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I Wanna Make You Moan [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

AuthorMon Oumi

28-year-old Ayako goes about her work quietly in the college cafeteria. In her apron and hair-covering, she passes as a "Cafeteria Lady," but upon closer inspection, she's beautiful. One day she reveals her real self to Yuki, a well-known playboy, who takes an interest in her...


A Gangster in Drag -Filled with the Boss's Desires- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic Popular

Madoka Takura lost both her parents and was brought up in an orphanage, separated from her twin brother Kaoru, who was raised in another city. By chance, the two are reunited at the same college. Madoka is overjoyed to have her brother back, but then one day, Kaoru leaves a large sum of money in Madoka's care and vanishes. The police won't help Madoka search for Kaoru, so Madoka goes to a private detective, only to find that Kaoru was involved with the mafia. Was he killed for knowing too much? Rumors abound. Frustrated with the inaction of the police and the private detective, Madoka cuts her hair, gets a tattoo, and vows to join the Hafu to search for Kaoru herself. But, when the Hafu mafia boss finds out she's a woman, he offers to keep her secret... as long as she'll be his mistress...!


My Naughty Little Stepbrother [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


"I think I'll just have you," says Haruto Sugawara, Hina Kinoshita's hot student. Apparently he'd liked her since he first came to the school, and Hina finds herself submitting to his advances and letting him have his way with her. She can't help it... it just feels so good. But, actually, Haruto's hiding something from her... How does a stoic, straight-A student fall in love? You'll have to see in this deeply erotic romantic story!


Midnight Training -A Supervised Body- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic Hot

AuthorRemi Aoi

Rin finds herself caught in the middle of an auction that her father sold her to before skipping town. Just as she's about to be sold to a weathy stranger, her old tutor Reiji Hayami suddenly appears and takes her away. However, rather than saving her, he's bought her as his servant! From that day, Rin is confined within the walls of his home and made to satisfy his desires nightly. What happened to the once kind-hearted Reiji!? Rin is unable to forget her feelings for her old tutor. Then, a meeting between Reiji's mysterious and beautiful secertary Ms. Mizuki and Dr. Kurosaki, who has been searching for Rin, makes things even more complicated...


A Pure Boy Meets an Imaginative Girl -How Much Is Too Much for the First Time!?- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


Mitsuru Hayuka, the Art Director at M.J. Games, has worked so many late nights that she hasn't had time for a boyfriend and now she's almost 30. While her coworkers are dating and getting married left and right, Mitsuru has been out of the scene so long that coming up with a good scenario for a dating simulator app mini-game is a serious challenge. Mitsuru's one secret bright spot is the new guy, Ichito Katou, who showers her with encouragement. "I love (the games) you (make) so much!" She remembers him telling her point blank while burning the midnight oil and blushes. Then her imagination takes it to the next level ...! "Sleeping arm in arm? If it's alright with you, why don't we model it?" With that, Ichito's fingers and tongue hit all of Mitsuru's sweet spots. Knowing her sensitive places too well for it to be his first time, Mitsuru's body melts in a heat she'd long forgotten. Unable to withstand the urges washing over her, she starts to crave more of Ichito. "Was all that really just in my head!? Or was it...!?"


You're Not Getting Away Until I'm Done -A Hungry Wolf Finds Fresh Meat!- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

AuthorMona Yuuki

Yukina Saeki (25) draws adult manga for a living. However, she's never had a boyfriend in her whole life. Perhaps that's why her work falls flat on the page... With a deadline bearing down on her, she makes a bawling phone call to her supervisor, who sends her a temporary assistant. Enter Toudou, a young man ready to help. Extremely self-conscious, Yukina is forced to overcome her embarrassment and keep him around. However, his skill-level far exceeds her expectations. Manuscript complete and deadline met, Yukina collapses in relieved sleep. But when she wakes up, she discovers that Toudou, who she thought went home, is staring down at her! He tells her she won't last long in this business without some first-hand experience. But why would he go this far to help her out!?


Try My Love -The Man I Hate Knows Just What I Like- (Current ch. 3) Comic

Riko, a late bloomer, goes to a matchmaking agency after being invited by her friend. She writes down her preferences, only to receive the disappointing news that there is nobody on file matching her high expectations... However, there is a man that meets all her criteria except for one! Riko is introduced to Arata, her "99% ideal man," and they both fall in love with each other. Gently embraced by Arata, she begins to experience pleasure for the first time. But, a new suitor appears in front of Riko: a domineering CEO named Komiyama. He meets ALL of Riko's criteria, even the one that Arata doesn't have!


Give a Girl a Bone -The Beastly Vet's New Trainee- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

AuthorMomo Maeda

Shino is a college student aiming to be a veterinarian. As the first step toward her dream, she starts working part-time at a vet clinic where Dr. Hasumi, the man she has respected since high school, works. However, after finally meeting him again, Dr. Hasumi is cold and nothing like the doctor she knew back then! What happened to him?


My Lovestruck Sister Is Scaring Me Comic


"I'll let you make me a woman, so can I have your first time, Shinta?" I have three siblings and one of them is starting to freak me out. Miyabina is beyond possessive and totally dependent on me. I thought it was just because I was her older brother, but...


