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Prisoner of Pleasure -My Mind Says No, but My Body Says Yes!- Comic

"It's your fault. Make it right." After yelling at me for my mistakes at work, my coworker rips off my blouse. He licks my hard nipples, and every time he works his fingers inside me, I respond. Not with resistance, but with sweet moans...... I don't want this, so why does it feel so good!? Dripping wet and pounded by his desire, all I can do is gasp as my body now craves even more pleasure......


Maid for My Master Comic

When her parents die in a car crash, Akari loses everything. Tatsuya Shinjo, a CEO who attended her parents' funeral service, offers her a helping hand. Akari begins working as a maid at the Shinjo estate. She's drawn to her savior's kindness, and finds herself growing attracted to him. They come together one night to heal each other's wounds, but... Also in this volume, we catch up with Saho and Masato from "LOVE SECRET" and "SECRET LOVE LIFE". Find out how newlywed life is treating them in "OUR NEWLYWED LIFE".


Ecstasy in Pink Comic

What's behind his cool and quiet exterior? Maybe his body will tell me the answer... After our graduation ceremony, under the blue sky, we feel our way into each other's hearts. Wanting each other, drowning in salacious intimacy...... His eyes, burning with lust, bring my body and soul to ecstasy...... It's all in this collection of sensually sad, short love stories.


Dude's So Pretty & Magical! Deluxe Comic


B-list author Kouta Akagiri has a secret... He's actually a magical warrior tasked with preserving the peace, a.k.a. Gentle Ruby!! If he kisses someone, his magic will disappear... but he's gone for years without knowing the touch of another's lips, and so remains a (crusty and old) magic warrior! In a sexy(?) tentacle battle against the evil General Onyx, his wardrobe malfunctions, revealing his true form to his archnemesis!! In this volume, anything goes as our hero battles every day in the name of justice!!


Premature Valentine Comic

It's the day before Valentine's and my boyfriend ate the chocolate I made. This sucks! I go into the holiday sad and angry, but when I get home he's dressed like a butler, and...... He waits on me hand and foot, and I end up melting in the sweetness of Valentine's Day.


Sweet Services by My Personal Butler Comic

My boyfriend doesn't care about how he looks and only wears sweats. But he's turned into a super-hot butler! I can't help but react to this new side of him, emotionally AND physically... His sweet, naughty services make me oh so hot and bothered. This is a collection of stories packed with sweet romance!


Manor of Love Comic

"You belong to me." Chizu's father has a huge debt with Itsuki, a multi-millionaire, and has disappeared after the collapse of his business. Chizu has to pay back the loan now - with her body. Itsuki takes her virginity by force. "Everyone knows what I'm doing to you and that it's why you're here," he says, thrusting himself inside her day and night and making her moan as the sweet nectar continues to flow. Though she's aware that no sentiments of love are involved, she begins to be swayed by the occassional glimpses of kindness she sees between their acts of indecency...


The Way We Are Comic

Small, shiny, affordable happiness... For Yayoi, bead accessories are her daily source of enjoyment! Her friends from jewelry design school, however, don't agree with her enthusiasm... Yayoi gets close to Kaoru, a regular customer at the handicraft shop she works at! Their gradually developing romance is sure to warm your heart!


Hot Communication Comic

The only daughter of the Kiryu mob family, Midori, has a bodyguard/chaperone - the juvenile delinquent outsider, Umemoto. She kind of has a thing for him, but she also has a fiance she needs to marry to ensure her family's future...... "Run away with me...... Ume......" What is the fate of their pure love......!? Plus, a rough-and-tumble romantic adventure set at a venerable hot spring inn between the innkeeper's daughter Kozue and gangster Kagura! Enjoy these stories of burning-hot bad boy romance!


False Bride Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Tonight, like every night, in an unlit, pitch-black room, the "false bride" will find her way into his arms. The one his sad voice cries out for is not "me". The fingers and lips that touch Master Touma at night are supposed to be those of his wife. My only task is to bear an heir in her place since she's always been frail. On our "wedding night" filled with secrets, an unexpected passion was born... This is a devastatingly dramatic love story!


Hold Me, Love Me Comic

Hare's just been dumped by her boyfriend and kicked out of their place. Enter Koji, a lawyer who takes the down-and-out Hare into his home. Though her first impression of him is less than stellar, she's gradually charmed by him and his kindness. Their time together heals Hare's emotional wounds, and eventually they... This collection of heartwarming short stories will brighten your bookshelf - and your day.


