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This Cinderella Just Wants To Be Loved [Total ch. 3] (Current ch. 2) NEW Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Itsumi Shimizu worked hard to change her image from ugly ducking to swan after being bullied in high school.
After being cheated on by her boyfriend,
she realizes that losing weight isn't a guarantee for happiness after all.
Her self-confidence is wavering when she meets Yutaka Masuda, a new hire at her company.
At first, she only sees him as a nice, albeit slightly annoying coworker,
but she finds her heart opening to his gentlemanly charm...


The Young Innkeeper's Love Trials With a Caring Chef [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Saori Tsukishima's the only daughter of a family that runs an inn. She returns there for the first time in a few years to take over the business. That's when Saori's mother tells her that she's been betrothed to her childhood friend, Akihiko Tatsumi, who she's always been in love with...!
This is a rowdy love comedy set in an inn between a caring chef-in-training and a ditzy young female innkeeper who keeps getting into trouble.

120% chance of embarrassment! This is the start of a tale filled with tantalizing twists about the love trials between two newbies when it comes to love!


Red Light,Green Light [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Cabaret worker Haruki is taking the trash out when he sees a young man lying near the dumpster.
Upon bringing him home and helping him out,Haruki learns that he's a 20-year-old homeless guy called Yuto Kaga who's just lost his job.
One thing leads to another,and Haruki ends up letting Yuto stay at his place...

Keep reading to see how love unfolds in the red-light district...!!

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