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We're Shooting Comic

AuthorFuna Isono

Kind Oshihito had been aspiring to become a photographer, and Iroha's goal in life was to have Oshihito take pictures of him. One day, Oshihito disappears without a word. Ten years later, Oshihito has given up his dream and become a real slob, while Iroha has become a divine beauty... What can Iroha do to once again chase the dream that they had...? The sweetest first love that has become a decade-long yearning. A long work, a medium-length work, two standalones, and plenty of original stuff included!


A Millennium in Love's Purgatory[Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] ( Current vol 4 ) Comic

Hector is a demon descended from a clan of doctors who made their living researching diseases deep in the bowels of the underworld. As a child, he falls in love with Lord Vet after the demon prince saves him from a group of bullies. A faint trace of that love lingers as he grows to maturity. One day, after being bitten by a stray zombie dog, Lord Vet contracts an incurable disease known as "The Black Scourge". Hector is assigned as Lord Vet's personal physician, but the prince's heart is deeply wounded, and he demands "comfort"...!


A Stray Cat Knows No Love Comic

Keita's a straight guy who never has any trouble getting the ladies. One day, he happens upon two guys having an argument. It's the first time he's ever seen gay men in real life, and it looks like the kind-of cute one is initiating a breakup. And not in very nice words, either! Despite his potty mouth, though, he looks deeply hurt. Keita somehow can't resist him... A love story between a trendy straight guy and an extra-naughty gay guy!


Take Me by Force Sweet Prince! Comic

Yoshiro Mochizuki is a girls' comic artist. He only fantasizes and has basically zero experience with love. When he orders pizza during a slump, the one who delivers it is Takahiro Kanno, Yoshiro's ideal handsome guy. After that day, Yoshiro frequently orders and becomes a regular customer. He successfully becomes friends with Takahiro!! Before long, Takahiro helps him make his comic by telling him his love stories and acting as his pose model...!! Before they know it, they go from shooting a kiss scene to their first time making love, and from crossdressing on a school uniform date to making love outdoors. The two of them are making smooth progress, but...! In addition, also included is another story which illustrates the relationship of an odd trio with two tops and a bottom.


Lost Dog, Cunning Cat Comic


After hearing all his classmates brag about doing it over the summer, Yohta lies and claims he did, too. However, his childhood friend, Wataru, sees right through him. Wataru invites Yohta to "study" together so they'd be ready for when they finally scored. But, why do these lessons seem like they're preparing him for a very different type of experience...!? This eight-story volume also includes romances between rival deliverymen, a hot college guy and his neighbor, as well as a famous actor and his manager!


Tutor Me, Please Comic


Uta, a seemingly perfect guy with no weaknesses, is invited to Minami's home as a private tutor. Minami's skills in bed are as pathetic as his grades, but thanks to Uta's help, he starts scoring better and "scoring" better! Excitement gives way to an all-out rollercoaster ride as they begin their lessons in love!! Also included in this volume: A sweet, two-part romance about a hair stylist saving for marriage who ends up living with a divorcee, and a short story about a rough-and-tumble rival pair who can't stop arguing over who should "top" long enough to admit their feelings!!


A Perfect Day for a Kitty in Heat [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic


In the third district of a certain town, there are only male cats. Rikuo, a smaller cat, has been the alpha leader of the turf for a long time. Even though most of the cats have left the third district as they got older, Rikuo's been a very reliable leader who's protected the area from invading cats. Toraji, a cat that Rikuo found abandoned as a kitten, has challenged Rikuo for the alpha leader's position. Will Toraji, who just turned into an adult, be able to get Rikuo on his knees...? Another story included is about Kuro, who has a serious problem as a male cat, and Ao, a house cat who knows nothing about his own physical needs and issues.


Kai, the Super Bottom Comic

Shouma Yaku is the director and principal surgeon of Yaku General Hospital. He has it all: good looks, money, and status; and there isn't a single person who doesn't want him... Or so he thought. One day, a medical resident named Kai comes from Asakura Hospital on a study tour. With his mysterious allure, he starts stealing Shouma's lovers one by one...!! Yes, Kai is a super bottom. He lets everyone bang him, and yet he doesn't want Shouma. What's his motive...!? In the next story, "Ahh-ndo," a boss and his subordinate find each other a perfect match both at work and in private. In this office romance, rival staff members have to play dirty to succeed!


It Starts from the Inside Comic Popular

Sho Itoguchi, an office worker who runs a site selling urethra bougies as a hobby, finds his boss's name, Noriyuki Kiyama, within the list of prospective buyers. Later on, he brings some urethra bougies to Noriyuki's home and starts his "lecture" just like that. Despite it being Noriyuki's first time, he's drowning in pleasure in front of Sho. Sho can't hold back his excitement...!