The Pure-Blood and the Maiden -Vampire Cafe- [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

Yuna, who longs for a sweet, steamy romance, has a dream about making intense love with a strange, beautiful boy. Her friend Mayuko then takes her to Rouge Garden, a cafe filled with handsome servers, one of whom looks exactly like the man in her dream! Who is this mysterious Tomoya, and what secrets are he and the other servers hiding...?


The Making of a Naughty Girl -A Teasing Boss and His Plain Employee- (Current ch. 2) Comic

AuthorYui Nakama

Plain and dull Miyako Oyamada finds her dream job at a beauty firm. On top of that, she's in the Special Planning Department, which happens to be full of hunks! But her boss Nobuchika is super mean and criticizes her...! There's an unbelievable plan behind Miyako's hiring...!


A "Special" Guide for Super-Sadistic Celebrities -Hunted at Night- (Current ch. 3) Comic Hot

"You're supposed to be the best guide, right? Then you'd better serve us well." Sanae, a tour guide, gets an urgent request from her uncle's travel agency to attend to a pair of hot and mysterious male celebrities. But once they reach their destination, she ends up at the mercy of their whims. On top of that, all three end up sleeping in the same bed together...!!


23 Years Old, Tamed in the Office [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

AuthorLin Sasaki

"I'll change you." When Yumiko, age 23, hears her crush (who has no idea how she feels) is engaged, she throws caution to the wind and decides to have a crazy night on the town! There, she gets picked up by a guy called Kikuo, who takes her to... a swingers' bar!? She escapes, but who should join her company the next day but Kikuo himself...! As Kikuo prods her to break her crush's engagement, Yumiko gives in and lets Kikuo school her in the ways of pleasure... Playing with Kikuo, and engaging in some mutual rebound sex with her manager Toshi... What's going to become of her office life now!? And what'll happen with her crush...!? This is a love story revolving around Yumiko, a straight-laced office worker gone astray.


When a Porn Actress and Actor Live Together... [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


"How did we end up meeting like this......?" Azusa Hiragi and Daichi Tateishi both work in the porn industry. By chance they became flat-mates, and gradually grew closer through an understanding of one another's work commitments. They share a small, fleeting romance, but it is cut short by the coldness of reality.......


Will You Let Me Satisfy You? -How My Younger Boss Looks After Me- [Total ch. 18] Completed Comic

"Do you feel so good now that you won't let go of my fingers?" The lips that are forming those words are gently caressing my body over and over...... The young boss who suddenly appears before Hina, an office worker, is her ex-boyfriend from high school! Even though he was a meek and naive boy, he's now transformed into a hot guy! To top it off, he's more passionate in bed than her current boyfriend... So what on earth should she do!?


Trained Substitute Maid - Sadistic Scion and the House of Sin - [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

"I'm going to make you a substitute." I saw my Prince Charming for the first time in ten years. He calls my long-lost twin sister's name while making love to me... Left with no one to turn to, Iroha is taken to a house and the owner of the house turns out to be the boy she met when she was a little girl! But what Arashi wants is her sister, and he uses Iroha to satisfy his desires... "If you want me to like you, prove it." Iroha doesn't like seeing Arashi sad, so she has sex with him every day, hoping that it'll make him smile... One day, Iroha finds herself inside the room she's not supposed to enter...! What's going on in this place...!?


In Broad Daylight!? An Innocent Florist Gets Plucked by a Dark CEO [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


"I know I should resist this... but... it feels so good..." Having taken over her grandfather's flower shop, Kasumi works herself to the bone to grow her business. Unbeknownst to her colleagues, she occasionally moonlights at "Maria", a hostess club run by one of her regular customers. To help her business grow, Kasumi will do anything. One night after helping out as a hostess, she gets a call about a bouquet of undelivered flowers and rushes to the customer. Wanting to apologize directly to the manager, she goes to him, when out of nowhere, he reaches out and rips the dress off of her! What is Kasumi supposed to do?! She wasn't expecting this...!


The Adult-Toy Section - This Job Is All About the Climax - [Total ch. 8] Completed Comic

Authoranco kaz

"Spread your legs. Show us all what you've got." Just when I thought I'd gotten an ideal job at an electronics company, suddenly I'm told I'll be working in the adult-goods development department!! They make me try out all sorts of things just for the sake of their research... but even though I'm way out of my comfort zone, I can feel my body getting used to the pleasure...!!


Scandalous Inter-Office Relations: Secret Exploitive Overtime (Current ch. 5) Comic

"The Vice-CEO's dick... is inside me! Why is this so embarrassing and yet still feel so good!?" Youko is a corporate secretary at an elite company. One day, when she finds herself in the reception room on the executive floor, she sees the CEO having sex with a young woman. In exchange for keeping quiet about it, Youko is forced to join a secret club exclusive to corporate executives. One of the club's parties turns out to be a wild orgy for executives to relieve their ?urges." Amongst this sweet frenzy of depravity, only the Director seems to be different from the other men......!


I'll Make You Wet -An Indecent Arrangement with a Younger Man- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


"You sure are pretty, Ms. Kikuchi. But I can't tell you how I feel because you're in love with another man. So instead, I'll do everything I can to help you make him your own... I will help you until you get your man, on the condition you do everything I say..." He loves her, but he can't tell her. Where will this bittersweet relationship go?

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