The Devoted Love of a Caged Bird Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

No matter how much I love you, you'll always be out of my reach...... Motohisa, the master's heir, and Shizuru, the daughter of Motohisa's nanny, are raised as siblings. While Shizuru does harbor feelings for Motohisa, who adores her from a young age, they're only able to stay together during their childhood. Now all grown up, Shizuru's heart still belongs to Motohisa, but the two of them are far apart. During this time, Shizuru gets betrothed. In order to rid herself of these feelings for Motohisa, which cannot be returned, she sets out to get married. That very day, Shizuru's wedding procession gets attacked...! A soul-stirring love story!


I Love You so Much I Could Eat You! Comic

Chiko and her boyfriend Midori are in the middle of a fight. She's worried because they haven't spoken to each other since they argued, but she doesn't want to be the one to start talking to him. She's dying to see him, but can't be honest with her feelings, so she visits him at work disguised as a customer every day...... This manga is filled with the heart-pounding trouble of girls in love!


Secret Love in the Office Comic

I'm Mayumi, and I spend my days in a lovey-dovey office relationship with my younger coworker, Naoto. He's normally a nice and gentlemanly boyfriend, but when he gets jealous or possessive, the beast in him comes out! I want to spend more quality time with my cool and adorable Naoto! This is a heart-throbbing and salacious anthology of stories about Mayumi and Naoto, with a sad and wistful standalone short story thrown in!


Bright Red Fantasies Comic


Yuzuha's a serious member of the school discipline committee, with an embarrassing problem. She can't stop fantasizing about sex! Her days are spent frantically shoving images of her hunky guidance counselor out of her mind. Maybe "doing the deed" with him will resolve this issue! She's given an indecent lesson in love that exceeds even HER wild imagination. But her sex-starved body is ablaze with desire...... in this super-popular erotic love comedy!


Unrestrained Passion Comic

"I'd like to fall in love with someone who's earnest and hardworking..." As soon as Rina thinks that, the CEO's hot nephew, Sakurada, is assigned to work in her division. Despite his wealth and popularity, he's friendly and diligent. As Rina helps Sakurada do an honest day's work, she falls for his charms, little by little. Late one night, with just the two of them working overtime, the distance between them shrinks and they grow even closer. But then Rina hears that Sakurada has a fiancee...


The Commoner Girl and the Arrogant King Comic

AuthorRinko Nami

"I'll give you the privilege of being my girlfriend." The story of an arrogant big shot, Juujou, and the commoner girl he falls in love with, Chiharu. "You'll grow to like me too." "What do you think? You like me more now?" I'll never fall for someone with such an arrogant attitude! And yet, I think it's cute how he gets excited like a kid and he's sincere, too... If it's with him, it might be okay to get bossed around... I guess? Exciting differences between the arrogant "king" and the commoner girl will make your heart throb!


Caught by an Arrogant Beast Comic

Mizuho fell in love at first sight with her college classmate, Hayato. She tells him how she feels, but not only does he not look her way, he doesn't even treat her like a woman......! Her every day is spent being teased by the arrogant, cool Hayato, but her feelings just become stronger. She tries whatever tactics she can to get him to come around, but......! An arrogant man, a younger boy, a stubborn girl...... A collection of heart-warming stories filled with all kinds of love!


A Slave to Lust Comic

"If you want to stay here, you'll have to please me." Having just lost her job and home, Chino is rescued by the wealthy Kaoru Tokiwa. She's hired as a maid to take care of his personal needs, but there's one more duty she must perform - that is, she must give her body to him whenever he desires. As their physical relationship deepens, Chino finds herself getting aroused at just the touch of his muscular, masculine hands on her secret places, and begins to get accustomed to having him inside of her. Before she knows it, the innocent Chino finds herself yearning for Kaoru's love...


My Boss Is a Sweet Seducer Comic


Mizuno has a secret crush on Katagiri, the president of her company. He's a nice, hunky guy, but she's plain and ordinary. If they can't be lovers, the least she can do is be close to him as his secretary. But one day, their lips meet by accident!! Ever since then, her heart beats faster whenever he's near, but Katagiri is his usual self, teasing Mizuno about her pretty lipstick making him want to kiss her again!! What was once a business relationship has taken a step into intimate territory - every time she discovers a new part of him, Mizuno is finding that she can't resist......

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