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The Poor Princess Comic

"Your heart, your body, everything - I'm going to have it all." Dull, poor, and down on her luck, Niko Mikami is the most hated person at her school. Her nickname is "the goddess of bad luck." But one day, she's approached by Takaya Wakaoji, heir-apparent to a huge conglomerate. Selfish and pushy, he's an arrogant prince who makes all the rules, but Niko can't seem to get away from him...


This Sexy Body Is Made by My Step Brother [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Ayane is a career-oriented woman, but her true goal is to marry a rich man. She has a perfect boyfriend, but he won't do more than kiss her. That makes Ayane depressed because she thinks she's not attractive as a woman. One day, a handsome boy named Otoya moves into her house saying, "I'm your brother from now on!" Otoya turns out to be the son of the president of the popular fashion brand! Ayane is disturbed by her step brother moving in with her, but she lets him because he cleans her house and cooks for her. However, Otoya carries Ayane out of the bathroom after she fainted, takes pictures of her naked body, and starts caressing her breasts. Otoya tells Ayane, "If you want to marry a rich man, I'll tell you how to do it right," as he fondles her body...


A Wild Guy's Dirty Pre-Marital Class [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Due to the family factory doing poorly, Midori enters the college of "Oedo Women's Institute" on a full ride. Known as the "Institute to marry into wealthy families", the institute is a "Super-gentlewoman preparatory institute" that promises their students' future. To ensure her family's future, Midori is adamant on marrying a rich boy. But she gets kissed by her beautiful female roommate... And pinned down...!! On top of that, the institute's true curriculum is to have their students use night time techniques that pleasure men, get impregnated, and get married...!? This isn't what was promised!!


A Love Called Sin [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

When the wind scatters Lord Takaomi's drawings, Lady Tsubaki is injured while attempting to collect them. Takaomi brings Tsubaki to his home to treat her wounds, and Tsubaki is enchanted by his mischievousness. She'd only planned on going once, but finds herself visiting him over and over... However, Takaomi is of the house Otori, the mortal enemy of Tsubaki's house, Kosaka. Theirs was a meeting that should not have been... And yet, Tsubaki will not easily give up her precious time with Takaomi...


Sadistic Bodyguards -On Duty to Make You Wet- (Current ch. 3) Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

"You get wet as I'm protecting you? Don't moan or I'll have to shut you up with a kiss." Her strong, handsome, and sadistic bodyguards follow her everywhere she goes. Why won't the tingly sensation down there settle down...!? Emiru suddenly becomes a CEO's daughter after her mother remarries. Still bewildered by her new life as a rich young lady with personal bodyguards, Emiru finds herself in a sticky situation after she's rescued from kidnappers!! Emiru's body is ravished by their gentle yet intense stares, followed by confident, curious lips and supple fingers feeling her up... Pleasure builds up and love nectar drips down. Is this the beginning of a forbidden relationship between master and servants...!?


Between an Angel and a Devil Comic

"If you don't come over, I'm going to tell my brother we had sex." Yukina was working on the front desk at a hotel when Hiroki, the grandson of the CEO, fell in love with her at first sight. Now they're engaged, and she's filled with happiness because he's kind and takes good care of her. But, Yukina has a deep, dark secret... She's having an affair with Hiroki's younger brother, Wataru...... One bad mistake leads to an abnormal relationship between Yukina and the two brothers...


The World's Best Marriage Proposal -You Are Everything to Me- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Yukino was asked to act in place of her twin sister, Marino, for a blind date with Hikari, who is the son of the president of a law firm. He is half-Japanese, half-English, and he says he fell in love with Marino at first sight. He proposes to Yukino on their first date, and asks her to be his secretary. Yukino hates Hikari's selfish behavior at first, but starts falling, little by little, for him as he stares at her with his beautiful hazel eyes, talks about his dreams, and tells her how much he loves her. However, she knows she can never be Marino, so decides to run away from Hikari, to stop him from finding out that she will never be as good as her sister...


Is This the Night Performance!? -The Master's Wild Dance of Lust- [Total ch. 9] Completed Comic


"Why don't you just prove that love of yours?" The man she admired is actually deranged! Momoka has started working as a housekeeper for Sosuke Senbongi, head of a famous house of Noh performers. She'd heard he was a little wary of people, but the man she meets has quite the difficult personality! Undeterred by his rude attitude, Momoka doesn't give up. But then a frustrated Sosuke suddenly pins her down......! "If you don't want me, then fight back and flee!" His hand creeps up and slides her panties off, and his tongue moves along the curves of her breasts and sucks her nipples...... How can her first time be like this......!? It's rough and it hurts, but when he kisses her so gently she can't help but want to heal his wounded, twisted heart! "......Can I really help him?"


A Young Lady Dressed Like a Man -How Much for My Virginity...?- Comic

AuthorSauro uroco

"I want to see the moment when a young lady dressed like a man becomes a woman." She's licked and touched and forced to orally pleasure a man until she's dripping wet... What's happening? She's never felt this way before......! As a child, Ichiko was made to take over her sick older brother's identity, and live as a "man". Then one day, she's suddenly told to be a woman again and marry the man who will pay back their family debt. When she evades him, the man says he'll spare her from marriage and give her checks of money, as long as she "performs" for him. With every lewd "performance" she's forced to put on, Ichiko is made more into a woman, but to what end...!?


