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I'm Too Straight to Fall for a Policeman (Current ch. 4) Comic


Two or three girls on the side is a given for Akito. He just wants to feel good! He's a player who jumps from girl to girl. He doesn't understand "love" or any of that. One night,he's on the prowl as usual,when he meets a stranger,Kyoji,and gets a little too drunk. He experiences all kinds of new sensations and pleasure... but,he wakes up to Kyoji... between his legs? Kyoji uses all kinds of toys he's never seen before,and is stimulated beyond his imagination...!! Kyoji declares that he'll teach Akito a lesson. Akito thought of himself as a girl-crazy playboy,so why does this feel so good...!?


The Yakuza Heir and the Chef -Whoever Comes, Loses- Comic


The saucy yakuza brat faces off against his teacher in a battle for sexual supremacy!! "Li'l Tatsuki... You can't expect the other guy to wait around for you." Tatsuki Konoeda, heir to the Konoeda mob, has run off to become a host. But one night, Konoeda goons come and haul him back home where he's forced to take over the family business! Who do they choose for his instructor but a chef who's known the family for years, Sango Kadai. Tatsuki just wants to get back to his host club and the beautiful girls, but what happens when Sango proposes a sexually charged competition, in front of Tatsuki's own men no less!? "You don't even care that I'm a guy?" "...I care that it's you." What does Sango mean!?

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