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How a Mean Guy Falls in Love Comic

Capable Matsumoto is a hunky gentleman who has a great reputation at work. Dubbed "Desirable Bachelor No. 1," he's nice to everyone, but is always picking on his colleague, Megumi, and teasing her. Frustrated with the treatment she's been receiving, Megumi has come to hate him. But Matsumoto's sadistic side starts to get even worse: "I want to be mean to you and make you cry." A first comic containing the title work and other love stories that promises to stimulate and satisfy readers.


Naked at the Match-Making Retreat -Physical-Compatibility Checks in Our Rooms!?- [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

"You came to find a partner. You must've thought about sex too." Because most of her friends now have boyfriends, Nanako decides she doesn't want to be alone anymore, so goes to a match-making retreat. However, she bumps into her boss! And then, the most popular guy - Mr. Nishihara - makes a move on her to test out their sexual compatibility...


My Passive Boyfriend Proving His Love Comic

Chihana, who has no place to live, no money, and has even just lost her job, goes to a restaurant to meet a friend. She unexpectedly bumps into a former co-worker, Kousuke, and overhears a secret he's been hiding. In exchange for her keeping quiet, he lets her stay with him at his apartment. At first, Chihana thought he'd be a difficult person to interact with, but as they start to live together she sees a private side to Kousuke that causes her heart to throb...... She's just a roommate, and because of his "secret" she knows that her love for him will go unrequited. It's just, every time he shows kindness, her love for him grows more and more......


Millions of Bitter-Sweet Kisses Comic

Maho with her strong older-sister-like personality and carefree Atsushi are dating, but it's a secret from their company! I'm strong and responsible at work but I want to be spoiled at home! The insensitive boyfriend just doesn't understand that... on top of that a cute girl that wants to steal him away!? Lots of fighting but lots of making up! The path to marriage is still far away for this modern day couple!!


When He Embraced Me... [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

"For so long... I've had a crush on you." Sanae has a serendipitous reunion at the office with a younger student from her high school, Fumiaki, who was boyishly cute then, but is now a fully-grown, remarkably tall, handsome man. Unaware of his feelings, I wander aimlessly at work - constantly tripping over myself - only to have coworkers calling me incompetent behind my back. After excusing ourselves from a welcoming party for new employees, he and I stumble our way into a hotel and wind up crossing the line between coworkers. He tenderly squeezes my breasts, quietly working his way down my body until I see him extending his tongue toward my... Memories of him as a boy turn into mysteries of him as a man... With our reunion sparking such a spontaneous relationship, I can only wonder where we'll go from here...


Dirty Little Secret Comic

"You promised I could have you". That is what Misaki's former student Yuki says when she sees him after 4 years. Yuki has grown to a man and aggressively pursues her. Although Misaki is confused and hesitant in the beginning, she slowly gives in, and the relationship becomes sweet and sexy... "He takes my heart by force and melts it... I cannot deny his love."


Before and After My Unrequited Love Comic

Kanae finds out her coworker, Kaji, has just broken up with his girlfriend. When Kaji teases her, asking her to "comfort" him, she agrees despite herself ? after all, she's always had a crush on him. The stolen kisses, his large hands gently stroking her skin, the deep voice murmuring her name into her ear...... Kanae had always dreamt of this.
Fearing their time as lovers will end when morning comes, Kanae tries to tell Kaji how she feels......


More Than a One-Night Stand? -Sweet Lessons from a Crafty Boss- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

One minute I'm drinking with a strange man, and the next, I'm making out with him passionately in a hotel bed... When he whispers, "You make some cute noises," I can't help begging for more... "I'm getting married." With those words, I was dumped by my cheating coworker-boyfriend. "You're a strong person, so you'll be fine on your own, right?" And I even had to go to his wedding! Maybe it's my strong personality and independence, but men have always told me I'm "not very cute," because I'm "too strong-willed." Well, I'd be a cute girl if I could!! One night, I happen to meet a hot guy while drowning my sorrows... But what I thought was a one-night stand spills over into my job...!


The Adult-Toy Section - This Job Is All About the Climax - [Total ch. 8] Completed Comic

Authoranco kaz

"Spread your legs. Show us all what you've got." Just when I thought I'd gotten an ideal job at an electronics company, suddenly I'm told I'll be working in the adult-goods development department!! They make me try out all sorts of things just for the sake of their research... but even though I'm way out of my comfort zone, I can feel my body getting used to the pleasure...!!


I'm Living with My Perverted Manager -Your Body Pays the Rent- [Total ch. 14] Completed Comic

PublisherOtome-chika POP

"I'm not gonna treat you nice, just 'cause you're a virgin!" Her manager then rips off her clothes... Ai Fujikawa's three months into her office job, then one day her apartment burns down! At a loss, Ai wonders what to do, and that's when she runs into the same perverted co-worker, Suzuhara, on the street. "If you're down on your luck, come stay at my place." "What...? Stay with you!?" He pushes her down, his kisses leaving marks across her neck. "If you try to stop me, I'll just tell our boss Harada, who you like so much, about us." "This can't be happening!"


