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My Sweet Wild Prince -Little Angel Turned Buff Beast- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

Koharu, the tough daughter of a martial arts family, was childhood friends with Masumi, an angelic boy who she often had to protect because he was bullied due to his mixed blood. When he moved away, Koharu went to college without him. One day, she gets harassed by a group of guys only to be saved by a host-club worker, who turns out to be Masumi! The little angel she remembers has grown up to be tall and amazingly strong! And kind of sexy now, too... Soon after, Masumi quits his job as a host to become a live-in instructor at Koharu's family dojo. What will happen with them under the same roof!?


Room Share -Living Alone with a Wild Host- [Total ch. 12] Completed Comic Popular


Tomomi works in a company that's supposed to provide her with board and lodging, so when she's suddenly told to temporarily leave her apartment, she's at a loss. With nowhere to go, she accepts the offer to share a room... with Ryou, a handsome but unreadable man. In exchange for a place to live, she has to take care of the housework, but no one told her she had to become a host as well! On top of that, there's another secret condition she must fulfill... and it involves getting very, very close with Ryou!


Don't Take Your Hands Away, Arashi!-We Mustn't Get Serious!- [Total ch. 8] Completed Comic Hot Popular


"Arashi, don't take your hands away..." "Your words are like poetry... Now there's no stopping me." This is a story of blundering love between a pure virgin who worries that she's developed wicked desires, and an escort blind to his own feelings! 23-year-old Kokoro Haruno, whose friend is concerned about the lack of romance in her life, have Arashi, an escort, show her what it's like to be in love... Arashi brings up Kokoro's stiff shoulders, and he begins to give her a massage, but his hands and his touch make her feel so hot, she can't keep quiet... "Kokoro... Is this okay? I'll be gentle." She's kissed all over, her clothes peeled off one by one... Kokoro's softly caressed and stimulated by the hands of a man for the very first time... But it must stop now! It simply must!


Sorry, But I'm Pretty Freaking Hungry... -I'm Not Letting My Prey Get Away- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


"That body of yours... I can't deal with it." And, just like that, 27 year-old Miyako Todoroki was dumped by her first boyfriend. The shocked Miyako haphazardly dashes through the nighttime streets, gets dead drunk, and wakes up next to a host... and the sound of cows...!? She eventually realizes that Goshi, one of the hosts at the club, brought her to the countryside, of all places! Then, when she steps outside, she discovers that these host boys are working on the farm...!? In a place where physically strong men gather, her "repulsive" body is actually welcomed...!!


Second Chances: Faking It Comic


This new installment in the popular "Second Chances" series features Masumi, a high school teacher who is dating... a host!? Operating on completely different schedules, they've been successful thus far at keeping their romance a secret, but that's about to change when Masumi suddenly finds her "eligible" status is attracting other men...!


The Lovestruck Host and His Lying Lady Comic

Misaki just got dumped by her boyfriend. To cheer her up, her coworker takes her out to a host club, where a young host, Mizuru, puts the moves on her, saying, "I feel like we were destined to be, Misaki." Misaki never wants to see his flashy, shallow face again, but soon they meet in the most unexpected place...


Pleasure Game Comic

"I can tell how much your body wants me......" Tomoko wants to get close to a senior guy at her school! One day, she finds a website called Fantasia that offers to solve the "love problems" of any girl. So, Tomoko emails them, and who should show up on her doorstep but a male escort! All she'd intended to do was consult them on how to approach her crush... but she ends up getting kissed and fondled until she's a quivering mass of jelly...! To think it was her first time and she got so turned on!! Tomoko's confused and torn between her tender feelings for her senior and the thrill she gets from her body... Which one's she going to choose......?


The Changing Seasons... Comic

AuthorRion Yuuki

Atsuya Hashimoto, Yukiji Minafuji's crush from high school, went to Tokyo for college, but then he stopped going to class all of a sudden and disappeared without saying a word. Yukiji dreams of seeing him again so she can do what she was unable to on the day of his graduation, and finally tell him how she feels. She takes up a part-time job near his college, and begins her search for him. This manga is loaded with hot-and-cold guys who prefer to convey their feelings with their bodies rather than words. As well as the titular story about a girl chasing her high-school crush, this volume contains five stories about stubborn girls with their minds set on love.


Erotic Host - My Quiet Employee's Hidden Side - Comic

AuthorKoshian uroco

"Want to see how I taste?" "Full-on sex inside a host club?! These guys just suddenly turn super horny and come after me!" Natsuki doesn't know how to deal with her quiet employee, until she happens to go to a host club and sees him working there! Unlike when he's at work, Natsuki's employee is elegant and outgoing, leaving Natsuki at his mercy. "You can take a host you like home," he says, pushing her down! Forced to feel pleasure inside the host club... what will Natsuki do?!


The Most Enthusiastic S Host -The Plain OL That Falls into a Hole- Comic


Haruka is a boring office lady that is secretly in love with Minato, a similarly plain and absent-minded salary man. However, one day Haruka gets to know another side of Minato. Somehow he happens to be the most popular host at a club! Moreover, at night he is very enthusiastic; the complete opposite to his personality at work! "I have to block this gushing hole...", "Hey, do you like me......?" Suddenly he brings Haruka to a hotel and starts forcibly guiding her through sex! The dull salary man by day suddenly changes into a host at night. The boring office lady is gradually pulled into the depths of his world...


The Crossdressing Host: A Woman in a Garden of Beasts [Total ch. 8] Completed Comic


Your desire is obvious; look how wet you are... Exposing her innocent body to the world of male hosts, a naive, young woman will be brought to the brink of orgasm again and again. Accidentally injuring Ryuuji, the top host at Grace, she is made to work off the damage by dressing as a man and working at the establishment by the owner. But can she survive working in an all-male environment where her virginity is in danger!? To make matters worse, she is ordered to live with Ryuuji. Can Natsu handle her new lifestyle with its non-stop, heartpounding erotic action?


Host Taxi -Glamorous Ride- Comic


"To not depend on anyone...!" Rina's only career option after graduating from a third-rate university in the countryside was to become a housewife. Determined to change that fate, she left for Tokyo to start her second life. She finally lands a job at the Hosuta Taxi company, where all the suave young chauffeurs provide escort-like services to an upscale female clientele. This is a love comedy filled with charming characters.

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