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AuthorJunko Shiba
Review 5(1 Review)
One day Okajima, a high-class shoe salesman, is suddenly ordered to transfer. His destination is, of all places, the condom department! And the condoms here aren't the normal shape... wait, they're humanoid!? Told to go out and make sales with the his partner humanoid condom Kondou, whose abilities he doesn't even know, Okajima is completely bewildered. Kondou and his senior approach the confused Okajima to teach him how to use this new product. Don't miss Okajima's over-erotic office romance as he struggles to somehow improve his sales results while being toyed with by the cute humanoid condom Kondou and his sarcastic senior Tamari!

AuthorLeo Kenjiro Kakimoto
A mysterious CG life form from the year 2050 called YUA suddenly appears before Kenichi Hiraga, programmer extraordinaire. Her mission: to use her ability to slip back in time through computer networks in order to prevent the devastated future that awaits! Kenichi gets caught up in a plan to transfer YUA to an android body and send her to foil the bombing plot that starts it all. However, it isn't long until Kenichi's troublesome CG creation, 01-RIKA, shows up...

AuthorHatoko Nanayama
After a night out, Yoshikawa goes to his colleague Shinozaki's place to drink and vent about his ex-girlfriend. Shinozaki suddenly looks at him and says, "You must be desperate. I'll take care of it," before taking him in his mouth, and then...!!

AuthorAco Momota uroco
Review 5(4 Review)
"I was planning for us to stay just friends... but I'm not holding back anymore." I'm living with my childhood friend turned savage! My heart won't stop throbbing as each day passes and he just won't give up...!! After entering high school, Hiyori is finally able to fulfill her dream of living alone. Or so she thought... Her childhood friend Soushi is there waiting for her at her new apartment. He suddenly kisses her and Hiyori is unable to hide her confusion. Is he teasing her? Or is this for real...? For the first time, she begins to see Soushi, who she'd never paid too much attention to before, as a man. At the age of 15, Hiyori begins her radical, new life living with Soushi!



[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorLin Sasaki
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
"I'll change you." When Yumiko, age 23, hears her crush (who has no idea how she feels) is engaged, she throws caution to the wind and decides to have a crazy night on the town! There, she gets picked up by a guy called Kikuo, who takes her to... a swingers' bar!? She escapes, but who should join her company the next day but Kikuo himself...! As Kikuo prods her to break her crush's engagement, Yumiko gives in and lets Kikuo school her in the ways of pleasure... Playing with Kikuo, and engaging in some mutual rebound sex with her manager Toshi... What's going to become of her office life now!? And what'll happen with her crush...!? This is a love story revolving around Yumiko, a straight-laced office worker gone astray.



[ Total vol 5 ] Completed
Review 5(4 Review)
"God, grant me the power to enter his dream." From the time she was a child, Kaede, raised in a shrine, has had the mysterious ability to enter people's dreams. One night she remembers her long-unused abilities and half-jokingly prays for the ability to enter her colleague Jun's dreams. Before she can blink, she finds herself right there... in his dream! Kaede has always seen the cute but awkward geek Jun as nothing more than a friend, but then he suddenly reveals his feelings... and on top of that, he wants to have sex every time she enters his dream!

AuthorChisa Mori
I want to marry a doctor and become a celebrity wife! That's the only reason Miko became a nurse.And when she gets to the hospital,she finds a slew of beautiful men...a super-sadistic man with glasses,a proper gentleman,a cool,mischevious type,a beautiful,healing-type,and a slightly rough-looking older man who looks like a member from Exxxx! But there's's also a "special" clinic that heals female patients with a mysterious power!

AuthorChiyono Mori spika
PublisherOtome-chika POP
Review 5(2 Review)
"God loves sensual women, too." Tied to the rafters of a shrine, she is made to undergo a "purification ritual" in the form of a deep caress... Nectar flows freely as a hot tongue darts between her legs! Fresh out of college, Sayaka's life falls into a downward spiral after she is dumped by the man she had hoped to marry... Deciding to seek god's solace, she ends up breaking the shrine's bell when saying a prayer! Out comes the surprisingly youthful and handsome master of the shrine. She expects a scolding, but he declares that she must be cleansed. What does he mean by that?

AuthorMizuha Kitamura
The heroine in this story receives an invitation to a 'Free Diet Program'. She's elated. "I can finally look pretty!" However, what awaits her is non-stop sex...! Even though she's not comfortable, her body compels her on, and she has an orgy with some major hunks. But someone catches her eye and makes her question what's important to her... Read for yourself and discover the secrets of this hardcore diet program...!"

AuthorNatsumi Hata
It wasn't supposed to be like this... I just wanted to be a sailor like my late father... It's the third week of training as a deep sea fisherman, and the ship is full of rascals who do whatever they want. Kouta is caught in the net of their lust, and he is assaulted by his mates every night. The sailors on this ship are the ones he wanted to be like... During this perverted voyage, Kuota is hit by even greater tragedy!! You don't want to miss it when unresponsive Kouta starts to move his hips on his own!

