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Standby Kiss -My Exclusive Secret Service Agent- [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic Popular


Coming to save Aoi Yamato (the son of a huge enterprise and kidnapped for ransom) is Prince Charming... Or, more like an arrogant and rude bodyguard...! Lo and behold, this man in black is Ryo Uruha, the boy Aoi used to bully in junior high. He's supposed to be working for Aoi, but he has a cockiness and insensitivity about him that riles Aoi up. Yet, there's also a soft, gentle side to him amidst his brutal honesty, and Aoi finds himself gradually drawn in....


Anti-Platonic Comic

Playboy Ryoya has a male fuck buddy: his roommate Io. Io's cold and doesn't show his feelings, but his chemistry with Ryoya is incredible. Io never falls in love, but will his addiction to the scent of Ryoya change him into an obsessed lover? He's never revealed his true feelings before...


The Masked Tutor and Innocent Shut-In [Plus Bonus Page] Comic


Yusuke has made up his mind to quit his long shut-in life and start college. A handsome guy named Haruki appears before him as his home tutor. Haruki's lessons are easy to understand, but there is a lot of touching and Yusuke is constantly toyed with every day. One day, Haruki says, "It's normal to do something like this between friends," and helps Yusuke masturbate...! This is an innocent story about a handsome, two-faced home tutor and an awkward shut-in who start off as friends.


The Endless Lies We Tell [Plus Bonus Page] Comic

Shinji leads a dull office life during the day, but he finds a way to escape from the monotony. At night, he lavishes himself with beautiful clothing and... one-night stands. Then along comes Yusei, a young man with the sex skills needed to keep Shinji coming back. Yusei's more earnest than he appears, and wants more from Shinji than just a one-time deal. But, what is it exactly that Yusei desires...?


Tie Me, Untangle Me, Kiss Me Comic

Tsukasa, who owns a tailor shop in a downtown shopping arcade, is reunited with his middle school friend Ren under the worst possible circumstances. Ren has joined the mob, who plan to demolish and redevelop the entire shopping arcade! To protect the neighborhood where he was raised, Tsukasa tries to persuade Ren to change his mind... But Ren says his goal is to "make Tsukasa's dream come true." Emi Mitsuki pours her heart into this tale of made-to-order love.


Legal Sexploits [Plus Bonus Page] Comic

"Isn't that called 'destiny'?" Mitsuki, a mysterious young man, happily recounts the first time he met his boyfriend, Akihiro. He's advising Hotaru on the pathways to love at an award ceremony for author Mayumi Tsukishiro. However, that first encounter with Akihiro hides a secret deeper than mere destiny... This story reveals the mysterious, R-rated love life of the skilled editor from "Mature, Yet Dull and Hopeless".


Tea Cup Toy Boy Comic

AuthorCana Umino

17-year-old Kento Toi awakes one morning to find he's shrunk down to the size of a doll, but his doctor says he's in perfect health... Except for one thing: Kento's love for an older boy at school has made his heart grow bigger, which could be perilous! Now, he's got to either get a boyfriend or get shot down, or the swelling could be his doom! Talk about an awkward first crush! Not to mention, his childhood friend Yuki seems to have something in mind for Kento as well... A thrilling, fantastical love story! This manga also contains the following works: "Happily Ever After, Prince-Style" and "How to Discipline a Bad Boyfriend"


Time to Be Annoyed Comic

"You've shown me a lot of new stuff, right? So, show me how to have sex." Hayato Konoe, a rich boy who knows nothing about the world, gets attached to the listless Keiichi Hikami. Though Keiichi finds Hayato annoying at times, he continues their purely physical relationship. However, he eventually can't "hold back" once the sex stops......


Our Little Secret (Current ch. 2) Comic


"The girl I fell in love with is actually a guy!?" Shino Kagawa's never had a girlfriend in his entire life. He dreams of a relationship like in a romance manga. Because he's been bullied by his three older sisters, he's a little scared of girls. But, the very pretty girl he meets at his job, Yuki Seto, is really easy to talk to... How does this sudden romance end for Shino? He wanted a girlfriend, but got himself a boyfriend!


The Generation Equation Comic


Chiharu and Satoshi became friends in kindergarten. Chiharu, the sheltered crybaby hailing from the Nanjou family, grew into a shy junior high school student. Satoshi, a bossy-bully-turned-soccer-jock, couldn't have been more different. Chiharu left the childish Satoshi behind as he became a ladies' man of the highest degree. In reality, these polar opposites share a secret love! A coming-of-age story where two children on the cusp of adulthood experience love, with the family along for the ride. Find out what the effeminate boy teaches after school, too!


