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I'll Keep It a Secret So Let Me Do You -The Aggressive Guy Is My Co-worker and Sometimes Housekeeper- [Total ch. 14] Completed Comic


"No... wait..." "You say that, but your body seems to be enjoying this." ...This super aggressive guy knows my secrets and now he's forcing himself on me. Futaba works hard as an admin every day. Her co-worker's Takaya, a go-getter who likes to tease her, so they often fight... Compared to him, department manager Mr. Atsugi is kind and cares about his staff. Then, one day, it's decided that all the team members will come to Futaba's apartment for a party. But, she's horrible when it comes to housework, and her place's a complete mess. If Mr. Atsugi were to ever see this, she'd have to give up any hope of being with him... With no other option, she hires a house cleaning service. A few days later, after coming home tired from work, and having completely forgotten that she hired a service, Futaba starts to touch herself while thinking of Mr. Atsugi... Just then, the housekeeper who came over sees her! To her surprise, it turns out to be the devious Takaya...!


At 33 I Fell Prey to a Young Womanizer [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


Mirei just keeps working and before she knows it she's 33 years old and has totally given up on being a proper woman. Then, one day at work, the popular, young and hot newbie, Sota Saeki, tells her he will make her remember how to be a woman, and she finds herself pinned under him!! He keeps teasing her in several ways, and while she tries to forget and ignore him, it becomes close to impossible when they end up going on a business trip together! How will she be able to focus around this young womanizer!?

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