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Wasted and Wet at the Company Camp! -The Hot Spring and Hotter Things Inside... (Current ch. 2) NEW Comic


"B-, boss... We can't do it here...!" Those tits floating in the outdoor hot spring are too hot... I can't take it! On a company camp, Noko accidentally enters the men's hot spring area, slips, and gives her boss a face full of her breasts! Such an ample bosom makes the boss loses his senses, and with a little teasing of her perky nipples... Ooooh! That alone's enough to push Noko over the edge. "Amnh!... My voice... It slipped out..." Even with coworkers around... The steam hides them, and their lustful writhing... Wh-, what should they do...? Doing it there's wrong, but... The wet, steamy bath... It feels so good, there's no stopping!!

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