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My Dear Doctor Comic


I'm a rookie nurse and I'm currently working shifts with Dr. Takizawa, whom I absolutely adore. He looks so dashing when he's examining patients, I find myself day-dreaming during my shifts about us doing all kinds of freaky stuff...! In addition to the cover story, this manga compilation is bursting with heart-throbbing love about office romances and relationships that start out physical!


Honey Wolf, Come Here. Comic

Ai's boss-slash-crush, Kazushi Soejima, and best friend, Moe Kimizuka, started dating...! In the throes of heartbreak, Ai Nitobe meets a younger guy, Kotaro Mochizuki, who's a total puppy-dog type! It's love at first sight (for Kotaro anyways...). He asks Ai on a date and manhandles her at work! But, she still wants to see that wolf one more time... Nobody knows where this love boat is heading!!


Love Experiment Report Comic

One day, Miyu learns that her boyfriend's been cheating, and that she's the "other girl" in the relationship. When she starts getting drunk out of anger at a college party, Taiyo takes care of her and she falls for him. But then, after Taiyo walks her back to her place and she invites him in for sex, he says, "You should take better care of yourself..."


The Stray Cat's Rhapsody Comic

With no money and no home, Suzu's lying on the streets... And who should save her but an intellectual, bespectacled CEO who talks like a lady!? What's more, he asks her to become the poster girl for his finishing school! But, all he ever does is tear her down, calling her a "miserable little girl" and an "animal." He never acknowledges her at all. Suzu swears she'll get him back for this, but over time, she goes from wanting to be acknowledged to wanting to be seen... as a woman... Could these sweet-but-strict lessons in ladyhood really lead to romance?


Slowly Falling for Him Comic

To Akane, Kai's a guy who lives in a different world, always surrounded by girls fawning over him. But, on a trip to a hot spring resort planned by Akane and her girlfriends, she and Kai suddenly get really friendly! After he kisses her as part of a party game, he adds, "Akane, you're cute." And even though she knows they could never end up together, for some reason her feelings for Kai just won't stop growing...


Honey Hunt Comic

Hinata wants to get closer to the kind older college student, Kyohei. Unfortunately, Yayama, a spiteful guy from her own class, sabotages her efforts every step of the way. Hinata can't stand Yayama, who's been hanging around her since high school. "If he hates me so much, he should just leave me alone..." That's Hinata's wish, until Yayama shatters everything with a kiss...! This is a romantic story about an ill-tempered boy and a gentle girl.


Come out from the Toy Box Comic

Glittery cuteness and things that make one's heart race. Hinako's world is full of things she loves, including the gallant "Prince" Sakuya! He has a gentle smile and twinkling eyes. She doesn't want to get close, nor is she in love with him. Hinako's happy just admiring from a distance... Then one day, their relationship takes a sharp turn! What will Hinako do once she learns of the "Prince's" unexpected true self? This is a fluffy and realistic love story between a devilish prince and dreamy-eyed girl!


Better Pay Back Your Debt Soon Comic

Aoi signs a contract she shouldn't have and ends up shouldering her friend's debt. She's surrounded by gangsters who come to collect their money. Is her chastity at stake!? ...But, no. It turns out she's only to work as a live-in housekeeper. Her employer's a young, handsome, but arrogant mafia boss, and from this day on, she'll be at his beck and call...


Prince (Not) Charming Comic

AuthorSae Kimi

Smart, gorgeous, and sweet Yohei is considered the Prince Charming of the neighborhood street market. The only person he's ever mean to is Rio, his childhood friend. However, Rio can't help but feel butterflies in her stomach because she's always had a crush on him. That small bit of time before school when they "run into" each other is special for Rio. He teases her, is mean to her... and then he's sweet to her. They've been friends for so long, she can't tell him her feelings, but as long as she can be with him... This is a cute romance about two childhood friends!


Lady and the Butler!? Comic

After living a simple, modest life, Ena suddenly jumps into life as an heiress at a mansion. With that comes days of grueling training at the hands of Takumi, her cold and uncaring butler...! But there's a reason why he wants her to quickly become the perfect lady... And so their relationship swings back and forth between hot and cold.


