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Don't Mess with My Sister [VertiComix] (Current ch. 105) NEW VertiComix


A modern girl traveled to the ancient times. Having a portable storage space in her hand, she's invincible! Do you think things will be easier for her? No way! If she chooses the wrong person to follow, she'll die a miserable death! "It's okay! Luckily, God gave me a chance to reincarnate! I'll punish the royal house, teach those vicious snakes a lesson, and rule the harem!" "However, I met the man who killed me in my previous life... Now, he somehow became a super clingy sweet boy! "Geez! I can't handle his duality!"


Sealed with Lips[VertiComix] (Current ch. 51) NEW VertiComix


Before the reincarnation, she was bullied by her stepmother and younger sister, becoming a tool for her sister's success, and ended up dead in her hospital bed. After reincarnation, she rose from hell, taking brutal revenge on her stepmother and sister. Before the reincarnation, her beloved fiance was cold and detached, bringing her endless pain and desperation. After the reincarnation, she smiled calmly at him and said: "Let's break off our engagement. I don't want to marry you anymore!" That man, however, forced her into a corner?"You want to call it off? It's too late!"

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