AuthorTona Takatsuki
PublisherIproduction Co. Ltd.
Review 5(1 Review)
"You're supposed to be the best guide, right? Then you'd better serve us well." Sanae, a tour guide, gets an urgent request from her uncle's travel agency to attend to a pair of hot and mysterious male celebrities. But once they reach their destination, she ends up at the mercy of their whims. On top of that, all three end up sleeping in the same bed together...!!

AuthorAsuku Akaneya
A doctor who's been a virgin his whole life suddenly develops a drug that makes him regain his youth! It also secrets hormones that attract the opposite sex, so he becomes popular without having to do anything! And he can have as much sex as he wants! And so, as he basks in the ecstasy of his new aphrodisiac, a rival company sets their sights on him... but just before they can steal it, he drinks it all! In a flash, he gains his youth back and becomes a super hunk doctor! All he has to do is walk, and nurses come running! All the women in the world are in the palm of his hand! Or so he thought, until an unexpected side-effect kicks in...

AuthorMasami Suzuki
After participating in a singles party with some country guys (who are all unexpectedly handsome), she thought she'd hit the jackpot...... but suddenly the party turns into an orgy! Can she still get her man in such a bizarre situation!?

AuthorMeguru Hinomoto
Review 5(1 Review)
A young, suave Frenchman continues to come to Ichinose's day after day in the hope of obtaining the secret to that cafe's award-winning coffee. Having just been appointed as a barista at Ichinose's by her father, Mako finds herself regularly dodging her special guest's advances as she tries her best to follow in her father's footsteps. Discover how a single cup of delicious coffee can win over a little girl's heart - and add some flavor to Mako's love life in the process!



[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorNobita Akiharu
"Masa's not here... Should we be doing this...?" Akane is a bespectacled, mobile game-obsessed boy who is best friends with beautiful ex-child star twins Riichi and Masato. The three of them are bound by a deep, dark secret and a pact to help a "friend in need" - both in and out of the bedroom. But when Riichi fails to enter the same high school as his brother and Akane, their relationship begins to change. Can Riichi, who's had feelings for Akane from the start, win against his brother and cross the finish line with the object of his affections...!?

AuthorDamu uroco
Review 4(7 Review)
"Try and prove this thing called love, a thing that can't be confirmed by logic or science." Sousuke Tachikawa the genius wants me to go out with him and show him what it feels like to be in love......!? ...Riona's first time ever asking a boy out ends up a disaster. The chemical room was supposed to be empty but it turns out that they weren't alone...... "Good for you. Failure breeds success, right?", says Tachikawa, the boy genius. When Riona gets angry with him for showing no understanding of love and relationships, he tries to kiss her, saying he knows how to make a baby......!

AuthorMozu Yoshino
Review 4(4 Review)
Kota is an ordinary college student who grows flowers and vegetables on his veranda. One day, he found a good-looking guy had sprouted in his planter!! He calls himself Flower, and just asks for water... Kota doesn't believe it, but he can't just leave him, so he decides to take care of his "Flower". Please enjoy this unusual story of a cultivated boyfriend.



[ Total vol 3 ] Completed
AuthorTakumi Izaki
When the wind scatters Lord Takaomi's drawings, Lady Tsubaki is injured while attempting to collect them. Takaomi brings Tsubaki to his home to treat her wounds, and Tsubaki is enchanted by his mischievousness. She'd only planned on going once, but finds herself visiting him over and over... However, Takaomi is of the house Otori, the mortal enemy of Tsubaki's house, Kosaka. Theirs was a meeting that should not have been... And yet, Tsubaki will not easily give up her precious time with Takaomi...

AuthorNene Jounouchi
PublisherLove Chocolat
"Relax...... and let me make you feel good..." I'm in a mixed hot spring bath with my younger boss!? Unazuki works for a hot spring information website, but they decided to shut down her "Hidden Hot Spring Resort Tour" section next month! Wishing to show the world less-known but great hot springs, she tells her younger boss Touji Arashiyama that she can't accept it. He tells her to leave it to him and they go together to a hot spring resort located deep in the mountains...... Unazuki takes a bath in front of her boss who's holding a camera, but as she feels uncomfortable trying to look relaxed, Touji suddenly gets in the bath with her. Then he pulls her body against his......!! "Oh, no... He's running his finger... over my body... and slipping it into me...!"

AuthorAkira Segami
An invitation to a high school reunion leaves Kyosuke reminiscing about a peculiar female classmate who would read the same book over and over again - despite saying how boring it is. Even so, the more time Kyosuke spent chatting with this girl, the more he realized he was in love for the first time. One day, just like that, the girl was gone - leaving Kyosuke with a copy of the mysterious book and her words "You can become anything you want" echoing in his mind. Ironically, after becoming everything except what he wanted to be, an older Kyosuke recalls the fleeting kiss he shared with his first love - and with the reunion around the corner, finds himself eager to confront the lingering feeling that had remained dormant his heart for so long.

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