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Lover Therapy (Current ch. 4) Comic


Anna has a bit of a problem something about her body makes guys around her awfully sexually aggressive. To keep herself from getting practically molested around town on a daily basis, she admits herself into a hospital that specialized in curing bizarre fetishes. However, the cure that the hospital proposes to Anna might be even more bizarre!


Dirty Diagnosis (Current ch. 3) Comic


Akane makes her way from the big city to a tranquil, remote island down south to work as a live-in nurse at the island's sole hospital. Amid her newfound happiness on the island, her only concern is that her body's been feeling a bit weird here and there...Still, surrounded by friendly and welcoming faces, Akane convinces herself that she's finally found where she belongs. But are things on the island really as they seem? The answer lies with her doctor boss...

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