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Climb On To My Shoulders Comic

Look out world! It's the '60s and Trey and Paul are up-and-coming programmers with their minds set on fame and fortune! However, they need to actually finish writing a program first. The two decide to make a program that can play tic-tac-toe, but all their hard work is destroyed by the clueless yet smooth-talking MJ. In spite of their rough first meeting, MJ turns out to actually be useful to Trey and Paul. He even manages to land them the intimidating job of making class-scheduling software! Misadventures and romantic tension abound in this adorable comedy that's set in the 1960s.


Storm Flower Comic

Gorgeous, troubled Kaede is a next-generation flower arranger, a member of the student council at a prestigious academy... and more than a little depraved! Can he tame his desires and deal with the double-temptation of twin brothers? Whose bright flower will he be most tempted to pluck? "Storm Flower" blends the delicate beauty of brand-new blossoms with the fears (and fantasies) of brilliant young men in a story that proves that two isn't always better than one! Is Kaede doomed to remember a violently vivid moment forever... or is he destined to one day repeat it?


Sadistic Boy (Current ch. 3) Comic


Sarasa Takasu is a model student and president of the student council. The vice president, Kazunari Shinjou , has feelings for Sarasa, but Sarasa has a sadistic habit of hurting those he loves. Sarasa tortures himself, believing he has no right to love anyone. In order to suppress the urges that go wild within his body, he has his cousin Haruki violently attack him. But Kazunari loves Sarasa, so he gets Haruki to train his body into something that's capable of satisfying Sarasa's lust. He's forced to drink aphrodisiacs, gets an iron ball attached to him... and is whipped across his manhood! And when Sarasa sees that...... This is a super-hard love story, which includes brand-new original content.


Butterfly of the Distant Day Comic

Gifted pianist Saki wants nothing more than to see his young cousin the talented Riya succeed as a professional musician. So why is a (handsome) face from Saki's away from reality? Will this fragile butterfly finally learn to ride the winds of change with grace and maturity... or will he get swept away in reckless moment? "Butterfly of the Distant Day" proves that some special melodies take years to reach their sweet conclusion! When Saki meets a soft-spoken and stern young man at a summer retreat, he doesn't know whether to face the brand-new feelings fluttering in his chest... or fly away to safety. How many years will it take before the truth sets Saki's heart free?


Anatomia Comic

Luther has fallen in love with Eva. Luther is a young art student and Eva is his eccentric professor. Luther tries to convince Eva their connection is true love, unaware of the dark past that imprisons and tortures Eva's soul. Is what forms between them love or merely intense infatuation? Anatomia is an intriguing spiritual love story about the healing powers of love and it's ability to overcome hardship.


Renji Juumonji's Hardship Comic

AuthorJuji Fusa

Meet Renji Jumonji, outstanding police officer and commander of the Special Investigation Unit. His one regret in life? Neglecting Daisuke, who was orphaned when his father, Renji's best friend, passed away. Thus, when Daisuke joins that very same unit, Renji vows to protect him at all costs. And protect him he must, from the roving hands of his colleague Kamioka. But when it comes down to it, can Renji protect Daisuke from his own desires...? Renji's new-found life is full of hardship!


Il gatto sul G (Current ch. 3) Comic

Atushi Ikeda is your typical "nice guy". He's so nice, he even has this habit of bringing stray cats home. But even he is quite unprepared for what turns up at his doorstep one day... a cut and bloodied young man. The injured boy turns out to be famous violinist, Riya Narukawa. Seeing the frail Riya arouses Atsushi's compassion for wounded creatures. He decides to look after the young musician, even giving him a key to his apartment in case Riya needs a place of refuge. But Riya has been on his own most of his life and is quite unsure as to how to react to Atsushi's acts of kindness. Worse, Riya actually has another personality within him that is not so frail and timid as his other self. Listen to the duet of Atsushi and Riya as the seeds of attraction begin to blossom between them. Then things come to a crescendo as Riya struggles between his dual personalities. Finally, the symphony builds up as a third wheel surfaces. Truly, "Il Gatto Sul G." is one musical masterpiece to be swept up in.


Entangled Circumstances Comic

Shibui has a problem with his job. It's not the stress of working for a magazine, or dealing with angry bosses it's having to work with Himeko, the most popular guy in the company and the bane of Shibui's existence. The two were once best friends in university, but a dramatic confession drove them apart. Now Shibui has to work with the one man he never wanted to see again. Can he get away? Should he get away? And either way, will Himeko let him? "Entangled Circumstances" follows the chase between predator and prey... in the savage environment of the 9-to-5 office block! Hapless loser Shibui and charming "prince" Himeko will have to survive hangovers, boring business dinners, gossiping co-workers and their own painful past together if they have any hope of working things out. Will Himeko's pursuit end in some mutual satisfaction? And will Shibui get over his own fear and take a chance on love?


