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The Boys with Tomorrow to Conquer (Current ch. 2) Comic

Kei Fujieda was bored: bored with school, bored with his friends, bored with life. Having been forced to attend an elite high school, Fujieda's days were spent feeling trapped. Only his rebellious, bad-boy attitude gave him a fleeting sense of excitement in his otherwise dreary existence. It wasn't until a school prank went bad that Kei found a reason worth living: Atsushi Sakurada. Sakurada was a model student and a teacher's pet; the complete opposite of Fujieda. Calm and cool in every situation, his unexpected encounter with Fujieda gave him a chance to reveal his true nature, sparking an interest in Fujieda that was both confusing and addictive. Suddenly the pair become part of each other's lives in more ways than one. Their days, once thought of as quiet and monotonous, are turned upside down as they struggle with unfamiliar feelings and outside circumstances that threaten to end their relationship when it's only just begun.


The Song of Rainfall Comic

AuthorNawo Inoue

One rainy day, the serious Professor Amamiya comes home and finds a young man named Naruse seeking shelter from the downpour by standing beneath Amamiya's roof. Naruse looks so much like Amamiya's past love that on a whim the professor invites the young man inside to dry off. Afterwards, Amamiya refuses the young man's contact information out of politeness, but a month later, Naruse reappears. This time, he asks to spend the night...


Long Version (Current ch. 2) Comic


When Fukase notices shy Niina looking his way, he decides to have a little fun with his underclassman. Harboring secret feelings for him, Niina can't help but give in to Fukase's advances, but doesn't know what to make of the mixed signals he's getting. Between Fukase's steamy embrace and icy attitude, will Niina ever have the confidence to confess his real feelings? And when it seems that Fukase isn't the only one iterested in Niina, will he be able to maintain his uncaring facade, or will he have to admit that he's been drawn in by Niina's gaze? Ohumi swirls together the passion of blossoming love and the bitter pain of unreturned affection together in this cat-and-mouse romance. Includes bonus stories "A Big Turn-Around" and "RULE".


Self Portrait Comic

"Wanna make a bet with me? If I manage to run into you one more time within a week, you'll agree to model for me." With that, up-and-coming photographer Kiwamu Izumi scouts high-schooler Takahito as his model. Assuming he'll never see Kiwamu again, Takahito takes the bet, but then the two meet again at school! Takahito is repelled, yet simultaneously finds himself gradually attracted to Kiwamu...


The Spiral of Sand Comic

AuthorYuna Aoi

On the very same evening that his little sister and best friend are married, Haruka is assaulted by a mysterious, scarred man who swears vengeance for a past wrong that he claims to have suffered thaks to Haruka's family! Can Haruka nail down the stranger's identity in time to save his own skin... or will his hunt for answers send him spiraling into a vortex of pain and suffering? The Spiral of Sand spins a twisted tale of unrequited love, revenge-fueled desire and a near-fatal attraction that knows no bounds! Forensics specialist Haruka has a brand-new co-worker who seems eerily familiar... right down to the jagged scar on his hand! Can he reach back to both the distant past and his memory of the surprise attack in order to figure out why a stranger has chosen him as the focus of his rage... and lust?


Mad Cinderella Comic

Teijin Sakuichi was born in the home of Japan's most prominent plutocrats; Kishi Ryota was born and raised in an ordinary household but lived quite a rough life. They are neighbors and have been friends throughout kindergarten, elementary and middle school. But, in the winter of their third year of middle school, Sakuichi proposed to Ryota before going to study abroad. Several years later, after having no contact with Sakuichi, he suddenly appears out of nowhere...


Mourning Dinner Party Comic

Drawn by mystery, Nanamori Toki left his sick bed to visit Hokage Island, owned by his friend Izumine Masatsugu. Toki was later found dead. Now his twin siblings Kisa and Mei make their own trip to the desolate island. Their plan: to have Mei seduce the island's owner while they both look for clues about their brother's death. But a fateful encounter at the island's mansion prompts a slight change of plans... "Mourning Dinner Party" is a tale of loss, lust, and love. Join the twins as they try to uncover what happened in Toki's last moments, as well as what lies behind Masatsugu's isolated existence. What really caused Toki's death? What is this "curse"? And is Kisa falling for the man responsible?


My Sweet Home Comic

AuthorKai Nanase

Being a real estate agent for luxury apartments, Kazushi Fujimaru has a past involving his estranged lover, Takamura Kazushi betrayed and rejected him in the worst possible way! But, lo and behold, Takamura shows up as a client several years later. Despite everything, Kazushi hasn't forgotten him. He doesn't know why Takamura's here, and he can't hide his agitation. And then, as he's leading a tour through the apartment, Takamura angrily shoves him down... onto the bed! Find out how this crazy couple reacts after years of misunderstanding and heartbreak. Also inclued are three short stories: a detective and his mystery man; two roommates who hide their feelings for each other; and a teenager with daddy issues! Watch the warm-hearted, hilarity unfold!


Nazuna Sensei & Kanda Kun Comic

Kanda is a normal grad student working on his Master's degree. At the start of the new school year, his ceiling suddenly collaspses and dozens of computers, two cats, and a strange man suddenly drop into his apartment. Even more startling, this quirky, childish, and disorganized man is Nazuna-sensei, a teacher at his school! Their unique situation forces the two of them to live together until the ceiling can be repaired. Kanda is annoyed that he's forced to live with a stranger... but can't quite bring himself to hate it. "Nazuna Sensei & Kanda Kun" follows a teacher who only notices computers and cats, and a student who's noticing him.


