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Come out from the Toy Box Comic

Glittery cuteness and things that make one's heart race. Hinako's world is full of things she loves, including the gallant "Prince" Sakuya! He has a gentle smile and twinkling eyes. She doesn't want to get close, nor is she in love with him. Hinako's happy just admiring from a distance... Then one day, their relationship takes a sharp turn! What will Hinako do once she learns of the "Prince's" unexpected true self? This is a fluffy and realistic love story between a devilish prince and dreamy-eyed girl!


First Love Connection Comic

To college student Mahiru, relationships are just a cycle of hellos and good-byes. She only sticks around when the going is good and doesn't want any pesty deep connections. That all changes when she gets to know her next-door neighbor Kazuhiko, a kind-hearted man who's over ten years her senior. Although she goes into this new friendship with her usual blase attitude, their relationship becomes more important than she could have ever imagined...


A Devil's Lollipop Comic

Kinu has started working as a live-in housekeeper at the mansion where the three Kurotani brothers live. The eldest brother, Shuri, is shy, reclusive, and meek. The middle brother, Aisa, is a cool guy with black hair and glasses. The youngest brother, Touka, is spoiled and bubbly. All three are actually descended from a devil who drinks the "energy" from human women...!


How to Get out of the Friend Zone Comic

Tomo and Yuu have been together since grade school, but has that relationship matured along with them, now that they're adults? As she sees how much taller he's grown, his big muscles, and the size of his hand on her skin, Tomo starts to see Yuu as a "man." But he seems to be acting strangely... "Like," "like-like," "love." Where's the line between friends and lovers...?


I like You, but There's a Problem! Comic

It's been two months since Ruka and Yuuichi started dating. Yuuichi is kind, and he's always such a gentleman; that's why Ruka has always liked him. She's trying hard to be a "proper girl," the kind that's right for him. But, when Yuuichi is standing in front of her with wet hair and his collarbones peeking through his shirt... She feels herself losing control!!! Ruka's mind is full of dirty thoughts, and she can't stop thinking about sex. Despite that serious problem, she has to spend the night at his place!! ...Will it be okay for her to become a wolf and pounce on him?

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