Awaken Forest Comic

AuthorYuna Aoi

Editorial newcomer Yoshimori knows that his fast-paced career is bound to be full of surprises, but he never planned on meeting one of his favorite authors at a book release party! When the talented writer Orito Suga shows up with his shy brother Masato, Yoshimori is deeply touched by Masato's lonely smile... and his sweet, sparkling eyes. Stress and looming deadlines soon force Yoshi to move in with the temperamental Orito. Will the young editor get the full story behind these strangely inseparable brothers, or will he be kept in the dark for good? "Awaken Forest" opens the book on a host of beautiful men and spills all of their deepest secrets, along with every new heartache and scandal! Whether they're punching the clock, feuding with a childhood bully or lusting after their best friend, these men know that in order to get what you want out of life, you've got to take a stand for what your heart truly desires! "Awaken Forest" promises that no secret crush will go unrevealed... and no bedroom door can stay locked forever!


Seven Comic

Nana (no-name in Japanese) has no memory of his childhood before the age of twelve, when a store owner took him in and cruelly named him. The only clues to Nana's past life are the burn scars on his legs and his irrational fear of fire. Enter Mitsuha, a vagabond writer, who crashes Nana's place at the insistence of a mutual friend. At first, Nana loathes Mitsuha's very existence - although he can't sleep alone, Nana doesn't like it when his new roommate climbs into bed with him, either - but eventually, he warms to Mitsuha's insincerity and kindness and finds happiness waking beside him. Can their budding relationship help Nana come to terms with his unknown past? Are Mitsuha's feelings real, or is Nana simply a replacement for someone he lost long ago? Momoko Tenzen, creator of "The Paradise on the Hill", presents two tales of haunted pasts and forbidden loves sure to intrigue and delight!


A Liar in love Comic

AuthorKiyo Ueda

Hiroki is a consummate playboy. Bouncing from one lover to the next, he bandies the words "I love you" around as a catchphrase to get his partners to do whatever he demands in bed... But a single phone call changes it all... When his younger brother Akio, a chef-in-training at a Japanese restaurant, calls and asks him for advice on how to help a friend get over a recent breakup, Hiroki's interest is piqued... And when Akio vehemently warns him to stay away from heartbroken Miura, Hiroki takes it as a challenge... Unaware of the consequences of playing with fire... Hiroki begins his game of seduction... But there's something about the silent and simple Miura that seems to pull at Hiroki's heartstrings... Could it be that the master manipulator has stumbled into the unfamiliar reals of love?


Secrecy of the Shivering Night Comic

AuthorMuku Ogura

High school student Furuya has an unusual phobia: a fear of bright lights due to a childhood accident. When he discovers that his short and spirited roommate Himi is similarly afraid of the dark, he recognizes a kindred soul and tries to connect with him. But Himi is stubborn and unwilling to open up, and Furuya must find a way to reach his new friend and show him how much he really understands... no matter what it takes. "Secrecy of the Shivering Night" features four romantic short stories by manga artist Muku Ogura set in modern day Japan. No matter whether it's a chance meeting on a park bench or a night in a darkened dorm room... playing hooky or touching the life of a troubled student... these tales will make you believe that love really can come from anywhere.


The Paradise on the Hill Comic

Kijima teaches at an all-girls school. While his friends think Kijima's job is pretty "sweet", dealing with the daily confessions of love from adoring students can actually be rather annoying. Luckily, Ono, the new P.E. instructor, has taken the brunt of the girls' attention away. The poor guy gets attacked by scheming school girls on a daily basis! When Ono approaches Kijima for advice on how to deal with the never-ending advances from his students, Kijima finds himself intrigued by the shy, timid teacher. From the author of "Seven" comes a stirring tale of unrequited love. Will Kijima and Ono be able to find happiness together in their paradise on the hill?


