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Don't Be Kind Comic

Yui was hurt in a previous relationship and is now scared of putting herself out there again. She's attracted to Yoshikawa but convinces herself that it's just a crush. Yui's heart is slowly healed by Yoshikawa's kindness, and her feelings change into love. But he has someone he cannot forget...


My Precious [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

Ayumu lost both her job and home when her apartment caught on fire - and then she was picked up by Jun Agata, the young leader of the Ryusei Association, a mafia organization. Agata made her heart pound when he offered to sleep with her - but he was only teasing. Still, Ayumu just can't get him out of her mind... Then, one of the members of the Ryusei Association is attacked by someone with some connection to Ayumu. Ayumu tries to leave so as not to bother Agata, but Agata suddenly pushes her down...


A Super Sweet Secret Comic

Ayumi finds herself on a luxury cruise with Mr. Yoshinaga, a co-worker she's long been smitten with, and he confesses that he likes her. Although she's elated, her department is at complete odds with Mr. Yoshinaga's, making their romance anything but smooth sailing. "But, after he said he likes me, touched me with his hand, and then kissed me...... I can't hold back my feelings for him any longer!" Even though Ayumi knows she can't get caught with Mr. Yoshinaga, he seduces her and they begin to make love......


Secret Love Comic

Chie gets her bag snatched on her way back from work, and Kazuya happens to be there to save her. Not long after, she finds out he's working at her company and develops a crush on him. But it turns out Kazuya already has a girlfriend...... She's in love with someone she shouldn't be...... Find out what happens next in the utterly tragic love story "DESTINY". The other works in this collection are "I WISH...", "SMILE FOR YOU", and "FRIENDS"!


Fantasy Trip [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


"I will drive you mad with pleasure." A part-time editor, Moe, has been assigned assistant manager to the sensual, handsome erotica writer Gou Aikawa. Gou whispers naughty words that echo voluptuously in Moe's ears. Against her will, her imagination runs wild with erotic fantasies......! Moe and Gou indulge their passions endlessly in her imagination. In a variety of locations, in all kinds of positions...... Over time, she starts wishing she could fulfill those fantasies with Gou in real life......


Pleasure Contract - I'm a Naughty, Wet Product for Sale - [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

"You're mine now." Andou comes to Yui to collect the debt that her ex-boyfriend ran out on. He suggests that she become a "product" of his company to pay off the huge debt. He pushes her down, saying that it's part of a quality control check, and starts playing with her exposed breasts. He licks them, sucks at them, rubs them all over... and Yui starts to get wet down there. She's never been so aroused, even when she was having sex with her ex, so why is this happening!? After Andou shows her what an orgasm feels like, Yui starts working as his company's "product" by serving her clients, who make her come over and over again...


Twilight Comic

I'm Emily Morino, and I'm a bit of a klutz. The handsome Ushio and his beautiful sister, Hibiki, found me passed out from hunger on the beach, and let me move in! I start falling for the kind Ushio, but then find out that Hibiki has really strong feelings for someone, too...... I don't want to end up hurting anyone just because I'm in love......! Where will this tragic love triangle go......!?


The Unrequited Nocturne Comic

Miwa is the maid to Kazunari, a doctor with a private practice and the second son of the wealthy Mishima family. She's had a secret crush on him since she was little, though she's contented herself with just being by his side... until their relationship becomes physical. Society says they can't even be lovers, but Miwa can't stop dreaming of a happy future with him...


My Love is Your Love Comic

Natsumi, Hirotaka, and Mana three friends from high school have opened the cafe of their dreams. For Natsumi, the cafe is where she can indulge her love of cakes... and her crush on Hirotaka. Hirotaka has become such an important presence in Natsumi's life that she's chosen to be content with having him at her side, rather than rock the boat... Follow the intertwining love stories of three couples, all centered around this one small neighborhood cafe, bound in this single-volume comic.


Operation: I Love You Comic Hot


Arashi, a live-action superhero star is madly in love with his stunt double, Noboru! But shh! Nobody can know! Noboru also has a top secret of his own...!? Torn between love and duty, what's he to do...? It's up to YOU to get the scoop on the private lives of these two stars!


