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Do You Hate Muscular Gentlemen?-Built for Her Pleasure- (Current ch. 9) NEW Comic

Nao, a 23-year-old office worker, grew up as the one girl in a household where her three brothers and parents were all obsessed with muscles. Nao managed to find a job and leave her house of meatheads, but is forced to return home when her office is struck by layoffs. However, she gets pissed off and runs out when she discovers that her room has been invaded by her brothers. Her big brother, Subaru, runs into the park to get her, but their argument is broken up by 35-year-old associate university professor Asuka Himori. The two of them end up meeting again at a marriage mixer and they end up hitting it off. Tonight's their first night together... but when Nao sees Asuka's naked chest, she can't help but run away at the sight of his muscles...!! No one said that a serious professor would be that muscular!! And it's not just his body, but his personality, too!?


The Sadistic Butler Comic


One day, Mio finds a good-looking butler fainted in front of her building!? To repay her for helping him, this mysterious butler suddenly becomes her servant. Mio is confused at first, but since he says he'll do anything she wants, she asks him one day half jokingly... "Will you be my boyfriend?" The butler quickly changes...into a sadistic boyfriend...!? He ties her hands with an apron and... Her first radical experience of something like this makes her feel like her body and heart are melting... However, this pervert butler also has a serious mission...! Why not take a peek at the exciting life of this poor girl and the "wolf" butler?


Secret BL Fairy Tale Comic


This is the story of a merman who falls in love with a human. One day, the prince of the Merpeople suddenly falls in love with a human. He tells a witch that he'll do anything to become human, but in exchange he loses not his voice, but...!? The prince goes to meet the man he loves, but what awaits him is a hell of an unimaginable group pinning him down... It turns out the man the merman loves is a hardcore Yakuza member. Confinement, torture, and torment... Even then, he keeps trying to confess his feelings... A sad, ephemeral BL fairy tale.

[Collected Works]
The Little Mermaid Who Had SEX Taken Away
The Price of Indiscretion


Pervert Boyfriend? Comic


Draw me to make up for the doctor's fee!Main character, "Yuyu" received the a strange offer from the pet owner because she hurt his dog and was invited for the drawing club... for a nude!!! Totally naked model(pet owner) comes closer and teases her while she is in a mess. You will find out the deep secret between this aggressive boy and her and enjoy seeing her "Naked" and "Deep" relationship with a "HENTAI" boyfriend who turns into a beast when he's naked!

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