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A Timid Woman Longing For Her Delivery Girl [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


Every Thursday, Kei receives packages to support her shut-in lifestyle. At her previous job, she was the victim of sexual harassment and has since found it difficult to be around other people, leading her to work freelance. Then she meets Rinko, the new delivery girl with a positive and cheerful personality. As their relationship begins to grow, so does Kei's curiosity for her.


True Love That Starts with a Lie Comic


"It turns out that Liliya still hasn't done it !" Geeky four-eyed Ai's "good luck charm condom" is picked up by the wild girl, Liliya Tanaka. Expecting to be teased, Ai is surprised to be asked, "You've got experience, right?" What's the startling request that comes from this...!? Is this the blessed, debauched school life of Ai, the lecherous, somewhat experienced girl!?


Want to Sell Me Your Body? [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


"That makes a grand total of 100 thousand dollars." After Tsukasa's mom is killed in a car accident, her dad becomes addicted to drinking and gambling. One day, he disappears, leaving Tsukasa with a debt of 30 thousand dollars. There's no way a student like Tsukasa could get her hands on that much money! Eventually, debt collector Reiko shows up, inviting herself into Tsukasa's home and telling her to pay up. She offers the young girl a way of getting cash fast: by selling herself to Reiko. "Want to sell me your body?" Tsukasa agrees without really understanding what that entails, and when Reiko moves in with her, their relationship suddenly takes an unexpected turn...


Flower and Poison Comic


Shinobu takes in a stray "cat"- a cute, innocent-looking girl who starts to live with her. Shinobu is disillusioned with interpersonal relationships, and she isn't looking for anything, so what are those feelings that the mysterious girl has awakened in her heart? Whenever Shinobu paints her, she feels at ease, but she longs to touch more than the canvas...


The Girl Is Mine Comic


Presenting the story of Minami, a spunky girl from a distinguished family, and the object of her undying affection, a poor university coed named Kaede. With Kaede's birthday coming up, Minami spares no effort to prepare something special -- only to find her totally unprepared for the ultimate test of her relationship with Kaede! Enjoy this tale of two young girls from a time when women were just beginning to make their mark on society

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