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My Boyfriend's a Love-Zombie -The Pleasure Won't Stop!- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic Popular


"You finished so fast. I know all of your sensitive spots, Yuri." Yuri hasn't gotten over the loss of her older ex-boyfriend. On her way home from a mixer, she's hit on by some persistent jerks. A young man comes to her rescue, but is slightly injured in the process. She invites him to her home for some first aid, where he suddenly feels faint and falls into Yuri's arms. That's when the two passionately kiss! They may have just met, but Yuri's into it. She ends up in the throws of pleasure from just a little heavy petting... She's shocked when he tells her his name...! Could this just be a coincidence!?


Fallen Princess from Heaven -Find Pleasure, Die, or Fall in Love- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic Hot

AuthorNon Akina

"If he makes love to me so passionately, I'll die from pleasure overload...!" Guess what, it actually happened, and now I'm stuck in limbo!! The only way for me to come back to life is to sleep with a bunch of guys and find my true prince! It's either be pleasured, or die... And so begins this sweet-yet-enticing love game...!


Vampire, M.D. -At the Whim of a Sadistic Doctor- Comic

Yamori is known as a hot, arrogant, genius surgeon. He's popular with the ladies, but never has a girlfriend and tends to be fairly antisocial. Mahiro is curious about the mysterious surgeon, and witnesses his hidden bloodthirsty persona. Yamori then admits to being a vampire...! "Will you feed me?" he asks, with his fangs pressed to her throat. But instead of blood, he desires something else... He's forceful and rough, and he doesn't possess a shred of kindness, but Mahiro's body melts into the sweet ecstasy...


Imprisoned and Bound in a Honey Flower [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

"How does it feel to have someone else touch you? It feels good, doesn't it?" The young man acts like a gentleman, but he's actually an incubus! And now he's infiltrated the mission academy as a priest, in order to get closer to Tsubaki, the noble woman who everyone calls the lady saint. His aim is to take her body... "Let's play a game," he says. Tsubaki, curious about the incubus, accepts... And so, days of his sweet seduction and twisted gazes begin. If she loses, pleasure awaits her...


Dream Demon -Come Give Me Your Sweet Nectar- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

AuthorShow Izumi

Chisa manages a small flower shop, spending most of her days working hard and tending to her beloved blossoms... Until one day, a man named Kyoya appears. Kyoya claims to be a non-human entity who was called to the human world by Chisa's own deep-seated desires. Watch as this mysterious creature shows Chisa a side of herself she never knew she had...


The Divine Priestess's Carnal Destiny [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


It's Yuika's first time, and it's with the boy she loves... Except, he's possessed!? She never wanted her first time to be like this, but she can't help losing herself in the pleasure...! Yuika is secretly in love with her childhood friend, Takahiro. Everyone says she's destined to become a priestess at the family shrine, but Yuika refuses to accept her fate. Why? Because priestesses at this shrine have to sleep with strangers in order to exorcise lustful spirits. One fateful day, however, Takahiro is possessed by such a lustful spirit and Yuika agrees to become a priestess in order to save him... The lustful spirit relentlessly pleasures Yuika and she can't resist...!


The Pure-Blood and the Maiden -Vampire Cafe- [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

Yuna, who longs for a sweet, steamy romance, has a dream about making intense love with a strange, beautiful boy. Her friend Mayuko then takes her to Rouge Garden, a cafe filled with handsome servers, one of whom looks exactly like the man in her dream! Who is this mysterious Tomoya, and what secrets are he and the other servers hiding...?


A Devil's Lollipop Comic

Kinu has started working as a live-in housekeeper at the mansion where the three Kurotani brothers live. The eldest brother, Shuri, is shy, reclusive, and meek. The middle brother, Aisa, is a cool guy with black hair and glasses. The youngest brother, Touka, is spoiled and bubbly. All three are actually descended from a devil who drinks the "energy" from human women...!


Heart-Breaking Love -The Shape of Forbidden Love- [Total ch. 24] Completed Comic


"No...... More...... I'm gonna go crazy......". "To think you came just from my fingers being in you...... You're not like a regular courtesan, which makes you real cute". In my vividly-colored dream, I was being made love to by handsome patriots and shivering with pleasure......" The aspiring designer Yuki's recurring dreams are starting to overlap with reality! This is a sad, sorrowful love story that breaks the boundries of the glamorous, modern fashion industry and the red-light district of the Edo period.


Who's Better, My Pet or My Boyfriend? [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic


What would you do if your favorite pet turned into a human being and offered to "mate" with you...!? Himari's boyfriend is competing for her affections with her pushy yet adorable pet cat!! Akito is Himari's former home-tutor and currently her boyfriend. But, he won't make love to her at all... As such, Himari spends her days depressed and holding her dear pet cat Leon. Then, on one such occasion, Leon turns into a guy with a wild side to him! He pushes Himari onto her bed, saying, "I'd never let you feel such loneliness!!" After that, thanks to Leon's transformation, Himari's relationship with Akito takes a major turn...!!


My Sexy Husband in the Future -He Is Going to Break My Body...- [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic

" can't touch me like that." "But you like this, don't you, Mirai?" "But I'm not Mirai!" Sakurako, who lives in the Meiji era, travels through time to the current era because of an accident, and finds herself in a girl's body named Mirai. Mirai has a boyfriend named Souma, who looks very much like Sakurako's fiance. Souma always desires her body, and makes her body hot.


