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Dirty Little Secret Comic

"You promised I could have you". That is what Misaki's former student Yuki says when she sees him after 4 years. Yuki has grown to a man and aggressively pursues her. Although Misaki is confused and hesitant in the beginning, she slowly gives in, and the relationship becomes sweet and sexy... "He takes my heart by force and melts it... I cannot deny his love."


Succumbing to the Pheromones Comic


"You need to get in touch with your instincts." To science-obsessed Mao, every day is one long research experiment. She figures love and fashion can come later! Despite that, she's no match for her hot, pheromone-gushing classmate, Naoki. Vexing as it may be, he teases her and even licks her finger with his lascivious tongue. Mao's "feminine" instincts slowly begin to emerge as her sexuality is awakened...


Before and After My Unrequited Love Comic

Kanae finds out her coworker, Kaji, has just broken up with his girlfriend. When Kaji teases her, asking her to "comfort" him, she agrees despite herself ? after all, she's always had a crush on him. The stolen kisses, his large hands gently stroking her skin, the deep voice murmuring her name into her ear...... Kanae had always dreamt of this.
Fearing their time as lovers will end when morning comes, Kanae tries to tell Kaji how she feels......


Sweet Pain Comic

Kano has a major crush on Keisuke Morita, a total playboy who always seems to be with a different woman. While she still has deep feelings for him, Kano allows Keisuke to have sex with her, but then finds out that he's being transferred to New York. There isn't much time left for them to be together...... "No matter what our relationship is, I still want to be with him!" With that thought in mind, Kano allows herself to become Keisuke's sex toy until he has to leave. "Don't look at any other women... I want you to only love me......!" Every time they have sex, Kano becomes more unable to hide her true feelings for Keisuke, so she decides to break up with him......


Arrogant Erotica Comic

"I don't like women with big breasts and too much pride." That's the first thing Nao hears from the popular interior designer she admires, Kyoya Hino. She can't believe it, and really doesn't like him. She decides she'll never fall for an arrogant, overbearing, stuck-up man like that... But despite his cold demeanor, there's a kind side to him she sometimes sees in his face and words. Nao finds herself feeling increasingly affectionate towards him. Yet Kyoya's heart belongs to someone else...


Love Chains Comic

I joined my company at the same time as my current boyfriend. We've been going out for little over a year now. Recently, Ryoji has been cold and distant towards me...... It wasn't like this when we first started dating. Maybe his feelings for me have changed. When I told him this other guy asked me out, he said, "I don't want to hear about your boring problems!"......Who does he think he is!? He treats me like dirt! It seems like all we do now is fight over stuff like that. Then, one day, when I get mad and try to leave Ryoji, he forces me to...... Will this end up like it always does with us!? This manga compilation is a collection of stories about the trials and tribulations of finding new love.


Gemini's Nasty Prank -Sex with My Fiance's Brother- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

That night, Shin's brother said with a nasty smile... "Didn't sex with me feel better than with Shin?" Why is this happening!? Shin, my fiance, is so kind and comforting, while his older twin brother is dashing and sadistically perverted. I have to live under the same roof with that man... and I can't thwart his passionate advances! This is a dire erotic love-triangle story with beautifully drawn artwork!


Velvet-Black Temptation: Love Contract in a City of Hot Sands!? [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

"I want you to come with me," he says, throwing her into his limousine. Saki, a poor girl working in a hostess bar, meets a handsome guy clad in a velvet-black suit. Who is he? Why is he spending so much money on her? Where is he taking her in his private jet...? Saki, surprised by his pushy attitude and strange charm, goes with him to a land of sand and blazing sun!! And so starts a love-game between her and the mysterious Arabian millionarie.


Together Forever Comic

Ayaka's first love is her step-brother. Feelings akin to admiration are eventually joined by feelings of lust. She wants him to look at her not as his little step-sister but as a woman!! Even that desire can't convince him it's okay...... In addition to this forbidden romance between step-siblings, this collection is filled with other love stories.