Kiss Blue [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

Confess your love and ruin a friendship? Or protect the friendship and keep your feelings hidden away forever? What would you do if you were in Tomosaka's place? He doesn't remember when it began, but it seems Tomosaka has been in love with Noda forever. The thing is, he can't exactly confess his feelings because the two are best friends. As his best friend, Tomosaka has sympathized with Noda during his first heartbreak, just as he is bearing witness as Noda juggles multiple and often simultaneous affairs with women. Because no matter what the sin, friends stand by each other. And to protect the friendship, Tomosaka has to lock away his feelings deep inside him. From Keiko Kinoshita, the same person who gave us "Little Crybaby" and "You and Harujion", comes a story that explores the boundaries between love and friendship. Lose yourself within the pages of "Kiss Blue".


Little Cry Baby Comic

A shy and clumsy university student; a salary man trapped in an arranged marriage; a not-so-skilled novice magician; two high school boys who have been fighting it out since they were kids; and a humanoid dog... what could they possibly have in common? Well, they're about to find love in the most unexpected of places. Oh, and there's another thing about them as well they all seem to cry over the simplest of things. Experience love's first joy and heartache in this collection of light-hearted stories from creator Keiko Kinoshita, of You and Harujion fame. So, get ready to grab a box of tissues and unleash the "Little Crybaby" in you.


I Give to You Comic

When Ryoichi is betrayed by his lover and forced into crippling debt, he runs away... only to find himself seeking shelter from a flash deluge in a secluded tea shop. The owner Ren quietly takes him in and allows him to work in exchange for a roof over his head, but Ryoichi can't deny the deeper bond forming in the depths of his wounded heart. Can two men with terrible pasts free themselves and figure out what they truly feel? "I Give To You" simmers with the sweet, steamy temptation of true friendship, surprising attraction and an old obligation that threatens to destroy everything! When you've done everything in your power to leave your former life behind, the future should be open wide... but can trust be regained when every lingering shadow and nightmare carries with it the threat of bitter betrayal?


Endless Comfort Comic

On the two-year anniversary of the death of his mother, Masaki Kuzumi returns to the beautiful manor home where she once lived. There, he meets the kind, devoted dog trainer Yuu Kanai and instantly responds to the younger man's sweet nature... but something behind Yuu's smile hints at a secret darkness that Kuzumi knows all too well. Can these two men band together and shine the light of forgiveness on all of their past regrets? Endless Comfort tells the story of two lost souls whose wounded hearts have kept them on the fringes of life and love for what seems like an eternity. Can the beautiful but sad heir to a fortune find a true friend in a member of the staff for his family estate... or will his "alternative" lifestyle scare the innocent young man away for good?


Black Sun [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

Gerun Fortress - a coastal stronghold along the Mediterranean Sea. Here, two-hundred Monastic Knights make their final stand against a league of 20,000 Middle Eastern soldiers led by General Jamal Jan. Called "beardless" by some, "shameless" by others, Jamal soon seizes the castle and its acting commander, Prince Leonard de Limbourg... The general's ideas of how to subjugate the enemy do not conform to the typical rules of warfare, however... In quick order, Prince Leonard finds himself stripped naked and forced to perform in front of his own men... Leonard's humiliation does not end there; now the general's captive slave, he is brought back to a strange land and presented before His Majesty the Sulta... Will Jamal's deviant attentions lead to certain punishment for both himself and Prince Leonard? Or can the prince accept the sinful feelings buried within himself that cause him to enjoy Jamal's forceful touch? To the victor go the spoils of war, and in Black Sun, creator Uki Ogasawara (Chronicle of the Divine Sword) presents a historical look at military (and personal) conquest!


An Even More Beautiful lie Comic

AuthorKei Kanai

Painter Yukari Yohito will soon realize that despite all that he's been through, leaving his umbrella on a train will be the one thing that changes his life... Completely in tune with his paintings, Yukari is a genius at the canvas; however he is completely useless at living life... One day fellow art student Kurosu Keiichiro realizes Yukari has forgotten his umbrella on the train and quickly tries to return it - having been a huge fan of Yukari's work, he strikes up a friendship... Keiichiro begins coming by to take care of things for the neurotic artist. However, the more he involves himself in Yukari's complex life the deeper Keiichiro's feelings even admiration that moves him, but just what should he do about it? A beautifully painted story by Keio Kanai, this manga is to be seen and felt rather than simply read... Kanai's creative technique is one of a kind in this dramatic, visual tale of friendship and romance...


New Beginning [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

"I like you, Chihiro... I like you so much! I always have! I'm in love with you!!" His childhood friend Keigo Gamou confesses his feelings to him after they end up living under the same roof..." But we're both men. What are we supposed to do?" The hesitant Chihiro and the loyal dog-like Keigo have a difficult road ahead of them in this youthful love story!

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