First Love Connection Comic

To college student Mahiru, relationships are just a cycle of hellos and good-byes. She only sticks around when the going is good and doesn't want any pesty deep connections. That all changes when she gets to know her next-door neighbor Kazuhiko, a kind-hearted man who's over ten years her senior. Although she goes into this new friendship with her usual blase attitude, their relationship becomes more important than she could have ever imagined...


Behind Closed Office Doors [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

Ai has been assigned to work as the newly appointed company president Kaiji's secretary. Although he is a bit aloof, Ai takes pride in the fact her new boss is good at his job and starts feeling something more. She thought that their positions in the company would make romance a fleeting dream, but when Kaiji says,"I see you as a valuable partner," the two spend the night together... The company president and his secretary; a love story that transcends status.


Honeymoon Wedding [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

Misuzu and Seiji are a newlywed couple with a 14-year age difference. Misuzu is overjoyed to be married... to her childhood love! But even so, they haven't done more than kiss. They've never slept together! Misuzu enjoys being kissed and touched, but what's wrong with expecting a little more? Rather than touching herself, she longs for Sei to love her with his fingers and tongue. Could this be the beginning of a sweet and naughty honeymoon for both of them?


Kiss Me, Love Me, Hold Me Comic

Even though they've been dating for six months now, Yuna still doesn't know how her boyfriend, Eigo, feels about her. She knew he was a dorky researcher who doesn't talk much, but thinks it's unbelievable that they've only slept together a few times so far! When they're together, Eigo treats her like furniture, and whenever Yuna tries to signal that she wants some lovin', she fails miserably. The only reasons she can think of for this situation are all signs that something may be wrong... This is a compilation of relationships based on real-life experiences... where lovers fret, get excited, and fall passionately for each other!


The Manga Artist and the Ditz Comic

AuthorRinko Nami

There's this one guy who never comes to Sumire's counter at the convenience store where she works. "Again!?" she thinks, annoyed, until he falls to the floor right in front of her, and she ends up having to carry him up to his apartment. When she gets there, she realizes he's a... manga artist!! On top of that, he begs her to help him with his manga, and she does. The two are from completely different worlds, but with this sudden proximity, Sumire starts to realize how much fun she has with him. She wants to get to know him more... help him more! Or, so she tries to do, but... Includes other cute and spicy love stories!


Frozen Terrain [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Iroha works at a small family bakery downtown, and she has her eyes on the cute, younger part-time staff member, Ippei. He looks a little... actually, very scary, but once you get to know him, he's a total sweetheart. Iroha's always smiling and being nice to people, but deep down, she's hiding her true feelings. Ippei's kindness envelopes her and gradually warms her up... A cute, sweet, and warm love story with a younger guy!


A Scandalous Lie Comic

Miwa is constantly getting her heart broken by her habitually cheating boyfriend. Usami, her friend from work, usually listens to her problems, but lately seems a little tired of hearing about Miwa's boyfriend. So, Usami suggests getting back at her boyfriend by having an affair with him...! Miwa, who's never thought of Usami in that way, is a little unsure. She tries to make a joke about it, but with a broken heart it's hard to turn down his sweet seduction...


A Devil's Lollipop Comic

Kinu has started working as a live-in housekeeper at the mansion where the three Kurotani brothers live. The eldest brother, Shuri, is shy, reclusive, and meek. The middle brother, Aisa, is a cool guy with black hair and glasses. The youngest brother, Touka, is spoiled and bubbly. All three are actually descended from a devil who drinks the "energy" from human women...!


Unrequited Love Limited Comic

Mihiro falls in love with her home tutor, Naoki Ebisawa. But, it turns out Naoki's in love with her sister, Makina...


Frozen Heart Comic

Rina is afraid of love and the reason for her fears, Shigeru, appears before her eyes. Shigeru, the boy she used to love, then asks if he can help her overcome her broken heart! While the hurt he caused and the love she felt still haunt her, he finds a way into her icy heart with his kind, warm touch...

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