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The Newlywed Bride, Captive of Love [Total ch. 10] Completed Comic

"You're my wife now. You'll bear the heirs to the Takamura Clan. I've invested a million and a half dollars in you." Suzu and her sister were raised in an orphanage. When someone from the foundation attempts to sell her sister to a man, Suzu goes in her place to the man's hotel room. The man she meets there, Izumi Takamura, proposes an agreement between them after she attempts to seduce him; that contract involves Suzu marrying Izumi and bearing him a heir. The conflicted Suzu, who has never known a man's touch, is confronted with Izumi's steaming passion. The loving caress of his fingers, the pleasure he bestows upon her, all turn out to be more than she bargained for......


The Angry Virgin -My Younger Boyfriend Is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing- Comic

AuthorRinko Nami

Ayane's boyfriend is always hanging out with other girls. She acts mature and accommodating, but the jealousy and irritation is driving her out of her mind! That's when she meets Sho, a boy so innocent that he turns beet red at a mere touch. Cheery and obedient like a puppy, he's just impossible to hate...... Being with Sho soothes Ayane's pain, and before she knows it, he's found a place in her heart......


Sugar & Spice (Current ch. 7) Comic

There's a guy I have to have! He looks selfish and flaky and he's always gambling. Sometimes our eye's meet, but he's always surrounded by others... The man China has fallen in love with is a formidable-looking player. Despite not even knowing his name, she tries to get his attention by suddenly kissing him. However, he fights back with an even deeper kiss, and... Their love begins at the lips, but where will it go...?


Blooming Fate Comic

"It's your fate to sleep with me. I've decided". Suzuka, who was adopted by the Wakui family after her mother's death, is forced to marry Prince Zahal in place of their daughter. When the prince forces her to go back to his country with him, she tries to refuse, which only intrigues him more. Suzuka finally decides to go with him, pretending to be the Wakuis' daughter, and discovers the prince's secret loneliness. She doesn't want Prince Zahal to control her, yet slowly but surely begins to fall for him....


The Maid's Torment Comic

Anzu's university club is opening up a cafe. She asks her older boyfriend to stop by, and can't wait to show him her maid uniform. "Welcome, Master!" she says, charmingly. But his reaction isn't what she expected... She's dressed as a maid, and she's going to service him as sweetly and seductively as she can.


We'll Look for Abandoned Cats. Comic

Keigo Odagiri runs a detective agency in an old, run-down building on the outskirts of Tokyo with his assistant, Leo. All they get are relatively trivial cases, but they're happy as long as they have each other. They spend their days eating, sleeping, and after doing a little work, making love. Their simple, everyday life together is sweeter than anything...... This is a romantic story about two kind and gentle men!!


Sexless with You [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

That day she sees her coworkers having sex in the secluded file room... The muffled moans and wet sounds of bodies rubbing together. Affected by the shocking spectacle, Emiko masturbates in the office restroom and becomes aware of her irrepressible lust. Her relationship was going well - her live-in boyfriend, Sou, is kind to her. But they haven't had sex in three years. She'd always assumed it was normal to be like this after dating a long time, but......


My Naughty Butler's Irresistible Seductions Comic

With her uncle hospitalized, Shino takes over as the acting Grand Master of a traditional Japanese flower arrangement house. Her uncle's butler, Katagiri, is there to show her how to dress, act, and even make love like a lady... All he wants in return are her moans of pleasure, and she melts under his intimate caresses. She wants all of him, but their love must remain a secret... Find out what happens in these stories bursting with the hidden romance between a lady and her butler!


Engulfed by a Sea of Hot Sand [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Sakura is a normal high school girl... until she awakes one day in a foreign country surrounded by desert. She was taken hostage to convince her father, a famous doctor, to perform surgery. Sakura initially trembles in fear and despair, but she's touched by the kindness Far, the abductors' leader, shows her and she begins to gradually open her heart. A love like a storm begins... This popular love story in the scorching desert is finally released as a set!


Sucker for Love Comic

Izumi and Akira are always teasing each other and joking around, and Izumi feels comfortable, even safe, in his presence. She confides in him about her love life, banters with him, and feels satisfied just being his closest female friend. But her heart races at the kindness and smiles he sometimes shows, and her feelings start to change...... Is this friendship? Or is it...? Izumi's hesitant about her feelings, but she sees Akira with another woman... This story about a guy/girl friendship blossoming into love will make your heart pound!


A String of Fate [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

"I'll sleep with you 'til I devour you." When Nao was a child, she was picked up by Prince Jake, who was visiting Japan from a desert country. After ten years, she grew into a woman and was by Jake's side as his favorite toy. She spent her days trapped in the bedroom waiting for Jake to return. While she loved Jake and did not want to give him up, she couldn't see herself in his future...


