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Pleasure Game Comic

"I can tell how much your body wants me......" Tomoko wants to get close to a senior guy at her school! One day, she finds a website called Fantasia that offers to solve the "love problems" of any girl. So, Tomoko emails them, and who should show up on her doorstep but a male escort! All she'd intended to do was consult them on how to approach her crush... but she ends up getting kissed and fondled until she's a quivering mass of jelly...! To think it was her first time and she got so turned on!! Tomoko's confused and torn between her tender feelings for her senior and the thrill she gets from her body... Which one's she going to choose......?


Noble Temptation Comic

Inn-worker Etsuko falls in love with none other than Rashid, the prince of a desert kingdom. She's incredibly happy to be with Rashid, who's arrogant and sadistic but has moments of kindness. No matter how devoted she is though, those around her won't acknowledge her because of her low social status. Wanting to become worthy of her lover, Etsuko decides to help Rashid's cousin Lucian with his work. The more time she spends with Lucian, the more Rashid wants Etsuko's company, while Etsuko just wants to be of more help to Rashid. Their feelings lead them to clash, gradually creating a rift between them......


Daylight Comic

The garden was filled with fond memories of her childhood spent with her beloved brother... That feeling she experienced was love... As Hibiki wallows in her pain, Sugizo, the happy-go-lucky gardener, enters her life. Despite his traditional name, he's an easy-going guy. Although she's turned off at first, Hibiki starts to realize that each time she touches his heart, her stubbornness seems to melt away... "Is it okay for me... to fall in love again?" A jewel of a love story that will gently warm your heart.


Love Secret Comic

Saho is now living a life full of happiness as she's finally going out with her boss, Masato, who she's always had a crush on. But, even though she expected to be all lovey-dovey with him in the office, Saho learns that whenever a workplace relationship is found out, the guy always gets transferred to another region. Due to these unforseen complications, in order not to be forced into a long-distance relationship, and to keep their love for each other strong, Saho has to make sure no one discovers their secret. Despite their love just having started, they already seem to be headed down a very rocky road! This is an office romance manga that contains the popular series featuring Saho and Masato.


Seduced into Immorality Comic

Mitsuru has married Sho, a poet that lives in a huge mansion. She's delighted with their new married life as Sho gently envelops her with his love. But this peaceful life of hers changes on a stormy night, when she and the servant, Touma, are left alone together. His strong body, his rough kiss that steals her breath away, his lustful gaze... Touma's caresses seduce her into an irresistible ecstasy...... This love story is about a deviant love triangle and immoral passions.


Hold Up, Hold Me Comic

I'm Noah, a sheltered girl, and I've met my strong, gentle prince. My days have been wonderful since I started seeing Mamoru Todoroki...... But the problem is that my father is totally against our relationship! Social standing has no meaning when you're in love! Exciting first-time experiences... Oh, just take all of me!


Being Pretty Is Not Enough Comic

It all started with one book. A book that Yuuki borrowed from her classmate, Akiyuki, a long time ago. Yuuki remembered her time in junior high and, along with it, her first crush. That nostalgia and bittersweetness made her eager to learn more about the "present" Akiyuki. What is her first crush doing now......? Could the embers of romance be rekindled......? This innocent curiosity brings Yuuki unexpected pain......


The Girly Mr. Suzuki Comic


Hitomi is interested in the shy-looking business man she often sees outside her apartment. When she finally works up the courage to talk to him, he panics and turns bright red, and Hitomi finds herself falling further in love. He's serious, cute, and a little girly, but she's determined to have him. While in this heartwarming romantic comedy nothing goes according to plan, Hitomi finally takes a stand, stepping out of her comfort zone to get the man she wants.


My Cool Boss Is a Beast in Bed!? [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic


Rena takes her work seriously, but she doesn't get along with her curt boss, Mr. Odagiri. One day, she sees him smile and now she can't stop thinking about him. Even though he's strict, he has a cute side and he pays attention to her... She loves his soft side that he doesn't show to anyone else. He kisses her and whispers in her ear, "If you're interested, I'll teach you." In bed, he shows yet another secret, beastly side of himself... This is a sweet, erotic love story between a girl and her cool boss.


The Wet Flower Bud Blossoms During the Intimate Night Comic

In order for her family to save their inn, Asuka is to be wed to a guy she's never met before. Then, while on a trip with her friends, she meets a dashing hunk. Even though they've only spoken briefly, she can't get him out of her mind. Asuka knows she shouldn't let herself fall for him, but her growing passion becomes unstoppable...... His sweet and mesmerizing kisses, his fingertips gently rubbing her skin, everything he does brings Asuka to the brink of pure ecstasy. Since she decided this could only be a one-night stand, Asuka leaves the next morning without saying a word. However, the guy then shows up as a guest at her parents' inn......