A (Student) Teacher's Job Comic


A very passionate teacher-to-be, Takuma Inumaru, meets a very mature-looking rebellious student, Seiya Kizaki, while he's a student-teacher. Takuma struggles to make Seiya, who's always cutting class, reform his ways and attend lessons. But Takuma's actions bring out the sadistic side of Seiya...! Seiya pushes Takuma down and whispers to him, "Lookin' at you makes me want to make you cry." In the end, Takuma ends up whimpering for more...


I Just Wanna Be a Good Boy Comic

Two voices guide the morals of lovestruck teen Kenta Kodama - the voice of "virtue", and the voice of "sin", which beckons him into temptation...... and they've been fighting daily in his head. Just when the serious, straight-laced but naive voice of virtue is struggling against the advances of the sexually-rampant voice of sin, their host Kenta hits puberty and his libido shoots sky-high! What happens to the power balance between "virtue" and "sin" when the tables are turned......!? This is a super-salacious romantic comedy that anthropomorphizes worldly desires!


The Lonely Ginger's Favorite Comic

When high-schooler Tsubasa is saved from some bullies by the totally dashing Yu, it's love at first sight. Tsubasa ends up following Yu around like a dog, and even becomes a regular at the club Yu DJs at. But one day, as he's waiting obediently for his master to come back, Tsubasa accidentally drinks some alcohol. Yu somehow manages to take home his tipsy, jovial, and clingy admirer, but then Tsubasa disappears from Yu's life altogether...... This is the debut work of acclaimed new manga artist Nanako Haida, and this compilation contains three other short stories about awkwardly entertaining love!


Sailor-Style School Uniform Secrets Comic

Tooru can't turn his back on his classmate, Matsuri, who comes to school wearing a sailor-style uniform. He used to be a quiet boy when they were in junior high, so what's the secret behind his wearing the girls' uniform?"We always want to take it off." You'll get hooked on the cuteness! This is a story of young and innocent love!


Love's Sweet Voice Comic


Haruya, who has a weakness for beautiful voices, is determined to find out who is the voice behind the library broadcast which resonates throughout the hallways after school. He soon finds out that the sexy, fruity voice belongs to Takashina, one of his silent and rather strange classmates! Unable to resist the voice, Haruya decides to get close to Takashina! His voice, whispers, and his lips make me go weak at the knees...! In love with a sexy voice.


Mad Venus & My Honey Comic

Tanahashi, a completely ordinary high-schooler, has a secret hobby: He dresses up in girls' clothing, and uploads pictures of himself to the internet as the net superstar Hikaru. Tanahashi just uses his secret activities to let off steam, but what will happen when he finds out Kino, his popular classmate, is Hikaru's biggest fan!? There are also several other stories on a varity of themes, from love-triangles to punishingly sadistic sex, in this manga by Kimiko Kobori!


Get Your Ghost On Comic

Ryota's got a problem... He's living with a ghost. And not just any ghost, but the ghost of his worst fear: a bully...! The ghost of an arrogant, former thug, Taiga, is ruining the happy campus life he's dreamed of!! Ryota tries to exorcise the spirit, but the conditions for Taiga's proposal to live together are a seductive nectar... Hang on for a slightly risque ghost-love comedy between a normal college student and a ghost with his own issues.


Love Complex Comic


If Aiji, an otherwise perfectly healthy high-schooler, falls in love with someone, he'll die from his love allergy. His best friend, Zen, is always there to help Aiji. He's like a hero to him. One day, Aiji receives a love letter. Could this be... his big chance to overcome his illness!? Zen gets wrapped up in Aiji's "love survival training!" Will he ever be able to experience love? Read this and other stories, like the Jingi series, starring a sadistic honors student and the world's unluckiest punk, and a story of pure love spanning across time, Thousand-year Love Letter, in this compilation.


I'll Get the Key to Your Heart! Comic Hot

He's average looking, of average intelligence, and even has the unfortunately average name of Tarou Suzuki. Our extremely mediocre protagonist has never thought very highly of himself. Then one day, a handsome and very drunk man suddenly appears at his apartment! Looking at Tarou's face, he bursts into tears. "You look just like my ex-girlfriend!" he says as he tries to kiss Tarou! Upon starting his new job a couple of days later, who should appear but the same handsome man! Will meeting this man named Ryouta Shiga change Tarou's life?


Lessons in Love Comic


Tamaki, a teacher in training, meets a rough-looking teacher at the elementary school he gets sent to. His hair is messy, he only wears track suits, and he always looks bored out of his mind... Tamaki's first impression of Hideo Ei couldn't be any worse! However, when Tamaki's supervisor, who also happens to be Hideo's sister, invites him to live at their house, he can't refuse! And thus begins Tamaki's secret lesson in love, under the watchful eye of his new mentor.

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