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The Fever That I Craved Comic

Something's missing. No matter who I date, I never feel satisfied... That is, until I meet someone who fills that void, both in mind and body...... He turns into a sadistic monster when we get it on after school, all tied up! Seducing my neighbor - what a thrill, knowing that he belongs to someone else!! A bittersweet affair that starts on the night of the summer festival!! Losing my virginity to a guy who's more than a friend; less than a lover! Incredible sex in a secluded karaoke box with the guy who runs the place! A miracle on a lonely Christmas night... This is a collection of comics about both sad and sensual experiences of sex as experienced by real women!!


Sucker for Love Comic

Izumi and Akira are always teasing each other and joking around, and Izumi feels comfortable, even safe, in his presence. She confides in him about her love life, banters with him, and feels satisfied just being his closest female friend. But her heart races at the kindness and smiles he sometimes shows, and her feelings start to change...... Is this friendship? Or is it...? Izumi's hesitant about her feelings, but she sees Akira with another woman... This story about a guy/girl friendship blossoming into love will make your heart pound!


I Love You. I Hate You. No Wait... I Love You Comic

Rio works part-time at a resort hotel with her friends. Her co-workers are kind, food there is great, and it's a lot of fun! The only problem she has is with Reiya, who also works there part-time. He's unfriendly, mean, and always looking for a fight with Rio. But she knows that he's actually a nice guy. They became closer after looking at the stars together one night...... This is the beginning of their sweet and clumsy love story!
NOTE: This is the full-volume version of the previously released story "I Love You. I Hate You. No Wait... I Love You". This volume includes: "I Love You. I Hate You. No Wait... I Love You", "Show Me Who You Really Are" (previously unreleased), "By Your Side", and bonus pages.


Frigid Guinea Pig -Men vs Boyfriends- Comic

AuthorAki Hiura

I couldn't get wet while having sex with the boyfriend I've been dating for three months. He called me frigid. I asked Makoto for some advice, and he offered to pay me to pose for him in the nude. I got wet when he started touching my body... "I'll check whether you're frigid or not with my dick," he said while moving inside me! "Why does he make me more excited than my boyfriend does?" I wondered as I screamed in pleasure...!! The one-shot "Harassment at a Restaurant" is also included in this volume.


The Girly Mr. Suzuki Comic


Hitomi is interested in the shy-looking business man she often sees outside her apartment. When she finally works up the courage to talk to him, he panics and turns bright red, and Hitomi finds herself falling further in love. He's serious, cute, and a little girly, but she's determined to have him. While in this heartwarming romantic comedy nothing goes according to plan, Hitomi finally takes a stand, stepping out of her comfort zone to get the man she wants.


Risky Housemates [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

"Looks like I need to punish my rule-breaking houseguest." Suddenly, Mr. Sakurai pulls Satsuki close and kisses her lips. As their tongues tangle together, Mr. Sakurai's fingers creep down to a place Satsuki has never let anyone touch before...... Satsuki lost both her parents when she was very young. Almost immediately after her grandfather passes away, her apartment catches fire, leaving her homeless. "Go to these people if you're ever in need." Following the words of her grandfather, she goes to the home of Norimichi Sakurai, only to be greeted by a stubbled, scruffy-haired, foul-mouthed, scary man......! His only rule is that she not enter a certain room. Satsuki begins her new life with the secretive Mr. Sakurai, only to immediately break his only rule...!!


Erotically Exposed in the Bathroom -I Don't Want Him to See My Body- Comic

It's time for some lovely sex in the bath with the boyfriend I've had for a year! I've been trying to hide my body flab, but he wants to take a bath with me... Oh no! If he touches me there, he'll find out...!! This short collection kicks off with the title story, "Erotically Exposed In the Bathroom - I Don't Want Him To See My Body -," followed by others, like "Melty Syrup-Coated Sweet Room - Full-Course Caressing -" and "Love Me With All Your Lust - How To Deeply Melt Together With Him -." This book is jam-packed with five sweet, flirty, and sexy tales, each masterfully created by newcomer Kanoka Amamiya!!


Wolf Girl / Lamb Boy Comic


The "wolf" comes to me on nights when there's a full moon out, hollering, "Let me do you!" The one who jumps me hungrily is Cheena Sakamaki, a female! And I'm the guy getting attacked... She isn't my girl or anything, we're just friends who go to the same vocational school. So why is this happening? Because she gets super horny on full moon nights, and I'm the one she uses for her release. In other words, she's just after my body... The thing is, I've let this go on because I'm actually in love with Cheena, but I can't tell her that now, when things between us have been purely physical for so long. How long can this continue? Until Cheena gets a real boyfriend......?


Love Capsule Comic


At a school reunion, Machi and Takero meet for the first time in a long while. The smile on his face still makes her heart beat faster, but there's just one catch... They've both got partners...! This 5-story collection contains titles such as "Can't be Stopped", which burns with the passion of first love, and "Time Capsule", about a girl and her kind, versatile boss... Once his and your lips meet... you don't ever want them to separate again! Kanae Hazuki brings you intense stories about girls in love!