Manor of Love Comic

"You belong to me." Chizu's father has a huge debt with Itsuki, a multi-millionaire, and has disappeared after the collapse of his business. Chizu has to pay back the loan now - with her body. Itsuki takes her virginity by force. "Everyone knows what I'm doing to you and that it's why you're here," he says, thrusting himself inside her day and night and making her moan as the sweet nectar continues to flow. Though she's aware that no sentiments of love are involved, she begins to be swayed by the occassional glimpses of kindness she sees between their acts of indecency...


Put a Collar on It -Humiliated by My Master- Comic

He's my cold-hearted master!? I'm Shion, and I've become engaged to Ryouya Jounouchi, heir to the Jounouchi Group. He puts a collar on me and has loveless sex with me over and over. He's made me climax so much, the pleasure is etched into my body against my will. He doesn't hold back as he penetrates me with his body and his cold words...... But is there a special kind of love behind it all? With his training, I long for the pleasure, and my heart can't deny what my body wants......!


The Commoner Girl and the Arrogant King Comic

AuthorRinko Nami

"I'll give you the privilege of being my girlfriend." The story of an arrogant big shot, Juujou, and the commoner girl he falls in love with, Chiharu. "You'll grow to like me too." "What do you think? You like me more now?" I'll never fall for someone with such an arrogant attitude! And yet, I think it's cute how he gets excited like a kid and he's sincere, too... If it's with him, it might be okay to get bossed around... I guess? Exciting differences between the arrogant "king" and the commoner girl will make your heart throb!


The Newlywed Bride, Captive of Love [Total ch. 10] Completed Comic

"You're my wife now. You'll bear the heirs to the Takamura Clan. I've invested a million and a half dollars in you." Suzu and her sister were raised in an orphanage. When someone from the foundation attempts to sell her sister to a man, Suzu goes in her place to the man's hotel room. The man she meets there, Izumi Takamura, proposes an agreement between them after she attempts to seduce him; that contract involves Suzu marrying Izumi and bearing him a heir. The conflicted Suzu, who has never known a man's touch, is confronted with Izumi's steaming passion. The loving caress of his fingers, the pleasure he bestows upon her, all turn out to be more than she bargained for......


My Naughty Butler's Irresistible Seductions Comic

With her uncle hospitalized, Shino takes over as the acting Grand Master of a traditional Japanese flower arrangement house. Her uncle's butler, Katagiri, is there to show her how to dress, act, and even make love like a lady... All he wants in return are her moans of pleasure, and she melts under his intimate caresses. She wants all of him, but their love must remain a secret... Find out what happens in these stories bursting with the hidden romance between a lady and her butler!


Blind Date Scapegoat -Secret Meeting at the Hotel- Comic

"You're already wet down there." I, Koko, went as my friend, Haruka, to destroy the marriage interivew arranged as a strategic marriage by her family. I was going to destroy the arrangement, but I found myself attracted to the man instead... I want him to call me Koko instead of Haruka when he touches me there! Plus, studying with two handsome guys!? "Wet Sleepover Study Group" and "A Bumbing Girl's Cafe Time" are among the six collected stories.


Cage of Pleasure [Total ch. 8] Completed Comic

"You're so dirty. Begging for me, your master..." For a maid like Kayo, her master, Shiro, was someone from a totally different world. But the painful expression on his face that she accidentally saw stole her heart. She wanted to do something for him... But what he demanded from her was... Shiro plows her pure body, which had never been touched by a man. This surely should not be allowed, but Kayo gradually drowns in the pleasure she receives...


Pleasure Dolls (Current ch. 2) Comic

AuthorAzumi Kana

My name is Momo, and I just got kicked out of my house because my mom is getting married again. She sent me to her old friend's house and it turned out to be a huge luxurious mansion! And there live two handsome but weird boys...... I can't believe I have to live under the same roof as them! One of them tries to get rid of me, and the other one tells me to become his...... Hey, give me back my panties! "What're you saying, Momo......? You can't have sex with your panties on." Oh, no...... Am I going to get violated!?


Do You Want Me to Undress You? -The Domineering Director and the Confining Contract- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


"Just do as I say." Employed as a captive lover for one month!? Mio Sakamoto's just an ordinary person, working multiple part-time jobs to pay for her younger brother's school tuition. She's waitressing as usual, when some wealthy-looking customers start an argument of some sort. While Mio is carrying an order to that table, one of the wealthy customers, a super-hot guy, grabs her arm. "This is the woman I love!" he declares, and abducts her from the restaurant!! That man, actually the director of a high-class hotel, orders Mio to act as his lover, so he can break off an engagement his parents arranged... In exchange for playing the part she's been given, Mio will be paid so much, she'll never have to work again. But he suddenly forces himself upon her... Even so, Mio can't refuse him when he looks at her that way...!


Seduced into Immorality Comic

Mitsuru has married Sho, a poet that lives in a huge mansion. She's delighted with their new married life as Sho gently envelops her with his love. But this peaceful life of hers changes on a stormy night, when she and the servant, Touma, are left alone together. His strong body, his rough kiss that steals her breath away, his lustful gaze... Touma's caresses seduce her into an irresistible ecstasy...... This love story is about a deviant love triangle and immoral passions.


Hold Up, Hold Me Comic

I'm Noah, a sheltered girl, and I've met my strong, gentle prince. My days have been wonderful since I started seeing Mamoru Todoroki...... But the problem is that my father is totally against our relationship! Social standing has no meaning when you're in love! Exciting first-time experiences... Oh, just take all of me!

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