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Dungeon Princess -Trained by The Capricious Dog- ( Current vol 2 ) Comic


"Become a princess and tell the future through sex." Aya thinks she'll get permission to marry her childhood sweetheart Yuuta on her 20th birthday, but instead she finds out that she's bound by blood to predict the future through sex and orgasms. From that day on Yuuta becomes Aya's servant, and Aya must marry his playboy older brother, Daiki. A love triangle controlled by fate...


Happy Boyfriend -How to Get a Gorgeous Boyfriend- Comic

Miki, a fledgling actress, and Ryou, a young successful novelist, are childhood friends. They often stays at each other's house since they have a family-like relationship. One day, Miki asks Ryou to practice kissing for a TV drama shooting; however, it ends up more than a practice kiss. They end up having sex with a condition that "they won't be awkward after this." Miki gets bewildered with Ryou's manly side as their relationship moves on to somewhere unreturnable. "Why... did you have sex with me if you don't love me?" ...This is a cute, and little bit sexy, love story.


How to Be Trained by Your Psychopathic Boyfriend Comic


"I'm... being forced to... on my boyfriend's desk......" Living alone and working at her office, Kaori gets a surprise visit from her childhood friend. Hesitant at first, Kaori lets him stay with her, but, once he finds out she's dating one of her co-workers, things go wrong......! Pushed down onto the bed, Kaori gets her weak spots fondled......"This is wrong!" Even after Kaori throws him out of her house, he shows up at her office......! Fumiya forces himself on Kaori over and over...... Soon Kaori finds she can't resist the growing seed of pleasure that was planted inside her......! There's no escape from being trained by a phycopath...... There's no escape from this terrifying love!


Prince of the Twinkling Stars Comic

The constant twinkling melody within Momoha's memory was a gift from a little prince she met as a child... Now, that prince has become a pianist, and has returned from his studies overseas! But he appears to have totally changed! Has he become a playboy who'll go out with any girl? "Please, Ichika! Remember me......!"


A Young Boss and His Pet Secretary -Our Secret Playful Overtime- [ Total vol 4 ] Completed Comic

PublisherOtome-chika POP

"A badly behaved pet needs to be punished." Is my young sadistic boss training me!? I was just a normal girl, average in all aspects. I finally found a job at a company run by two brothers who were childhood friends of mine. The elder brother, Chikage, is as hot as ever. I was ecstatic about getting to be his secretary, until he told me: "Your job is to look after my younger brother Haruki." That younger brother turned out to be the company president, and a super selfish bully! When he noticed my feelings towards his brother, he approached me: "Let me teach you who your real master is... Through your body!"


Big Brother, Little Brother Comic

Yayoi Komatsu has liked her neighbor, the handsome university student Hideto Kaga, since they were little. But when his little brother Masato becomes the student-council president at her school, she takes an interest in him aswell. While Yayoi is trying to figure out which brother she likes best, Hideto suddenly asks her out...! Besides this titular story featuring an illicit love triangle, this volume also contains chapters about a female office worker struggling with her love for a younger boy, and more... These are the stories of girls who are determined to find some love!!


Ultra Sweet Secretary: Hot Body Contract Comic


Takasaki Corporation is a top ranking company. It's youthful president, Tamotsu, is a nice guy, but his general carelessness makes him unsuitable for the job. His faithful secretary, Aoi, knows that she needs to do her utmost for both Tamotsu and the corporation, and literally puts her body on the line to secure contracts! She gives her all for the boss and the company, even to the point of being ravished by perverted older men. But their dirty, low-down trap awaits her!!


From the Beast,with Love Comic Hot

The heroine,Akari Uzuki,can't forget her first love,Shirou,a childhood friend she's liked since elementary school. Shirou is a macho bad boy who grew a lot during junior high and high school getting cooler and cooler,until he ended up on the girls' radar. Unlike him,Akari remained a plain,shy girl. She concluded Shirou and her are not meant to be,and steadily began to avoid him. However,one day Shirou baffles Akari by proposing her to be fake lovers. In order to catch the rabbit,the beast devises the sweetest trap.


No Way! He's My Husband!? My Life, Ten Years Later [ Total vol 12 ] Completed Comic Popular


It should have be my first time, but for some reason, my body reacts to the pleasure like it knows it all too well! This isn't me! I fell down a stairway and accidentally slipped ten years ahead in time... where I found out that at some point I get married to a childhood friend who I do nothing but fight with! Then, he suddenly kisses me deeply, and I lose all control... and despite my virgin heart, my mature body accepts all of him... why is my body enjoying this so much?! What's going on?!


