NEW Comic


"Weight training turns me on so much. I hate this body of mine...!!"

Hinamoto is concerned about his recent weight gain, the result of his irregular lifestyle!
While he wants to do something about it, a certain issues has him reluctant to start exercising.
It's then that he meets popular fitness trainer Saotome, who finds out about Hinamoto's "condition."

A romcom, weight-loss story about a cool trainer and a pure, glasses-wearing office worker.


[Sold by Chapter]One Summer in Italy [Total ch. 12] Completed NEW Comic


Just before her return to England, Holly discovers in her luggage the valuable painting she had sketched earlier. She had become entangled in an unthinkable crime... She was deceived by a man she trusted! Jumping on to a train bound for Rome, she runs into a compartment in the first-class carriage. There, she encounters Matteo, a sharp justice who immediately realises she is on the run. However for an unknown reason, he does not hand her over to the police, and instead takes her back to his mansion. As he confiscates her passport, she starts to worry about what lies ahead...



Same Time, Next Year NEW Comic


With a broken engagement behind him, James Wilkens spends New Year's Eve in Las Vegas...where he meets Summer Lawton. She's just suffered a painful betrayal, and James promises her that in a year, she'll be over it. To prove his point, he makes a date to meet her in Vegas same time, next year. Except it turns out to be more than a date?it's a wedding!



Secret Sadistic CEO and His Special Secretary -An Absolute Beast During Sex- (Current ch. 69) NEW Comic Popular

Yuko, a contract employee stumbles upon her boss's secret through pure coincidence. Now she's stuck being the secretary of her company president! He can be gentle than any women, but sometimes a complete animal too...... Finding it hard to adjust to her boss's "secret" at first, Yuko finds herself gradually getting attracted to her mysterious boss......


[Sold by Chapter]The Fallen Greek Bride (Current ch. 12) NEW Comic


After five years of separation, Morgan visits her estranged husband in Greece. Drakon Sebastian Xanthis is a world-class tycoon and owner of a widely successful marine corporation. When they got married five years ago, Morgan couldn't endure their loveless marriage and fled to America, but now she is caught in a major dilemma. Her father has been abducted by pirates, who are holding him for a six-million-dollar ransom. She has no choice but to beg her former husband for help. Drakon doesn't hesitate to write her a check. However, seeing him again, Morgan realizes that she is still deeply in love with the gorgeous Greek man...



Carnal Desire Overflow -More Than Best Friends, Not Quite Boyfriends- [Total ch. 6] (Current ch. 4) NEW Comic


Yoji Tsuchiya's an omega aggravated by his love for Jin Arumi, a beta.
He hopes that one day, he and Jin will be more than best friends... but for the time being, he'll do anything to protect the status quo.
Yoji spends most of his time getting through the gauntlet that is Jin's innocent teasing. One day, though, Yoji goes into heat right in front of Jin...!

He doesn't want Jin to hate him... but... maybe he can use this to his advantage...

An omega's true nature wavering somewhere between friendship and desire.
What's waiting for the two once they cross that line...!?


That Time a Gangster Was Reincarnated into a Historical Era -Nobunaga Wants to Make Me His Page!?- (Current ch. 4) NEW Comic

AuthorSato Toumi
PublisherKaikan Club

Young mafia boss Hajime thought he was shot and killed by his enemies... Until he snapped into the world of the Warring States period! When the one and only great Nobunaga Oda takes a liking to him, Nobunaga renames him Ranmaru Mori for some reason, but that isn't Hajime's biggest shock. Nobunaga fondles him all over, kisses his neck, and forces himself into Hajime's untouched parts. Frustrated as he is with his domination, Hajime can't stop moaning. Turned into a Nobunaga's subordinate, what will become of Hajime?


The Final Touch NEW Comic


While working as a nurse in London, Charity falls hard for a visiting physician from the Netherlands. She decides to follow him to Amsterdam when his training term ends, but she soon discovers that he is a playboy who isn't ready to settle down. Though heartbroken, Charity ends up meeting handsome and kindhearted Dr. Tyco van der Brons. He invites her to meet his twin daughters and soon Charity grows to love them. She wonders how such an amazing man could care for a dull woman like herself, so she is shocked when Tyco asks her to marry him!



[Sold by Chapter]For Better, For Worse (Current ch. 12) NEW Comic


While teaching English in Spain, Kit meets vineyard owner Rafael and instantly falls in love. The problem is, she met his younger brother first, who already proposed to her. Even though she turned the proposal down, she is worried that she ruined the brothers' relationship, so she returns to America on her own. Two months later, Rafael finds her and wins her over once again. But on their way back to Spain, a horrible accident shatters their happy ending. When Rafael finally awakens in the hospital, every memory of Kit has been erased from his mind...