My Quilt and My Coffee Table -I Can't Believe They Saw the First Time I Played with Myself...- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic Hot


"My sex partners... are my quilt and coffee table!? Spirits that have inhabited objects take physical form!! Played with gently by my loving quilt, ravaged passionately by my favorite coffee table..." ...Yukiko has too much to drink one night after work. Her coworker takes her home and turns into a wolf! Just then, someone appears to save her... It's a mysterious man dressed in a kimono! Unbelievably, it seems he's the spirit of her quilt. Yukiko's taken aback at first, but he knows all of her erogenous zones, and...! Melting deep inside, he makes her cum again and again with his gentle, loving touch... ...Next up... is her coffee table!? Another spirit appears, this one jealous. With his passionate kiss, Yukiko's body runs hot from her head to her toes...


Lewd Red Strings -The Night I Fell for a Sadistic Demon- [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

"Look at you wetting yourself like this. My hands are sticky with your nectar." On the night Koharu turns twenty, a guy named Sayle, who claims himself that he's a devil, showed up to Koharu's house suddenly. He insists that Koharu is a half-devil-half-human, and says he comes to take her as a bride..."I'm starving. My main dish is you," says Sayle as he fondles Koharu's body erotically! He spreads her legs in front of the mirror, caresses until the love juice pours out...Koharu is at her limit with an endless ecstasy! What does he mean that I'm a bride of a devil...?


Cage of the Pleasure Quarter -Completely Confined- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Trapped in the past, in a red light district!? An establishment where men are the ones turning tricks... I'm searching for a way home but can't find a way out. Moments away from being violated by some gigolos, I'm saved...... by a hot stud! He suddenly throws me down, telling me to show my thanks by spreading my legs and pulls off my panties by force......!! I'm gagged and being groped against my will, but his caresses are lighting a fire inside......!! Someone, help me!!


Submit to a Sadistic Doctor Comic

AuthorKaya Aota

Forced to XXX by a horny doctor, a vibrator is shoved into my sweet recesses, and a flashlight is stuck inside and turned on for an examination... No matter how much I screamed and begged for forgiveness, he didn't stop until I fainted. Why? Because I'm his pet and can't disobey him. Mei, a doctor, rescued me when I'd collapsed from hunger in the street. He fed me, but because my diet's a little strange, he made a bargain. The deal was that in exchange for his giving me food, I had to be his pet and give my body to him......!


This Demon's a Brute -The Pain and Pleasure Makes Me Wet...- Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

"I'm taking your virginity..." says a strange, dark-haired man who suddenly appears in her window. He's mesmerizing, and the moment he kisses her, Yuri's body starts to burn with an unstoppable ache... Despite the fact that he's taking her against her will, this new sensation's making her lose her mind... But behind this irresistible urge lies a secret...! And just what is this man, anyway!? Find out in this erotic suspense story full of unquenchable desires and depraved lust.


My Boss & Our Wild Studio Apartment!? -Living Together in Total Secrecy- [Total ch. 12] Completed Comic

"Ah......! No...... If you touch me there......" One morning, I wake up and my boss is in my bed...! The dorky, late-blooming businesswoman Chiyuki is always looked down upon by her colleagues. But she has a secret... While all the other women are pining after the boss, she gets him all to herself at home! He may be a hard-ass in the office, but he smiles sweetly and shows his soft side in front of Chiyuki. She can't stop the frantic pounding of her heart whenever he holds her tight......! This is the beginning of an ugly duckling's sexy and thrilling new life!


Doctor Lust -Momoka's Erotic Dreams- Comic

One day, I, Momoka, suddenly collapsed and was admitted to hospital. Despite thorough testing, the cause is still unknown. However, since that day, I've been having these erotic dreams... That's right. And in the dreams, I'm always another person having sex with someone I don't know. It's basically like I'm having someone else's sex... Huh, today's dream is... my sister!? I've become my older sister...! Whoa, Yukina... Her boyfriend is doing all these perverted things... The things he's doing to her body... feel amazing...!! If Dr. Kaji were to find out about these dreams, he'd probably think I'm some slutty girl... What in the world should I do...!?


Black Prince and Teased Princess: Forbidden Adult Picture Book [Total ch. 18] Completed Comic Popular

PublisherOtome-chika POP

I was drawn into a picture book. After being caught by guards, a prince's naughty tongue teases embarrassing sounds out of me... Is this a dream? Or is it... I, Arisu Tsumiki, work as a picture book editor under a hot editor-in-chief. When I was in the company's storage room, a picture book suddenly started glowing and I was pulled into its world. I first met the prince after I was mistaken for a witch and captured by the guards! But the prince looks just like the editor-in-chief... Almost instantly, he tears my blouse off and starts playing with my breasts. "I want a sensitive bride," the prince says as his hand reaches lower. What will become of me now...!?


Amorous Devil [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

He's sex-crazed, egotistic, and torments others. But who is this person? He's Char, the demon king of Avalon, a world different from ours, and he's fallen in love with a girl from a shrine, Rin Hashiba. They are connected by body and mind through their love, but is Shou, Rin's first love, about to confess? The sequel to "Honey Devil," where Char and Rin first met, this wildly popular new series from Renai Paradise magazine features an extra comic for your enjoyment!!

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