The Peachy Legend of Mr. Commando Comic

The Kyotani family rule is "Kyotani men must not wear underwear!" There exists a ridiculous legend that if a Kyotani man wears underwear, some kind of disaster will happen... Mamoru has never questioned this rule for 17 years, but his friend Sakurada tells him to try on some underwear anyway...


The Bistro Wolf's Predilection Comic

The chef who cooks the delicious grated carrot salad at Wolf's Bistro is a very handsome guy, but he also tends to cling to his lovers and stalk them. And yet, it turns out that Yuma, a food reporter, kinda digs this strange form of affection!! This compilation is full of hot and mind-blowing content with two chaptered stories, two one-shot stories, and lots of previously unpublished works!!


My Sweetheart is Always Turned On!! Comic

The karate club heartthrob meets his match! Introducing Kazushi, the handsome, buff kid all the guys have the hots for, and Ayumu, the little devil with the misleadingly cute face. To throw off the many hopeful and persistent pursuers obsessed with him, Kazushi asks Ayumu to pretend to be his boyfriend. Ayumu, however, has other plans up his sleeve and Kazushi ends up really falling in love! Ayumu might look like the cutest "bottom" you've ever seen, but he's actually an exclusive "top"! A super sadistic one, too!! Thus begins this incredible and fantastic romantic comedy that won't let you catch your breath!! Just how infatuated with each other can these boys get?


Of Beasts and Men Comic

AuthorRie Honjoh

"I just want someone who only thinks of me..." After being dumped by his girlfriend, Yano goes after his cute male classmate Inoue, and they do the deed. Although Inoue looks innocent, he's really a huge fan of the male meat and not afraid to voice his needs. One day, Inoue spots Yano being invited on a date, and in his jealousy, Inoue cheats...! Minor characters from "Love Me Hard!" get large and in charge in this new publication!! This is the continuation of "Love Me Hard!", and it's got more than a few big bangs waiting just for you!!


When My Subordinate Strips Comic

When Yoshimi's super passive subordinate won't agree to sleep with him in a place that's well lit, what unbelievable act of aggression does this super sadistic yet handsome boss take...!? This is a compilation of love stories where you'll see everything from bath-time fun to an exorcism!!


Love Me Hard! Comic

AuthorRie Honjoh

"I love dogs. You can train them to do whatever you want." Yuma has a cute face but a dark soul, and he's grooming his older boyfriend Kenichi to be his puppy! Yuma takes advantage of Kenichi's infatuation with him to collar him and train him like a canine. But, what is Yuma really after...? In this relationship, it's the bottom who's really on top! Here's the first installment of "Love Me Hard!", a hit series that turns age-gap power dynamics upside down!!


My Secret Li'l Masochist Comic

Keita's popular with girls, but he's gay and a masochist, to boot. One day, a mysterious, handsome young man breaks into Keita's home and asks if he remembers him. He starts tormenting Keita, and then...! Who the heck is this guy!?


Angula Blue Comic Hot

Yuya's secret fetish is his love of wearing women's lingerie. As Yuya stares into a lingerie store window on his way home from work, he bumps into his old high-school classmate, Kazuaki. Yuya's obviously flustered state piques Kazuaki's curiosity, and a few days later, he pops the big question. "So, Yuya, do you like wearing women's lingerie?" In addition to the cover story, this compilation is full of bonus content, with two one-shots by the same author and two previously unpublished chapters of Angula Blue. Check out this slightly taboo yet surprisingly erotic love story!!


Delivery Boyfriend Comic

Pizza delivery guy Asuka Tsuji has a crush on one of his customers, adult manga author Masato. Masato's neighbor Akira Tomoe is in love with Makoto, who delivers packages to his place. Two couples, brought together by delivery services. Why wouldn't they get together for a little fun...!!?

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Beach Boys Comic

Tatsumi is a college student and a part-time manager for at a private beach that no one visits. His only customer is Ryo, a beautiful and tanned high school student who doesn't fit in with the other members in his beach volleyball club. Tatsumi identifies with the boy's situation and helps him practice. They grow closer over time, and finally Ryo begs Tatsumi to let him be on top if he wins his volleyball tournament...!


How to Discipline a Selfish Dog Comic

"Pet-sitter wanted." Seduced by a high-paying job offer, broke student Kouta leaps at the chance. His new employer turns out to be the popular, handsome author Kyousuke Watari!! Kyousuke puts on some dog ears and a tail and tells Kouta to pamper him...! "Dogs like milk... Let me drink yours." This the naughty pet life of a selfish author and a dopey college student!

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