Dirty Innocence Comic

Haruto and Ayano are childhood friends who grew up together. Ever since Haruto seduced her, Ayano finds herself doing "it" with him on an almost daily basis. Ayano, who'd always liked Haruto, can't help responding to his advances every time he comes to her, but she can't tell how he feels...... Even when their bodies are connected passionately together, her heart is unbearably lonely. But she keeps seeing him, despite her feelings of insecurity......


Late Night Lust in the CEO's Office Comic Hot

"You can't mean that, when you're this wet." The CEO's hot gaze is a signal of seduction. When Momoko, the CEO's secretary, gets hurt after her ex-boyfriend cheats on her, her relationship with the CEO changes. At first, he must have been trying to comfort her. But as her body comes to know the pleasure he gives her, Momoko begins to grow restless just from his gaze. In the secluded CEO's office, hot nectar drips from between her legs as he touches her......


How to Soothe Your Lonesome Man [Renta! Special Edition] Comic

[Includes a special collection of limited print run illustrations!] She met Mr. Kawakami at her younger sister's wedding. With his good looks and passionate devotion to his brother, Kawakami quickly stole his way into Ayaka's heart. She definitely had suspicions about the ease with which he immediately asked her to go out with him. Despite feeling that something's off, she can't help getting butterflies in her stomach. But, her sister is still totally against the two of them being together! Seems that Kawakami's hit a few romantic road bumps in the past, but what could they be......?


A Taste of Love! Comic

A cooking class to meet new people, with a famous hot chef as the teacher. Aki's sister forces her to take the class. She's reluctant at first, but maybe......? Anticipating some kind of romance, she goes, only to find her boss in the same class! Aki is a little hesitant, but she starts having feelings for him when she sees that he's not just the cool, quiet boss she knows... This and other love stories to set your heart aflutter.


Dude's So Pretty & Magical! Comic


Hagane Akai is just your average forty-something man... who was once known as the superhero Magical Ruby, protector of the earth! Now he moonlights as the magical superhero... Gentle Ruby!? Follow Ruby as he does battle with an evil organization and gets some sexy action, too! Now with more milking!! In addition to the cover story, we've got another thrilling love story featuring a young wolf-man and a middle-aged florist! Get your fill of mature-guy hijinks in this one volume.


Late Night Office Romance Comic

Ryoko finds herself being pressured into staying at a love hotel with a guy she's just met at a party, only to be rescued by a handsome stranger. Even though Ryoko doesn't even know his name, she's unable to forget about her mystery man. Just when she's about to give up on seeing him again, she finds out he works in the same company! Under his passionate gaze, she feels his manly hands caressing her...... Ryoko starts falling head over heels for Kiryu. Despite her doubts about becoming a couple, a night of overtime pairs them together and they soon become closer......


Don't Be Kind Comic

Yui was hurt in a previous relationship and is now scared of putting herself out there again. She's attracted to Yoshikawa but convinces herself that it's just a crush. Yui's heart is slowly healed by Yoshikawa's kindness, and her feelings change into love. But he has someone he cannot forget...


My Precious [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic Hot

Ayumu lost both her job and home when her apartment caught on fire - and then she was picked up by Jun Agata, the young leader of the Ryusei Association, a mafia organization. Agata made her heart pound when he offered to sleep with her - but he was only teasing. Still, Ayumu just can't get him out of her mind... Then, one of the members of the Ryusei Association is attacked by someone with some connection to Ayumu. Ayumu tries to leave so as not to bother Agata, but Agata suddenly pushes her down...


A Super Sweet Secret Comic

Ayumi finds herself on a luxury cruise with Mr. Yoshinaga, a co-worker she's long been smitten with, and he confesses that he likes her. Although she's elated, her department is at complete odds with Mr. Yoshinaga's, making their romance anything but smooth sailing. "But, after he said he likes me, touched me with his hand, and then kissed me...... I can't hold back my feelings for him any longer!" Even though Ayumi knows she can't get caught with Mr. Yoshinaga, he seduces her and they begin to make love......


Secret Love Comic

Chie gets her bag snatched on her way back from work, and Kazuya happens to be there to save her. Not long after, she finds out he's working at her company and develops a crush on him. But it turns out Kazuya already has a girlfriend...... She's in love with someone she shouldn't be...... Find out what happens next in the utterly tragic love story "DESTINY". The other works in this collection are "I WISH...", "SMILE FOR YOU", and "FRIENDS"!

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