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The Maid and the Beast Comic

"You'll love me after I've fucked you." I thought he was crazy for saying that, but it actually came true...... My mom collapsed from illness and when we went to the hospital to get her treated, the doctor said it would cost a lot of money. Long story short, I ended up becoming a maid for the hospital director. But, when I entered his mansion, there was a couple having sex in the hallway! "You're both bold and naive. Not a bad combination." As he slid his tongue all over me, I thought of how I could never love a guy like this...... but I was wrong. Ohhh......! This feels so good!!


Beast Syndrome (Current ch. 2) Comic

Some years back, there was an explosion at a genetics research lab, causing humans all over the world to grow animal ears and tails that they can control at will. This phenomenon was known as "Beast Syndrome." Although there are no other reported symptoms, there are rumors that these human "beasts" also go into heat! Follow the romantic adventures of our animal-eared cast as they look for look for love in the office!


A Girl in Chains -Bought by My Father's Employee- Comic

"I've always wanted you......" Sudou used to work for Maiko's father and he's now hiding her from debt collectors. The kind man turns into a wild beast all of a sudden as soon as they are inside his apartment and forces her to have sex with him... "Aah...! Mm!" Unable to leave his place, she's made to have sex with him every day...... But she can't hate him and wonders if it's because he's her first love, or because sometimes he seems to feel guilty...... In addition to the title story, this volume includes "A Gentleman from A Foreign Land and His Requests for Sexual Favors - Love at First Sight and a Business Deal -", "Love and Lust under the Blue Sky", "Intensely Possessive", and "A Sacrifice for the Wedding Night".


The Ephemeral Love of a Hostess -Hold Me Before I Go Mad!- Comic

My name's Yurika and I work at a hostess bar. One night, I'm walking home pissed off after some customer named Fujiki gave a me a hard time, and a stalker tries to have his way with me. And believe it or not, Mr. Fujiki comes to my rescue!! We go on a few dates after that, and I really start to like him... But we're just hostess and client, nothing more, right...? Then, I hear that he's moving abroad for work!! I go sprinting out of the club, and to my surprise I find out he felt the same way as me!!


The Ultimate Hottie-Logue -Hottie Sex Catalogue- (Current ch. 2) Comic

There's a group of hotties known as the Guilty Seven at my college. I, Roka, have a crush on one of those guys, Shun. One day, I stumble upon him having sex with a girl on the roof. The president of the student council, Tenma, catches me taking photos of the guy I like getting it on...! In exchange for not handing me over to the police, I have to sleep with and collect photos of the Guilty Seven climaxing... even though I'm still a virgin!!


Night Hunting Village -Trap of $1000 a Day and Aphrodisiac Herbs- Comic

I shouldn't have come to a village like this......!! Ayu visits a village to do a high-paying part-time job. But there she discovers the village's secret custom...... She's told that she'll be ravaged for three nights to have children with villagers!! Masaki, the dog trainer, saves her from two men...... But he suddenly kisses her and starts touching her! She wants him to stop but her body can't help reacting to his touch....... A sweet scent makes her dizzy and her body feel warm!! No, stop!! If you keep touching me like this... I'm gonna...! The kidnapper's order is to have a threesome with her boyfriend and her ex!? "Forced Threesome in Bonds -A Rule Absolute-" is also included in this volume.


Blind Date Scapegoat -Secret Meeting at the Hotel- Comic

"You're already wet down there." I, Koko, went as my friend, Haruka, to destroy the marriage interivew arranged as a strategic marriage by her family. I was going to destroy the arrangement, but I found myself attracted to the man instead... I want him to call me Koko instead of Haruka when he touches me there! Plus, studying with two handsome guys!? "Wet Sleepover Study Group" and "A Bumbing Girl's Cafe Time" are among the six collected stories.


Pleasure Dolls (Current ch. 2) Comic

AuthorAzumi Kana

My name is Momo, and I just got kicked out of my house because my mom is getting married again. She sent me to her old friend's house and it turned out to be a huge luxurious mansion! And there live two handsome but weird boys...... I can't believe I have to live under the same roof as them! One of them tries to get rid of me, and the other one tells me to become his...... Hey, give me back my panties! "What're you saying, Momo......? You can't have sex with your panties on." Oh, no...... Am I going to get violated!?


Deflowered Maiden, Dripping Bud Comic

He plays with me like one of his flowers, even though all the other students are right nearby... or so I fantasize every day. I am in love with my flower arrangement teacher, Mr. Koyo. I met him because of my name, Yuri, which means Lily, and I started going to his classes. When I see his sexy hands arranging flowers, I can't help fantasizing about what those hands could do to me! Right as I was thinking about wanting to become his flower, he whispered to me... "Please come to my room after class." He's seducing me, isn't he!? I went to his room, and we sat on the same sofa... What was his reason for inviting me......!?


The Beast, the Prince, and I - Obscene Love Triangle [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

"He's grinding his hips into me. I can't take it anymore...! But my body says yes..." I, Yuriko, am a plain, strict office worker. After work, I dress up and transform into a gorgeous, confident woman of the night. During my nightly adventures, I met my prince, Makoto Inoue! But the day after we slept together for the first time, I find out that a cop called Mr. Yamamoto is investigating him. After I lose contact with Mr. Inoue, Mr. Yamamoto clumsily tries to console me... Before I know it, he's making his move... "Even a cop can be a beast in bed." What do I do!?


Nonstop Desire -The Lust Within- Comic

My boyfriend Ryo will only ever have sex with me once, leaving me and my unsatiated lust to be seized by wild fantasies... Is it weird for me to want more sex? Thinking I should purge myself of these dirty desires, I try all sorts of meditation, but I can't control my sex-crazed mind!!! When I tell him how I really feel, my usually calm and composed lover suddenly changes into a beast!! He whispers into my ear, "Tonight I won't let you off so easy!!"


