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Yuri Magnetixx ( Current vol 3 ) Comic


Riko can't stop having fantasies about a girl she sees every morning at the train station. Without knowing her name or anything about her, she tries to get closer to her. But, when the train car shakes suddenly, Riko bumps into her. This is the start of their attraction to each other in this yuri love story.


Patterns of Yuri at the Girls' School [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


Hikari loves her classmate Maho, who she's known since they were little. They display their affection for each other so much it draws the suspicions of everyone. But, this is all a show as Maho is actually involved with another girl... After school, classmate Ai asks Hikari, "Is it really okay if your girlfriend is flirting with another girl?" Without knowing what Ai's game is, Hikari finds herself being kissed by her... and seduced. Ai does things to her that she's always wanted to do with Maho. Despite the heartbreak, she's physically enraptured... A feeling of loss quickly takes a turn in this tale of schoolgirl discovery.


True Love That Starts with a Lie Comic Hot


"It turns out that Liliya still hasn't done it !" Geeky four-eyed Ai's "good luck charm condom" is picked up by the wild girl, Liliya Tanaka. Expecting to be teased, Ai is surprised to be asked, "You've got experience, right?" What's the startling request that comes from this...!? Is this the blessed, debauched school life of Ai, the lecherous, somewhat experienced girl!?

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