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Put a Collar on It -Humiliated by My Master- Comic

He's my cold-hearted master!? I'm Shion, and I've become engaged to Ryouya Jounouchi, heir to the Jounouchi Group. He puts a collar on me and has loveless sex with me over and over. He's made me climax so much, the pleasure is etched into my body against my will. He doesn't hold back as he penetrates me with his body and his cold words...... But is there a special kind of love behind it all? With his training, I long for the pleasure, and my heart can't deny what my body wants......!


Dirty-Minded Guinea Pig -Pleasure Laboratory- (Current ch. 2) Comic

"You put on a serious front, but you're actually a slut, aren't you?" No matter where I am, no matter what I'm doing, I've got a bad habit of fantasizing about sex with Minato. This week Minato's been busy, so we haven't had sex at all... And I'm fantasizing about him more than ever! Whether I'm in the library, at the supermarket, or playing games at home, I just can't help but think about sex with him. I wonder if he'll hate a girl like me...


Dirty-Minded Guinea Pig -Fill Me Up- Comic

All my sensitive holes are stuffed. I'm getting shivers of pleasure from my whole body......!!! I'm Miku. My boyfriend from the science department, Minato, has no idea about my dirty fantasies. One day he injects me with an aphrodisiac unleashing the assertive sex beast in me!! My sensitive areas feel better than ever before. I've completely lost control of myself......!!! In this new sex position, different places are so stimulated, it's heavenly!! The aphrodisiac is shocking as it is, but Minato takes it to another level. He begins a thorough inspection......!?


The Secret Love Contract Comic

My name's Iori, 23 years old and newly appointed company president. I met this guy, Ren, at a bar late one night and it was love at first sight. Later he ravaged me so hard, I thought I was going to fall apart. Actually, it turns out that he's the president of one of our client companies and he got really cold as soon as he found out who I was. But he's actually a really nice guy who keeps coming to my rescue from afar. When I told him I'd still love him, even if he didn't love me back, he threw his arms around me. What followed was a tempest of even more fervent, sweet kisses and caresses, more passionate than our first night together. "So you like it when I touch you deep inside?" Will this guy I've fallen for keep dominating me in both the bedroom and the boardroom!!?


Erotically Exposed in the Bathroom -I Don't Want Him to See My Body- Comic

It's time for some lovely sex in the bath with the boyfriend I've had for a year! I've been trying to hide my body flab, but he wants to take a bath with me... Oh no! If he touches me there, he'll find out...!! This short collection kicks off with the title story, "Erotically Exposed In the Bathroom - I Don't Want Him To See My Body -," followed by others, like "Melty Syrup-Coated Sweet Room - Full-Course Caressing -" and "Love Me With All Your Lust - How To Deeply Melt Together With Him -." This book is jam-packed with five sweet, flirty, and sexy tales, each masterfully created by newcomer Kanoka Amamiya!!

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