I Was Reincarnated in Another World and Auctioned off as a Slave (Current ch. 7) NEW Comic Popular


There's no tragic hero here!!
This soft and fluffy yaoi manga is about a prince and a reincarnated man who becomes a slave.

Shuya Suwa (31) was on his way to a drinking party when he helped an old lady to cross the street and got hit by a truck.


Show It To Me, Baby! (Current ch. 9) NEW Comic

Finally a manager at age 35, Asahi Maebashi seems to have it all. People think she's gorgeous, and everyone knows how good she is at her job. Now if only she could have as much confidence in the bedroom... but is it any surprise she has given up on love and marriage after her husband divorced her for her lack of skills in the boudoir? Asahi is determined to be celibate, but now she has a new burning desire... to see a man touch himself while looking at her! As fate would have it, she meets 29-year-old Kouya Kisarazu, a hot, but slightly narcissistic director, through work. He doesn't seem inexperienced with women, but after a traumatic past, he is so insecure in that arena, he has already had enough! He would like a woman to watch him spank his monkey, though!! Realizing this is a win-win situation, the two release their inner freaks and help each other out...


A Dream Between the Sheets (Current ch. 17) NEW Comic


Tender caresses and kisses exchanged in a hotel suite. They get each other's feelings perfectly, like they've found the one they've been searching for their whole lives. He loves every inch of her, causing her body and soul to melt away in the intense feelings he invokes in her.
Yukino, who worked as store manager of a cosmetics store, enjoyed and was good at her job, but still felt that something was missing. When shopping one day, she helps out what appears to be a tourist and ends up spending the night with him. He was like a cute cat wanting to be spoiled, until he suddenly locked her in his passionate gaze...


Love Was There That Summer [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] NEW Comic

I want you to desire me, not the guy I was in my previous life.
When Ryouta Sakaue heads to his home town over the summer break to liquidate the estate of his deceased grandfather, he meets a sickly young man named Chizuru, with whom he falls in love. But then, one day, Chizuru abruptly disappears...
Then, Issei, a boy Ryouta has known since the day he was born, appears before him. Ryouta immediately realizes that Issei is Chizuru's reincarnation, and the two become a couple. However...
The love of "that summer" was predestined in many ways.
A bittersweet love story between a mostly laid-back college student and his childhood friend who has inherited a love for him from his previous life!
Includes a bonus page and a special page exclusive to the digital edition!


The Millionaire Bachelor [Total ch. 2] Completed NEW Comic


It's a daily ritual for Cathy Eldridge, a phone operator, to talk to reclusive millionaire Stone Ward. Every night, Cathy presents herself as a confident, glamorous, well-traveled woman, but in reality she thinks of herself as boring, a little shy, and she barely gets paid enough to travel! After two years of chatting, Stone and Cathy have struck up a friendship, but one night during their call, Cathy's office catches on fire and a sudden explosion cuts the phone line, prompting Stone to hurry to her rescue...



[Sold by Chapter]Married Under the Italian Sun [Total ch. 12] Completed NEW Comic


The world knew her as a glamorous, glitzy blonde, famous for being famous. Until her unfaithful husband divorced her...and Angel Clannan was glad to be a nobody once again. She couldn't wait to start her new life in Italy, in the Villa Tazzini on the Amalfi coast.Nobody could care about the villa more than Vittorio Tazzini. It broke his heart to see it sold to someone like Angel. Except the dark, brooding Italian hadn't even met her yet. Getting to know the real Angel Clannan, the one she'd almost forgotten herself, would change his mind. And, if he let her, she might just change his entire life....


Ch. 1 FREE

A God's Beloved Falcon [Total ch. 5] Completed NEW Comic

Takashi is a very normal bachelor with a normal office job who's trying to enjoy a peaceful holiday. Suddenly, a man, who is obviously not normal, appears in front of him. He is a god named Swinha who was supposedly Takashi's lover in his former life. Takashi is bewildered by this outrageous story, but when he looks into the the god's face, he can't refuse him. Swinha passionately kisses him and Takashi lets him make love to him with all four of his arms! The all powerful, all knowing god is even good at the art of making love! A fantasy between a dazzling god and normal human man!!


Game for Romance -My Handsome Colleague Is a Gamer Too...!?- (Current ch. 17) NEW Comic


Ayumi Shimizu is a simple office worker with a simple hobby: playing Grand Knight Fantasy on her phone. One day another female player invites her to meet up for a drink. Who should turn up, but the ace from her own company's sales department, Haruto!

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