How a Mean Guy Falls in Love Comic

Capable Matsumoto is a hunky gentleman who has a great reputation at work. Dubbed "Desirable Bachelor No. 1," he's nice to everyone, but is always picking on his colleague, Megumi, and teasing her. Frustrated with the treatment she's been receiving, Megumi has come to hate him. But Matsumoto's sadistic side starts to get even worse: "I want to be mean to you and make you cry." A first comic containing the title work and other love stories that promises to stimulate and satisfy readers.


A Fleeting Vow [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

After Beni's grandmother, who raised her after the death of her parents, passes away, she learns that her father had actually been a gangster. What's more, at the will of her grandfather, who had been the gang leader, she is promised to be wed. As Beni tries to refuse becoming a gangster's wife, Udou appears before her like a ferocious animal. "Even if it's just temporary, we're now husband and wife..." he tells her as he almost forcibly has his way with her. Even though it's a relationship she never wanted, his kind hands, totally unlike his rough nature, begin to sway Beni's heart...


Because I Love You Comic Hot

They're best friends who've become a couple. Chiaki and Shintaro's relationship started in high school, and they're still dating even in college. Every day they're eating good food together... After the story of this lovey dovey couple, previously seen in the manga "CAN I EAT YOU LITTLE KITTY?", there's also a moving story about two people who care deeply for each other, "To Protect You."


Secret Comic

Hana, an apprentice at a patisserie, is secretly going out with the owner, Mr. Naka. Every time she makes a mistake and gets called into his room, she's subjected to sweet, sweet discipline. Despite being serious while working, he's all lovey-dovey when they're alone together. What's more, she seems to have triggered his mischievous streak! "Be sure to wear all this." With those words, he gives her a Santa costume, but the contents are just too extreme......! Their love, shrouded in secrecy, is filled with excitement and heart-fluttering thrills!


It Starts with Love Comic

Sara always just watches guys from afar, Rikuya goes out with girls, but always gets dumped. They are friends that are bad at the game of love! After every heartbreak they comfort each other, but Sara doesn't want to lose at love anymore! She makes the decision to find true love!


Contracted Lover Comic

"I'll buy your 10 days, little rabbit." College student Misaki is working at her part-time job, wearing ill-fitting shoes. She loses her balance and bumps right into Togo Sakuma, a popular shoe designer. To add to the embarrassment, Misaki ends up soiling Togo's suit. She apologizes and offers to compensate the damage, but he says he'll let her off on the condition she agrees to be his for 10 days. They've only just met, but they're alone together in his room. Misaki's aware that she's been hired to compensate him for the damage, but how is she supposed to react when he calls her "my rabbit" and puts his arms around her......? They can only be together for 10 days. Deciding she doesn't want to say goodbye, Misaki decides to give herself to Togo......


My Passive Boyfriend Proving His Love Comic

Chihana, who has no place to live, no money, and has even just lost her job, goes to a restaurant to meet a friend. She unexpectedly bumps into a former co-worker, Kousuke, and overhears a secret he's been hiding. In exchange for her keeping quiet, he lets her stay with him at his apartment. At first, Chihana thought he'd be a difficult person to interact with, but as they start to live together she sees a private side to Kousuke that causes her heart to throb...... She's just a roommate, and because of his "secret" she knows that her love for him will go unrequited. It's just, every time he shows kindness, her love for him grows more and more......


Millions of Bitter-Sweet Kisses Comic

Maho with her strong older-sister-like personality and carefree Atsushi are dating, but it's a secret from their company! I'm strong and responsible at work but I want to be spoiled at home! The insensitive boyfriend just doesn't understand that... on top of that a cute girl that wants to steal him away!? Lots of fighting but lots of making up! The path to marriage is still far away for this modern day couple!!


Love Message Comic

Rui told her classmate Kei how she feels about him, but they're still just friends... She wants to be his girlfriend! Then one day, Kei suddenly kisses her... Does this mean they're going out now!? Kanako Sakurai's first comic is filled with pure and cute love!


Dirty Little Secret Comic

"You promised I could have you". That is what Misaki's former student Yuki says when she sees him after 4 years. Yuki has grown to a man and aggressively pursues her. Although Misaki is confused and hesitant in the beginning, she slowly gives in, and the relationship becomes sweet and sexy... "He takes my heart by force and melts it... I cannot deny his love."

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