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The Laws of Affection -Elite Beast X Strong-Willed Woman- Comic


"He's touching me... no! Stop!" Something weird is touching me on the train this morning... it's rubbing the inside of my skirt and playing with me... wait, who's doing that? A really hot guy?!


Sweet Defilement: Deli Doll -Sell It with Your Body!- Comic


Reina is an unpopular idol who's working hard to become No.1! But in order to do that, she has to hit the casting couch day after day! Then, she makes friends with a writer for a popular idol show, who comes up with a new idea -- an idol delivery service! Reina gets popular on her new show, where she's always using her body to get ahead, until she gets delivered to a porn director's house?! Suddenly, Reina's assaulted by a hell of pleasure! You won't be able to take your eyes off this crazy story until the end!


A Cup of Perfection Comic


A young, suave Frenchman continues to come to Ichinose's day after day in the hope of obtaining the secret to that cafe's award-winning coffee. Having just been appointed as a barista at Ichinose's by her father, Mako finds herself regularly dodging her special guest's advances as she tries her best to follow in her father's footsteps. Discover how a single cup of delicious coffee can win over a little girl's heart - and add some flavor to Mako's love life in the process!

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