Scandalous Inter-Office Relations: Secret Exploitive Overtime (Current ch. 5) Comic

"The Vice-CEO's dick... is inside me! Why is this so embarrassing and yet still feel so good!?" Youko is a corporate secretary at an elite company. One day, when she finds herself in the reception room on the executive floor, she sees the CEO having sex with a young woman. In exchange for keeping quiet about it, Youko is forced to join a secret club exclusive to corporate executives. One of the club's parties turns out to be a wild orgy for executives to relieve their ?urges." Amongst this sweet frenzy of depravity, only the Director seems to be different from the other men......!


Love Chains Comic

I joined my company at the same time as my current boyfriend. We've been going out for little over a year now. Recently, Ryoji has been cold and distant towards me...... It wasn't like this when we first started dating. Maybe his feelings for me have changed. When I told him this other guy asked me out, he said, "I don't want to hear about your boring problems!"......Who does he think he is!? He treats me like dirt! It seems like all we do now is fight over stuff like that. Then, one day, when I get mad and try to leave Ryoji, he forces me to...... Will this end up like it always does with us!? This manga compilation is a collection of stories about the trials and tribulations of finding new love.


I'll Make You Wet -An Indecent Arrangement with a Younger Man- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


"You sure are pretty, Ms. Kikuchi. But I can't tell you how I feel because you're in love with another man. So instead, I'll do everything I can to help you make him your own... I will help you until you get your man, on the condition you do everything I say..." He loves her, but he can't tell her. Where will this bittersweet relationship go?


The Lady Boss Charmed and Seduced by Her Male Secretary Comic

My secretary is a sadistic self-centered guy. At first, I had no idea what he was really like. With his gentle, sensual voice, he whispers intoxicating words into my ear as he performs deep pelvic thrusts that send sweet erotic shivers throughout my body... I'm a workaholic manager who has her own personal secretary, Himuro. He's younger than me, but is someone I can trust. Despite that, I feel he's constantly evaluating me as a manager so I cannot allow myself to show him any sign of weakness. Then, one day, at this bar I stopped by after attending my friend's wedding, this suspicious guy gets all chatty and slips me a date rape drug......


Loose Love Comic

"I won't fall in love ever again..." Natsumi Itou gave up on love and swore to never trust anybody after having her boyfriend stolen away by a friend. But one day her colleague Shou Hidaka, who graduated from the same university as Natsumi, suddenly asks her out when they are alone in the office working overtime. On top of that, her boss Mr. Okazaki witnesses this, and tells her to "rely" on him... Being hurt, unable to face one's own feelings, making trivial mistakes... Love is always thrilling and exciting. This collection of short stories is filled with pleasure and emotion!! It also contains a special original story.


Love Game Shuffle Comic


"Me, an office lady who's good at her job, and my useless boss: There's no way we could fall in love. You see, my perfect boyfriend is the star of the sales team. I've no interest in men who are bad at their jobs...... or so I thought." This story is for those girls out there who find comfort in men other than their boyfriends. Those timid guys you always hear about are actually very......!


Training the Dripping Wet Assistant [Total ch. 8] Completed Comic


"I'm making you my 'personal' assistant, effective immediately. Now, serve me with your body!" Yuumi's plain-old life as an office worker completely changes after becoming personal assistant to her company's young, elite president. Day after day she's made to serve his carnal desires at night in his office and even in the suite of a luxury hotel. Her initial embarrassment disappears as her body twinges in ecstasy every time he touches her......!!


Be My Pet Comic


One weekend, at the park, I coincidently met the CEO of where I work part-time. He had his big dog with him and it looked like they were having a lot of fun playing together. I have a secret crush on my boss, so I suddenly got really jealous, and blurted out to him that I wanted to be his pet, too! However, his response to me was quite unexpected!


Animal Lust Office: 24 Hour Manditory Fusion with a Sadistic Boss Comic


"Ahh! ......Ooh......!" "Umph......! No! Not...... there......!" Tomo, a girl who's only redeamable attributes is her looks, is transfered to the "management" division. Tomo, oblivious to the situation she's put in agrees without a doubt. Little does she know, this division is the "sexual desire management" specializing in sex attendance! Furthermore, Tomo has been a virgin for the past 23 years! "There's no way a virgin like me can perform sex attendance" but her cry for help falls short, and she is forced into training with a hot hunk on her first day.......!! A sadistic elite employee, Aise, joins in educating her body as well! What is going to happen to my virginity?


The Secretary's Temptation Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Kotori takes on a job as a company president's private secretary, in place of her brother who got injured. Nobody is supposed to find out!! She grudgingly puts on a suit, tie and wig, pretending to be a man, but her true identity is exposed right away, and by the company president, of all people! "Will I get fired now!?" Kotori worries, but when the president learns about her situation, he's willing to help her. Bit by bit, Kotori is charmed by the president, who seemed so intimidating at first... This romantic comic sketches the dramatic and exciting story of a secret romance!

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