Training Trap -Qualifications Needed to Become My Wife- Comic

AuthorSaya Dando

Today Yumiko has a date for an arranged marriage. She meets the serious-looking Takeda, who works at City Hall. However, He rejects the marriage before anything can start without any indication as to why. When Yumiko demands to know the reason, he takes Yumiko to his condo. There, she's handed a small vibrator...!! Mr. Takeda can't be turned on unless he sees an aroused woman. Yumiko is told to use the vibrator on herself. Can she accept Mr. Takeda's strange sexual habits...!?


Handcuff My Heart! Comic

Aya mistakes an undercover detective named Kenjiro for a molester on the train! Their meeting is the start of a thrilling romance! "Kenjiro is going to steal my heart!" A young lady and a detective! Don't miss the conclusion to their love story! This is Ulala Hoshi's first manga compilation. It contains three stories of the steamy couple, Aya and Kenjiro, along with two separate stories! Please enjoy reading this manga.


My Beloved Teacher Comic

For Katsumi, the school infirmary after class is the only place where she can be with Kyoji Miyagi, the school doctor. What started out as a game between student and teacher somehow changes, and her heart is filled with thoughts of Miyagi. As her graduation day approaches, Katsumi doesn't want to end things but is unable to tell him how she really feels. This is a story about first love that is filled with thrills and uncertainties.


Calligraphy of Desire -Private Lessons with a Sadistic Teacher- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

Concerned about her messy handwriting, office worker Umino decides to attend a calligraphy class. However the teacher of the class, master calligrapher Suou, is incredibly sadistic and perverted. During what he calls "private lessons," the master traces the characters on her body with a brush ... Is this really the way to improve one's handwriting?


Ecstacy: Secret Massage Comic

Listless businesswoman Michika Yoshino is forced to go to a massage parlor by her co-worker. The masseuse is so hot, but she's made to wear an embarrassing garment, and has her nipples rubbed with oil. "Something's definitely up here, right!?" However, she feels better after it, so continues visiting the parlor. But the masseuse's oil massage gets more vulgar each time! Unable to resist the pleasure, Michika finally goes all the way with the masseuse......!! Then his male assistant comes in, and things get taken to a whole other level...!


A Bride's Training Comic

After participating in a singles party with some country guys (who are all unexpectedly handsome), she thought she'd hit the jackpot...... but suddenly the party turns into an orgy! Can she still get her man in such a bizarre situation!?


Feast on My Perverted Body Comic

Yuuko, who works in a sport gym with her boyfriend, Akiyoshi, is thinking about doing more kinky stuff. But she's worried that if she were to starts making demands, he'll hate her for it, and so spends her days in frustration. Until one day, a guy Yuuko knows attempts to assault her in the office! What will happen to Yuuko and Akiyoshi's relationship?


Dungeon Princess -Trained by The Capricious Dog- ( Current vol 2 ) Comic


"Become a princess and tell the future through sex." Aya thinks she'll get permission to marry her childhood sweetheart Yuuta on her 20th birthday, but instead she finds out that she's bound by blood to predict the future through sex and orgasms. From that day on Yuuta becomes Aya's servant, and Aya must marry his playboy older brother, Daiki. A love triangle controlled by fate...


Naughty Salesman -The Beginner's Guide to Sexy Toys- [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


"A man collapsed in front of my house. I just wanted to help him out...... To think that my body would get so hot like this!!" The man Emi saves turns out to be a salesman for adult toys! He's cute, but persistent, and he gives Emi erotic yet heart-warming lessons in adult play. Emi, though, has some tricks up her sleeve, too (lol). Here you have a very sweet yet totally erotic love story!


Pleasure Delivery Comic

"Then, ma'am, pay with your body." What if a handsome courier was delivering a package and you didn't have the money to pay him!? I have reached an new level of climax after getting it on with a ripped hunk. The pushy foreplay started at the front door. An adult book featuring the profession most often involved in sexual fantasies.


Lion Comic

One day, Itsuki, a beast-like boy with a vibrant, fluttering gold mane and a sharp gaze that could kill, appears before plain-old Rika. She knows he's trouble but can't resist him after tasting the sweet poison from his bared fangs. She tells herself, "This is not love!!" The action she desires won't stop even if she's devoured and her heart is torn to shreds!! This title also includes non-serialised works gems of short stories by Yuuki Hinase.

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