Puppy Boys Comic

"The Deep Red Truth About My Black Cat Cacao": On the night of a full moon, Ako was looking for her lost black cat Cacao... and found a black-haired man. Ako thought he was ill, but he claims to be Cacao transformed into a human!

"Welcome Back": Mito's boyfriend, Youbun, came back to school after studying abroad for half a year. He used to be like a small, energetic puppy, but he came back a totally different person - tall, handsome, and cool!!

"Pretty Darling": Ritsuka's on a birthday date with her younger boyfriend, Motoharu. When Ritsuka sees his puppy-dog eyes, she can't resist calling him "cute," but he doesn't like it one bit!

A collection of three stories about sweet puppy love!


A Clumsy Cinderella Comic

AuthorRinko Nami

Hime's a plain girl who's not only single, she doesn't even have any friends. One day, she's approached by a handsome hair stylist, Raito, who says, "I love you. I have since we first met!" Thinking he's teasing her, she runs away, but he appears again saying, "I want to get to know you better......" Will this "prince" with his sparkling smile and this plain Jane "princess" have a chance at romance......?


Prison Flower Comic

"Cry out and let them know who's fucking you...Who you belong to..." Renge's been offered a marriage proposal from hotshot CEO Takao. Renge's happy about the arrangement, having harbored tender feelings for the man all this time, but then realizes the purpose of this agreement with her venerable family is merely to bolster the Takao company name. Unwilling to marry in the name of money, she decides to run away to the red light district, but her first customer turns out to be Takao, of all people. Renge loses her innocence at his hands, learning the ways of pleasure......


I Love You. I Hate You. No Wait... I Love You Comic

Rio works part-time at a resort hotel with her friends. Her co-workers are kind, food there is great, and it's a lot of fun! The only problem she has is with Reiya, who also works there part-time. He's unfriendly, mean, and always looking for a fight with Rio. But she knows that he's actually a nice guy. They became closer after looking at the stars together one night...... This is the beginning of their sweet and clumsy love story!
NOTE: This is the full-volume version of the previously released story "I Love You. I Hate You. No Wait... I Love You". This volume includes: "I Love You. I Hate You. No Wait... I Love You", "Show Me Who You Really Are" (previously unreleased), "By Your Side", and bonus pages.


Forbidden Pleasures Comic

Hana, Hiroki and Daiki have been friends since they were little. Hiroki is a buff carpenter; Daiki, a cool med-school student. Hana is envied by everyone around her because she's close to the handsome twins. She thought the three of them could stay friends forever, but one day Daiki tells her, "I've always liked you... Only you." Hiroki finds Daiki kissing her and tells her he likes her too... The three of them aren't just friends anymore. Their relationship goes to the next level, to one between "men" and "woman". Two guys and one girl. Their love becomes steeped in forbidden pleasures. There's no way out...


Secret Love Life Comic

After starting out in a secret relationship, Saho and Masato have been together now for two years...... They've had a long distance relationship, rivals for their love, and many disagreements...... But after overcoming such obstacles, Saho's dream finally comes true as Masato proposes to her! They reconfirm their love for one another and take their relationship to the next level. Going from "lovers" to a "married couple," this was the start of their sweet life as newlyweds...... or that's what the plan was until some new obstacles got in their way......! In addition to Saho and Masato's intimate newlyweds love story, this compilation also includes other episodes full of love that will make you want to go out and find that special person!


A Girl's Wish Comic

"I want a boyfriend!" This is constantly on Kano's mind as she dreams of a romantic love life. Then one day, a friend introduces her to a kind, handsome prince of a man named Soushi. He indulges her every whim and Kano couldn't be happier with their budding relationship. They go to a fireworks festival and in a moment of closeness, she sees Soushi as the man of her dreams. She imagines him kissing her, fondling her with his fingers... As her fantasy runs wild, Kano is beside herself with desire...


The Forbidden District [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic

AuthorMon Oumi

Makoto lived in the lap of luxury until she was forced to pay off her father's debt - at a modern-day brothel out at sea! Now she must work as a prostitute and become a high-ranking "tayuu" in order to earn enough money to free her parents. Why is it, then, that she can't get her mind off the owner of her establishment...?


Cage of Pleasure [Total ch. 8] Completed Comic

"You're so dirty. Begging for me, your master..." For a maid like Kayo, her master, Shiro, was someone from a totally different world. But the painful expression on his face that she accidentally saw stole her heart. She wanted to do something for him... But what he demanded from her was... Shiro plows her pure body, which had never been touched by a man. This surely should not be allowed, but Kayo gradually drowns in the pleasure she receives...

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