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I Want to Back You into a Corner [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Yoko, who works at a university, is a masochist. Her boyfriend dumps her, so she gets drunk and has sex with an older gentleman. The next day, he tells her, "I want to make you cry myself." He turns out to be a true sadist! She realizes there's no love between them, but she cannot reject him...


I Want to Train You and Break You -Black Butler's Sadistic Service- (Current ch. 2) Comic

"Let me begin your lessons for today, M'lady." Yume is the daughter of a prestigious family. She lives with her butler, Shiki, who teaches her languages, politics, economics, etiquette, and everything that she needs. At night, he teaches her the special lesson to prepare her body to accept men. Yume tries to understand this is all for her family, but she can't help but have special feelings for Shiki...


The Office Angel is Actually a Devil [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


Nanako often gets work pushed on her due to her serious work ethic and gentle disposition... But only the company's very best, Takuma Kamiki, ever recognizes her hard work. The smile of this angelic being is her only solace at work, and she looks up to him. However, one day, as she's doing overtime, she sees him in the middle of an unbelievable situation!! Not only that, he also declares that he has no interest in romantic relationships, only in physical ones... Is this how he really is!? Resolved to believe in his angelic side, Nanako and Takuma make a bet... But he comes after her, trying to bring her into a world of delights!


The Making of a Naughty Girl -A Teasing Boss and His Plain Employee- (Current ch. 2) Comic

AuthorYui Nakama

Plain and dull Miyako Oyamada finds her dream job at a beauty firm. On top of that, she's in the Special Planning Department, which happens to be full of hunks! But her boss Nobuchika is super mean and criticizes her...! There's an unbelievable plan behind Miyako's hiring...!


Cinderella's Passionate Love Education Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

After accidentally injuring the hand of a popular fashion designer, Kirara is forced to help out at his shop. Pure-hearted and plain-looking, Kirara's only interest is drawing fashion illustrations. Despite being at the pushy designer's beck and call, she begins to bloom beautifully into a designer herself. It's her first time, but he takes her on a wild ride again and again!


Our Secret S&M Life [Total ch. 11] Completed Comic


Rika's boyfriend is normally gentle and kind, but he turns sadistic as soon as he takes off his glasses! She finds herself enjoying it as their sex becomes more and more intense. What's happening to her......!?


Seven of Them and One of Me!? -Soaking in a Mixed Bath- Comic

AuthorAmone Hagi

I just won a lotto at my local supermarket for a getaway for two at a hot springs resort. But, I don't have a boyfriend... I tried to say no, but they practically forced me into it. Said it was "No problem"... Then, as soon as I get to the resort, there's another lotto, and I win the "red prize." That prize is... a sadistic boyfriend during my stay!? What kinda resort provides a boyfriend with the room!? My new boyfriend starts rubbing me down in the hot springs, but then there's another lotto, and this time I win the "blue prize" boyfriend, who happens to be REALLY into seafood. Then, I win the "yellow prize," and a cute little guy comes out and ties me up with my robe's belt! After that comes the "rainbow prize," but does that mean... seven guys at once!?


Lewd Red Strings -The Night I Fell for a Sadistic Demon- [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

"Look at you wetting yourself like this. My hands are sticky with your nectar." On the night Koharu turns twenty, a guy named Sayle, who claims himself that he's a devil, showed up to Koharu's house suddenly. He insists that Koharu is a half-devil-half-human, and says he comes to take her as a bride..."I'm starving. My main dish is you," says Sayle as he fondles Koharu's body erotically! He spreads her legs in front of the mirror, caresses until the love juice pours out...Koharu is at her limit with an endless ecstasy! What does he mean that I'm a bride of a devil...?


Eroticism of Pure Love Comic


...A hole in my heart that can only be filled by the body of another. My love is intense and, at times, warped... CHIKUHIME, the author who brought you the smash hit "Love's Kaleidoscope", is back with her second love manga! Read it, love it, be consumed by it!


Real Love, Real World [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic

AuthorShuu Aono

Mimi's a nerdy girl who'd rather fawn over a fictional character, "Prince Takeru," than anyone in real life - that is, until her classmate, who also happens to be called Takeru, makes her his slave! Though they have the same name, the real Takeru's mean and perverted... They're nothing alike! But when she sees him hurt, she can't help but worry... Wait, is this "love"...? How could he possibly excite her more than Prince Takeru...? Mimi's first love, first kiss, and beyond... Her meanie classmate's gonna take it all! A cute love story about a demon prince and his real-life counterpart.


The Security Guard with a Sadistic Streak Comic


"I'm gonna lick you where it feels so good." Late at night in the office... On the desk with her legs apart, under his gaze... Her body responding despite her embarrassment...! A secret office romance blooms for Satsuki and a colleague. But, one night after work, they're seen in flagrante by a security guard, Naoya, who happens to have been Satsuki's classmate. Now she must do as Naoya orders. She can never tell anyone about the perverse things that she's forced to do...!