Salva Me Comic

AuthorKita Konno

On a lonely afternoon, a young boy is drawn to a small church by the lure of an angelic voice. Determined to find its source, he sneaks in only to realize the singing is coming from a beautiful boy his age. Enraptured by the music, but embarrassed and confused by his discovery, he flees. By a curious arrangement with fate, they happen to meet again their first day of middle school. As their meetings continue, will they be able to recognize the force that draws them together for what it is? Salva Me contains a collection of stories carefully crafted with the highs and lows of life and feeling. From the haunting pain of unrequited romance to the baffled concern of a prodigal father for his cross-dressing son, Kita Konno captures the realities of raw emotion with her unique brand of whimsy.


Meteor Echoes Comic

Abandoned as a baby in a waste dump city, Shin finds and sells trash to survive. When anything bad happends, he turns to his friend Kai for solace and comfort. But when Shin's granny dies, the two decide to leave town to seek something more. Elsewhere, Jay and his partner, Shiro, are searching for a missing member of their organization. What will fate bring to these four who quest for dreams that lie beyond the shooting stars?


Lost Boys Comic

Walk down that path from childhood to adolescence again with Lost Boys. Rediscover innocence, curiosity, wonderment and all things that make youth magical... including the initial thrill of finding love for the first time. Sent by the Lost Boys to find them a father, the impish Air settles upon the first open window he can find. The window happens to be Mizuki's, who is forcibly whisked away to Neverland. Finding out that he is now supposed to play "father" to the Lost Boys, Mizuki is incensed. However, forced to stay put, he gets to know the Lost Boys and Air- a little better. Perhaps a little too well as Mizuki finds that he is helplessly falling in love with the boy. Pirates, indians and the always innocent Lost Boys... this book is one big adventure. Staying true to the yaoi genre, readers will find Lost Boys' soft and sensitive storyline to be quite a delightful surprise. This is Peter Pan... yaoi style!


Shackles Called Love Comic

AuthorMiki Araya

Hunky underclassman Makoto Oribe confessed his feelings to college student Hiromi Tanzawa. Half joking, Hiromi responded, "Why don't you try catching me if you love me!?" One day, Hiromi suddenly wakes up... in Oribe's room! With shackles on his feet, Hiromi's obviously confined but Oribe rushes to reassure him he won't do anything until Hiromi loves him back. Unexpectedly stubborn, Hiromi sets one rule: "If you make a move on me, you have to let me go." Ready to attack using any means necessary to get free, Hiromi realizes Oribe is actually really determined to win... and thinks, "I might be in serious trouble at this rate!" An explosive, tension-filled love with one-shots included.


Dark Green and a Dream of Silver Comic


Krusnik Keep has been hunting his vampire for 300 years. Wishing to end it once and for all, he kills his vampire and watches him turn to ash. He quickly realizes that all has not gone to plan, as he returns home to find he is still immortal and can sense the lingering presence of his vampire. What has happened, and what role does it play in the lives of the former familiar Soosa and the Krusnik of the vampire Endless? Fraught emotions are brought to the fore while ghosts need to be laid to their final rest...


Holding Hands Together Comic

Chiharu and his twin brother, Mahiru, are childhood friends with Akira. As kids, the three of them were inseparable. Akira, frail and cute, was always bullied by others. Chiharu, in turn, considered it his sworn duty to protect Akira. But now, the three of them are in high school, and Akira has grown into a tall, handsome young man. To top it off, he's dating Mahiru! Things can't remain as they once were... Despite the longing in his heart, Chiharu has been keeping his distance from Akira. However...


Hot Steamy Glasses Comic

With computers being so much a part of people's lives nowadays, we can safely say that this is the era of the nerd. Nerds rule! Well, not all of them. As the president of a successful I.T. company, Takeo is considered an eligible bachelor. So why hasn't he landed anyone yet? That's because ever since high school, he has been pining for his best bud Fumi. Problem is... Takeo is a die-hard nerd while Fumi is a fervent nerd hater. Will the two ever get along?


I love love, too Comic

Suzuran Nakazato is in a relationship with his older brother's best friend, Momiji Sakai. Momiji's body belongs to Suzuran, but it irritates him whenever someone else hugs or even likes Momiji. On the other hand, Momiji is worried that Suzuran sees him as nothing more than a toy. What's more, Suzuran's brother and best friend are in love with each other, but neither has the courage to confess their feelings!! What will become of all these mismatched emotions?


Only the Flower Knows Comic

Youichi's life at university is going just fine. He isn't having any trouble with his classes, he has plenty of friends, and even a cute girlfriend named Kanami. Then the day comes when he meets Misaki. Misaki is a reserved, standoffish fellow, but for some reason Youichi can't seem to get him out of his mind. In fact, he can't seem to stay away. When he lands a job working in the lab with Misaki, it seems more than just the flowers are about to bloom. But will they recognize their emotions for what they are and have the courage to accept them?


Chayamachi's Collection: BLANC (Current ch. 2) Comic

BLANC is pure. It lacks even a single point of cloudiness. NOIR seems to say things. It's indescribable. Love, romance, and violence are all treasured in these works. Please enjoy a side of Suguro Chayamachi that you haven't seen before!


Dark Crimson and a Shadow of White Comic


Longing for his lost humanity, the vampire Endless faces eternity alone, save for his faithful familiar, Soosa the wolf. Fate caused the pair to briefly encounter a bright-eyed youth, and a connection was forged. Four long years later, the youth is now a young man and ready and willing to leave his brother to become Endless's companion. Rei's brother is not so keen to let him go, however, and swears to get him back at any cost. Vampires hunters, Endless's own jealous ire, and personal regrets are all complications which add to the unforeseen outcome of Rei's turning. Is Rei and Endless's love true, and can it overcome all obstacles to become the stuff of legend??

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