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One Day, You'll Take off My Uniform [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic

Publisherwwwave comics

One day, I will end up naked in front of my teacher... A girl and her teacher, each having lost someone important to them, get closer to one another and mend their hearts, little by little... Rei just lost her parents in an accident and decides to go live in a boarding house. There, she finds drawings and painting tools strewn around, along with a naked man called Taichi Narumi. His grandmother, the actual landlord, is in the hospital, so he acts both as her replacement and as an art teacher. Still in a daze from his sleep, he pushes Rei on the bed and steals her first kiss. Now, she is confused and has to share a house with him... But Taichi bears scars of his own...


One-Summer Boyfriend -All Our Firsts Together- (Current ch. 3) Comic

Publisherwwwave comics

I got a boyfriend while playing the King's Game!? My first date, my first kiss, my first everything! But at the end of summer vacation, it will all be over... During her last summer vacation in high school, Yuri participates in her very first mixer. Some guys and girls get together to play the King's Game, in which all players have to obey the orders of the one who is elected King. Yuri's first challenge is to play the Pocky Game with her popular classmate Kanata! She was planning to stop if he got too close, but suddenly he steals her first kiss! In the final round of the game, Kanata becomes King, and gives his final, crazy order: "Go out with me for the rest of summer vacation"...!

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