Secret Comic

Two children share their first kiss out of curiosity. Satoko cannot remember who she kissed, but her childhood friend, Tetsu, hints that it was him by bringing up 'their secret'. Tetsu's grown up a lot since and Satoko accepts his invitation. While their bodies intertwine behind closed doors, Satoko discovers pleasure and the truth. It's a thrilling love story about the secret that paints their past.


Not Love Story Comic

Something unexpected falls before aspiring novelist Natsuru's eyes. It's a rough manuscript by the masked writer, Nao Okazaki! Mr. Okazaki's the writer Natsuru admires the most--how dramatic! But that annoying interloper, Jin Kurata, stands in the way of Natsuru's love. Though he can be unkind, Jin's literary abilities are top notch. Could he help Natsuru spell out her love for Mr. Okazaki...!? Read about Natsuru's incomplete passion and other tender love stories in NOT LOVE STORY, and let them soothe your heart.


The Promise Between You and Me Comic

When Miho woke up one morning, she noticed she was sleeping next to her childhood friend, Hideharu. And they were both naked... "Did we really do it!?" was all she could think of. While she's panicking, Hideharu keeps repeating meaningful words. What does he mean by "I'm just keeping my promise"...? Miho just can't admit her feelings for her childhood friend who's grown into a handsome man... A love story with a surprisingly stubborn heroine.


A Long Road to Love Comic

My childhood friend, Hajime, is incredibly stubborn and serious. He always saves me whenever I'm in trouble, like a prince from a fairy tale. But ever since he rejected me, I can't stay by his side like I used to. I feel so lonely all the time. Does it mean I'll never become his special someone? However, thanks to a certain incident, I ended up moving to his place. Living under one roof with Hajime and being so close to him confuses me, but at the same time, my feelings for him only grow stronger...


Let's Do Our Best, Honey Comic

Miho and Hideharu were always together in their childhood. They've kept their feelings hidden from each other until recently, but now they finally fall in love. Despite spending their childhood arguing all the time, becoming lovers turns everything awkward. The thin line between being childhood friends and being lovers gets out of balance after a kiss. How hard it is to keep a first love alive and find happiness?


First Love Comic

It was a warm spring day when Yuuji, my childhood friend who is one year younger than me, confessed to me. Our love began naturally, but before the cherry trees are in full blossom again, I'll have to leave my home town behind and go to study. The distance between us is getting longer, so I'm scared. Will Yuuji's feelings get more distant too? Perhaps my anxiety will go away if I give my body to him...? Perhaps we'll become adults who know what love is. This beautiful first love story takes place between the seasons of snow and cherry blossoms.


My Obedient Love Pet [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic


"If you don't want me to tell your secret, then you're gonna have to do everything I say." Itoko was raised in the countryside and used moving to Tokyo as an opportunity to change herself into the fashionable and popular girl she always wanted to be. Everything was going well for her until she happened to be re-united with her childhood friend, Kei (Caution: Huge Sadist). In order to keep her past a secret, Itoko falls into the trap of agreeing to his condition of doing everything he says. Itoko's body becomes more and more sensitive as Kei takes his sadistic nature out on her. She has to try and balance this with welcome parties, studying, club excursions and the school festival. Just how is she going to manage both her school and love life?


Yoshiwara Games -A Maiden Courtesan's Forbidden Love- Comic


Sakura was sold to the red light district, but she dreams of the promise of her first love, "I'll come to get you someday"--. But every day the men of the district open her legs in training... Then one day a man appears who tells her, "I'll come to visit you for one hundred nights if you will be mine on the one-hundredth day"...! This wonderful bittersweet courtesan's love story is a must-read!


Gachi Muchi Friends Comic Hot


Taito, Kana's best friend since childhood, is a former gang member and is sometimes violent, but he's someone she's always been able to depend on. Their relationship hasn't changed since they were kids-- or so they thought. However, one day an accident suddenly brings them closer together... Kana discovers Taito has become so much bigger... He shows Kana what it means to be all grown up. This romantic love story is a must-read!


Vampire in Love Comic


Tsukasa is a nice, good-looking guy, but he's actually a vampire. However, he's afraid of blood, and causes Akari all kinds of problems. Then she hears something shocking from Tsukasa's father: If Tsukasa doesn't awake to his duty and life as a vampire, he must be erased from existence! For his sake, she decides to offer him her own blood for the first time, but he suddenly becomes sadistic and his ___ becomes so forceful...! She feels like she might break apart! Don't miss this dangerous relationship with a vampire!


Town Fertility ( Current vol 4 ) Comic Hot


Rin returns to her island hometown for a visit after a year in the big city. A reunion with her childhood friends, however, opens her eyes to a startling revelation about the place she used to call home. Surely the town's plan to keep itself populated by impregnating every young girl in sight can't be for real!? Rin soon finds out the answer to that question the hard way...

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