There's a Reason Hotel Beds Have Two Pillows -With My Coworker on a Business Trip- Comic

I have to share a hotel room with my coworker!? The mean coworker that's always making fun of me!? And when he sneaks into my bath and starts rubbing me there... The hot water starts gushing into me, making me hotter than I've ever been before! Next thing I know, he starts licking me down there...... In addition to the title story, this volume also contains, "But Water'll Get in! Lovers at the Bath House", "Good on the Chase and in the Bedroom: Forbidden Overtime", "Peak Overtime: A Secretary's Obscene Love", and "Embraced in the Holy Night: Sharing a Bawdy Bed with My Boss".


The Secret Love Contract Comic

My name's Iori, 23 years old and newly appointed company president. I met this guy, Ren, at a bar late one night and it was love at first sight. Later he ravaged me so hard, I thought I was going to fall apart. Actually, it turns out that he's the president of one of our client companies and he got really cold as soon as he found out who I was. But he's actually a really nice guy who keeps coming to my rescue from afar. When I told him I'd still love him, even if he didn't love me back, he threw his arms around me. What followed was a tempest of even more fervent, sweet kisses and caresses, more passionate than our first night together. "So you like it when I touch you deep inside?" Will this guy I've fallen for keep dominating me in both the bedroom and the boardroom!!?


A Family of Doctors Battle for a Bride! Shared and Impregnated by Brothers- Plus Comic

[The second Chapter of the popular series] The person who gets me pregnant will be the next director!! The lewd battle for the bride game wasn't over!! Having been ordered by the hospital director to be the bride of one of his sons, I was thrown into the dispute over who was to get the director's chair. I was a virgin, but I was violated and had vibrators and a chastity belt used on me. But my first love, Dr. Sou, saved me and I was able to lead a peaceful life......or so I thought, until I was targeted by his other brothers...? Is there no way to escape this destiny?


Erotically Exposed in the Bathroom -I Don't Want Him to See My Body- Comic

It's time for some lovely sex in the bath with the boyfriend I've had for a year! I've been trying to hide my body flab, but he wants to take a bath with me... Oh no! If he touches me there, he'll find out...!! This short collection kicks off with the title story, "Erotically Exposed In the Bathroom - I Don't Want Him To See My Body -," followed by others, like "Melty Syrup-Coated Sweet Room - Full-Course Caressing -" and "Love Me With All Your Lust - How To Deeply Melt Together With Him -." This book is jam-packed with five sweet, flirty, and sexy tales, each masterfully created by newcomer Kanoka Amamiya!!


Naked at the Match-Making Retreat -Physical-Compatibility Checks in Our Rooms!?- [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

"You came to find a partner. You must've thought about sex too." Because most of her friends now have boyfriends, Nanako decides she doesn't want to be alone anymore, so goes to a match-making retreat. However, she bumps into her boss! And then, the most popular guy - Mr. Nishihara - makes a move on her to test out their sexual compatibility...


Miniature Garden of Pleasure Comic

My name's Akari. I've become a live-in prostitute to pay off my parents' debt. Living in the large mansion are Miyabi - cheerful, nice and as beautiful as an angel - and the cold-hearted Seiichi. The three of us have sex together, and my body is opened to carnal pleasures. My mouth takes in Seiichi, my vagina Miyabi, and day after day I drown in pure and simple pleasure. "No studying." "All you can do is play." "We always have a three-way." ......I hate myself for having to follow Miyabi's strange rules...... That's when Seiichi gives me an e-reader device...... As our hearts slowly begin to connect, Miyabi's sadistic side reveals itself...... "This is punishment. You're both just my toys." I continue having sex with these two men. What will become of me!?


A Family of Doctors Battle for a Bride! -Shared and Impregnated by Brothers- Comic

Mom's hospital bills are acccumulating and if we don't pay, she'll be forced out of the hospital!! The hospital director calls me to his office... He offers pay our bills, but in return, he wants me to meet all his sons and choose one of them to marry! But how can I choose Dr. Ibuki, who's in charge of mom, or Dr. Sou, who kinda looks like my first love?? Then Dr. Ibuki forces himself onto me, even though I'm a virgin, saying "Be grateful you'll be my bride!" How could this happen to me...?


A Wet Flower in a Lost Paradise [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

I fell for the guy who exposed my lewd, true nature as I gave my virginity to him, but then he...... My name's Eya. I'm the daughter of a hospital director and was living a life of luxury. Then I met and was charmed by a gentlemen with a coldhearted nature, which led to us having a lot of sex in my room. My virgin heart and body were trained in the ways of indecency...... I thought this new sensuality and happiness would last forever... And then one day later, my father killed himself after a malpractice scandal was made public... and the person who leaked the information was none other than the man I loved......! Penniless and with no place to go, I was forced to become a butterfly of pleasure at a despicable sex shop... I despise the guy who took everything from me......!! Someday, no matter what, I'll kill him......!! Love, betrayal, loneliness, and despair...... A raunchy story of revenge begins......


Sensual Matchmaking Party Comic

"You're drenched and you still play this 'no, oh no' game?" To try and change my boring self, I, Chihiro, decided to participate in a matchmaking party. However, the man sitting next to me on the bus taking us to the meeting starts molesting me. He rubs all my sweet spots, making me cum... Wait, what? This tour is only for people who aim to be sexually compatible!? I'm such a klutz; I applied without knowing. Yuuki, the man sitting next to me, kindly explains everything. Those who want to bail out of this obscene gathering have to pay a fine of over $8000. Somehow, with Yuuki by my side I feel I can persevere. But wait! I have to partner with another man if he can make me come more times than Yuuki...!? What will become of me!?

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