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Miss Miracle [VertiComix] (Current ch. 68) NEW VertiComix


Good-for-nothing? Ugly and a coward? You must be joking! I, the bounty hunter Linghu Qingxue, was reborn in the ancient times just to be a coward!? No way! Rising from the ashes, I beat up evil slaves, punished cheaters, and gave pretentious women a lesson! Beautiful men followed me around like puppies. That jealous fiance of mine could do nothing but shout: "Woman, you've accepted my bride-price! How dare you mess around with other guys!? "


Superficial Relationship [VertiComix] (Current ch. 44) NEW VertiComix


The popular boy band seems peaceful, but the members had already broken up with each other privately. After an accident, the members traveled back to ten years ago when they had just made their debut. Being given a second chance, how much effort does he need to make to save his relationship with Meng Yilan and other members? This is a story about dreams and love!

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