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Black Sesame Salt and Custard Pudding [Total ch. 20] (Current ch. 5) NEW Comic


One morning, HARUHI wakes up to find that she's married to an old man she doesn't know!? Haruhi works as a heavy machinery operator at a construction site full of men.One night, Haruhi meets a middle-aged man with grey hair at a pub, and submits a marriage certificate under the influence of alcohol. She had taken him straight into her room! Don't judge a man by the colour of the hair. Love comedy by a silver fox and a girl physical worker.


Love Is Strange, yet Delicious [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


Taira is a handsome but aloof university student who rejects every girl who asks him out, no matter how gorgeous. He has no interest in love or food, taking in the bare minimum nutrition required as he spends all his time at either university or his part-time job at a TV station. One day, he comes home drunk and passes out in the hallway outside his apartment. His neighbor, Koto, takes him in and treats him to a delicious meal. Being an avid cook, she asks, "How does it taste!?" But, instead of providing helpful feedback, Taira says, "I don't care about food as long as it suits my taste..."

"Please stop trying to feed me!" He can't be won over with romance or food?it's an impossible love story!

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