How to Not Get Cheated On (Current ch. 4) Comic


I'm Mami,a girl who's always played on by guys.This time I thought I was his favorite girl,but when another girl knocks on the door of the hotel room,I get thrown out into the veranda,practically naked! Although the guy next door,Iwase-san,saves me,he seems to know everything about my situation. Moreover,he takes the opportunity to give me an "ecchi lesson" so that I won't be cheated on again...!


You Will Become My Captive. [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

AuthorShizuku uroco

My body melts as he touches me all over. He tells me, "I'll make you come." This guy... is just a player!! I went to question my friend's boyfriend, Rei, after hearing he five-timed her. But even though he should have been sorry, he simply said, "Real men cheat," and went for a full-on kiss. What's more, he now has a strange fixation on me and wants to have sex... It looks like he has a reason, but I won't be tricked!


Wait for Me in Paradise Comic

Yuri was supposed to go on a luxury vacation with her older boyfriend to the tropical island of Hawaii. But after saying he'll catch up with her, he never shows up, leaving her all alone in a foreign land. Who should show up and help, but a local guide named Chester. He's good-looking, and a little eccentric, which cheers Yuri up. She begins to have feelings for Chester, and wants to stay with him rather than go back to Japan. However......


Hands Off My Pussycat Comic

One day, Neneko Fukuzawa, who's had an easy upbringing, meets Arashi, the baddest boy in town. Observing how Neneko has absolutely no fear of Arashi, who's known as the "Invincible Devil," Tsubaki, Arashi's friend, half-jokingly gets the two to go on a date. However, just when Neneko starts to feel attracted to Arashi, he suddenly begins to treat her coldly...... "If you join my plan, we might find out how Arashi truly feels about you." Despite her reservations, Neneko agrees to take part in a "dangerous trap" cooked up by Tsubaki......!!


Naughty Salesman -The Beginner's Guide to Sexy Toys- [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


"A man collapsed in front of my house. I just wanted to help him out...... To think that my body would get so hot like this!!" The man Emi saves turns out to be a salesman for adult toys! He's cute, but persistent, and he gives Emi erotic yet heart-warming lessons in adult play. Emi, though, has some tricks up her sleeve, too (lol). Here you have a very sweet yet totally erotic love story!


Christmas Eros Comic

High school graduation: Azumi told Kouichi about her one-sided love for him, and they ended up dating. Kouichi left to attend college in Tokyo, and Azumi's fine with a long-distance relationship... or she would be, but with Kouichi working to pay for his tuition, they never get to see each other. He even canceled his Christmas visit... Then one day, at a party with former classmates that Kouichi isn't attending, Akihiko tells Azumi he likes her, and forces himself on her...!? Unable to be with her beloved, the protagonist's heart and body ache. Enjoy reading the title story of miraculous love, as well as other high-quality emotional tales packed with romance!!


Love Tropical Night Comic

Momo came to the beach for fun with her three friends. But she's extremely aware of her flat chest, and doesn't want to strip down to her swimwear. Her friends get picked up by some boys, leaving Momo alone. Then she has an exciting meeting of her own, with Takumi, who makes all her senses go crazy! She ends up spending one incredible night with him...! Other than this titular story about an unforgettable summer romance, this sexy summer anthology also contains the hot story of three unfortunate childhood friends, and a story about first love which will make your heart beat faster!!


Lying Lolita Comic

Shigeru Okuma (such a manly name) is the exact opposite of me, a 4'10" child-faced, super petite college student! I often get mistaken for a child looking like this! Even though it's happened over and over again, being mistaken by the guy I fell for at first sight... Was a shock!! To get closer to him, I'll pretend to be a little girl. Featuring the title story "Lying Lolita" and two others, and encouraging girls who want to fall in love, this is Tokiko Kamon's first collection! A young woman in love is absolutely invincible!!


Melancholy Peach Comic

AuthorRinko Nami

Momoka's melancholy is from her heavily laden chest. She hates the boys who gather around her with only sex on their minds. But her current boyfriend taiyoh is kind and fresh....... Maybe he could accept my everything......? The chest of a girl in love is filled with secrets and excitement. Girls with so many worries... Their friends Miiko & Kentaro are two other couples involved in this complex love story. It's a fully-ripened-sweet comic!


Hush! Comic

My boyfriend is Mr. Kinukawa. I worked hard to win a lover like him! I'm fascinated by adult romance, and I'd give anything to make my beloved Kinu happy... Huh? I'm supposed to wait until graduation!? There's no way I can wait that long! I'll get totally frustrated! Well, if Kinu's gonna be like that, then I'll show him my love on the school trip, during the sports festival... whenever and wherever!When it comes to love, Saya goes her own way! Saya and Kinu make their comic series debut! Their love is top secret.


In Love with My Slave Comic

Bad boy Itta-chan confesses (!?) his feelings for the guileless Riri,and makes her his slave. But his "meanness" is really kind and feels good... Riri is happy just having him rub her head. Riri wants to be part of a regular couple with Itta-chan,so she informs him that she's quitting as his slave. But Itta-chan misunderstands,and thinks she wants to leave him...!? As well as the shocking title story,there are 7 stories in all in this first comic of the popular Riri and Itta series. This is the one fans have been waiting for!!

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