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Colors. Comic

An awful situation... spawns a new love... When rich girl, Maria, is injured by soccer club member Hisashi, she demands he accompany her to and from school as compensation for her injury! "At first, I was using him for my own convenience, but why do I keep thinking about him." A series of sparkling girls' love stories which use color as a theme, such as "Dear Scarlet", featuring the stubborn girl Maria, "Green Days", an enrapturing story about flourishing love, and "Su Mi Re", where friendship becomes love. A girl's love is always colorful!


A Tale of S & M - Forcibly Aroused - My Two Faces Comic

AuthorRio Fukuda

By day, Ryoko is just your average office worker. However, at night she transforms herself into a queen of the night at her part-time job. Her double-life is going just fine until the night the boss' son comes to her club. He is a man who looks down on everyone but himself and Ryoko becomes determined to knock his pride down a notch or two and lure him into her world by putting on a show more amazing than she's ever done before. However her plan backfires and although his attention is captured it's because he knows who she truly is and her true nature is exposed to him with just one touch. "You're really just a masochist who loves being teased" With a few simple words Ryoko is wet and willing to be taught by him.


Forced Perversion: Breaking Her In -How Devilish Boys Make Love- Comic

"Spread your legs, my lady." Manako, a lady who knows nothing of the world, has fallen in love for the first time. When that man, Kouki, almost attacks her she rebuffs him, afterwards hearing nothing from him. When she remember how he touched her then, Manako's body gets hot and she does something unspeakable. But that's not enough for Manako, and in the man's place she uses her butler, Kurosaki, who has looked after her since she was young, to help her masturbate. This is so wrong! She thinks back on that man while being "serviced" by the butler.


Absolute Submission: The Princess in Spectacles -The Gentleman Beast's Sexual Training- Comic


Hina is a bespectacled girl who can only be described as homely. One day she crashes into a super-famous businessman on the street! As payment for his dirtied suit, he carries her off to his palatial mansion. She is dressed up by his exclusive stylist and... forced to train! Even though her mind doesn't want to, her body responds... "I'm going to educate you." The sadistic socialite begins to teach the naive, unsophisticated girl an extremely lewd lesson...!


Sweet Desire Slave - Concierge's Lovers [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


Today, new concierge recruit, Mei, starts work at a high-class apartment complex. All of the tenants consist of major corporation executives and managers.
The concierge's role is to support a stress-free lifestyle for these men of high social standing. However, Mei is suddenly fondled by her handsome boss and mentor, Chief Sakai, who exclaims "What is the worth of a concierge who can't provide physical support?"
"I didn't agree to this!" ? Day by day, Mei's body develops through the naughty education of the super-sadistic Chief, the superior technique of a competent lawyer, and the giant "trunk" of a perverted doctor..."What's to become of me?!"


Truly Erotic Grimm's Fairy Tales -Mr Bluebeard's Lover- Comic


"You absolutely must not go near that room."Her friend dragged her along on a lakeside vacation, but the trip was just a trap... Attacked by male friends, she eventually manages to escape, and arrives at a luxurious mansion! Rescued and cared for by the mansion's handsome owner, she spends a brief time drunk on his kindness, when he suddenly tells her of the "forbidden chamber." She's been told she mustn't look, and she doesn't want to peek, but... When the door silently opens, what will she find inside...!? It's the start of a Grimm's fairy tale for the modern age!


Forbidden Nectar Mannequin - My Sadistic Manager's Intense on the Job Training - Comic


Rika is just a young woman with a love for fashion. When she decides to go for an interview for an up-and-coming designer she finds out that it's at an apartment! Feeling suspicious, she is just about to leave when she is dragged into the apartment. She isn't even allowed to turn down the offer and is instead ordered to take off her clothes! Unable to resist she is suddenly standing stark naked and putting on Mr. Asano's newest design! He begins to feel her up, and not just above her clothes! Will Rika give in and allow herself to become his living mannequin!?


The Cruel Contest of the Devil King and His Demon Servants (Current ch. 2) Comic

AuthorRabi Suya

"I will choose one of you and make her my mistress." A sadistic king and his cruel servants begin a contest to select a bride. What terrible tests lie in store? The contest begins!


The Price of Naivety (Current ch. 4) Comic

AuthorHisa Murai

The daughter of a deceased researcher. Renako had her father's life work literally "hidden within her" before his death. It isn't long before sadistic relatives come looking for her father's research -- and they won't hesitate to use all kinds of depraved tactics to get their hands on it. A naive Renako suffers a most humiliating betrayal...but her secret isn't out yet!

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