Depraved Love Comic

Ruri is staying home alone after taking a pass on a family trip when Saeki, a friend of her brother's and the guy she has a secret crush on, shows up at the door. He gives her a package for her brother, saying, "Don't even think about opening it." She can't resist though, and when she looks inside, she finds...!!! This is a collection of the latest works that are daring, feel-good, and full of love! It also includes a previously-unpublished bonus story, "The Good Life".


Stalker Girl Gets Nailed. [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic Hot Popular


"If you don't want me to tell him, then cum for me!" Ayaka gets caught stalking her crush by the worst possible guy...! Ayaka's crazy about Masataka and secretly follows him around, but she's always fighting with his little brother, the mean Akihiro. One day, she's at Akihiro's house with some friends and hears the shower running. Is it Masataka!? ...With high hopes, she tries to get a peek, and slips on the wet bathroom floor. But, it turns out Akihiro was the one in the shower! Ayaka begs him not to tell his brother. With a sadistic look on his face, Akihiro reaches out to touch Ayaka in her most sensitive spot... Just then, Masataka knocks on the door, and she's trapped!


The Sadistic Boy Band and Their Sexual Plaything -Onstage He's One Thing, but Backstage She's Another- [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic

AuthorKou Narita
PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

"You've got such a hot body. From now on you'll be our plaything every night." Held captive by a sadistic boy band and forced to become their sex slave......!! Alphard is an up-and-coming boy band. But, it turns out that one of the members, Aki, is actually...... a girl! Even if she tries to keep it a secret from the fans, once the other members find out, it's like they're different people......! Coming on to her in the greenroom after shows, in the locker room after dance practice, even in the bathroom, with no regard for where they are, they kiss and lick and explore her body, always wanting more and more...... What does the future hold in store for Aki as her bandmates bicker and fight over who gets to have her next......!?


The Makings of a Dog. Comic

"I'm your pet dog. So... please pleasure me over and over!" I went to a dog-training center to stop my puppy barking, but ended up being trained myself instead. My master put dog ears and a tail on me and "trained" me sensually with his fingers, tongue, and gaze... He disciplines me every day, and I do my best to be a good, lovable pet. This is a cute, extreme love story between a sadistic trainer and his puppy girl.


My Sadistic Boss Gives Me a Physical Exam [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

"Let's test to see if you're really as frigid as you say." I'm Alisa, and I'm an office worker. I was dumped by my boyfriend because I wasn't responsive enough during sex... One year to the day since we separated, I start drinking alcohol - something I'm not used to doing. Then I'm approached by a man in a bar and end up giving myself to him! The next day, at work, that very same man is transferred in as my new boss! Now I'm doing overtime and he's ordering me to have sex with him!! No... No way! You're gonna stick it inside me right here!!? The sex is oh so rough!!


She's an Insatiable Tease Comic

AuthorCoco Satou

Anri, a nightclub hostess popular for her sadistic persona, is actually extremely masochistic! Even though she wants to be teased, messed with, and treated roughly, she always ends up putting on a bold front when she has sex. But then, the sadistic guy of her dreams appears before her. Hot and bothered by his dirty talk, all Anri can think about is having mind-blowing sex with him. She'd thought of it as nothing more than a physical relationship, but then realizes she also yearns for his heart...... In addition to this erotic tale, this volume contains the naughty love stories of her two best friends as well!


A (Student) Teacher's Job Comic


A very passionate teacher-to-be, Takuma Inumaru, meets a very mature-looking rebellious student, Seiya Kizaki, while he's a student-teacher. Takuma struggles to make Seiya, who's always cutting class, reform his ways and attend lessons. But Takuma's actions bring out the sadistic side of Seiya...! Seiya pushes Takuma down and whispers to him, "Lookin' at you makes me want to make you cry." In the end, Takuma ends up whimpering for more...


Orgasmic Weight-Loss Program for a Sensitive Body (Current ch. 4) Comic


"You're a sensitive one, aren't you? Or is just because you're not getting any?" My friend made me join the gym, and the guy who ended up as my personal trainer is a total jerk who keeps calling me fat! He says the slippery beauty treatment is for "weight loss," but he caresses my thighs, pinches my nipples and then sucks my...... A naughty diet program with a studly personal trainer! Will Hasumi be able to lose weight by getting pleasured!?


Sadistic Bodyguards -On Duty to Make You Wet- (Current ch. 3) Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

"You get wet as I'm protecting you? Don't moan or I'll have to shut you up with a kiss." Her strong, handsome, and sadistic bodyguards follow her everywhere she goes. Why won't the tingly sensation down there settle down...!? Emiru suddenly becomes a CEO's daughter after her mother remarries. Still bewildered by her new life as a rich young lady with personal bodyguards, Emiru finds herself in a sticky situation after she's rescued from kidnappers!! Emiru's body is ravished by their gentle yet intense stares, followed by confident, curious lips and supple fingers feeling her up... Pleasure builds up and love nectar drips down. Is this the beginning of a forbidden relationship between master and servants...!?

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