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Share House for Hotties -Me, My Landlord, And His Stalker- Comic


Moving to Tokyo from rural Akita, Tamotsu found a great room for only 25,000 yen, including utilities! However, he soon discovers that this "great deal" only applies if he becomes the landlord's slave! The hardworking Tamotsu begrudgingly follows all of his selfish landlord's orders, and he even begins to feel attached to his demanding master... But when a stalker appears looking to claim the landlord for his own, everything will change!


In Heat For You [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic


Luna visits a university lab to fix her exceptionally sensitive senses only to find out the professor she is seeking has passed away. The researcher, Hinato Tadokoro offers to help Luna who is devastated. As they run some tests, Luna's sense of smell responds strongly to Hinato's pheromones and...!?

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