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A Wild Guy's Dirty Pre-Marital Class [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Due to the family factory doing poorly, Midori enters the college of "Oedo Women's Institute" on a full ride. Known as the "Institute to marry into wealthy families", the institute is a "Super-gentlewoman preparatory institute" that promises their students' future. To ensure her family's future, Midori is adamant on marrying a rich boy. But she gets kissed by her beautiful female roommate... And pinned down...!! On top of that, the institute's true curriculum is to have their students use night time techniques that pleasure men, get impregnated, and get married...!? This isn't what was promised!!


In Love and Baseball, a Home Run Is Everything! Comic

AuthorAo Kirii

Does her baseball boyfriend throw a good straight ball in bed too!? Their relationship's a secret, but he still manages to catch her by herself, and drive her to orgasm after orgasm...! Romance within the club is forbidden, so Sasaki and Nanako have to keep it hush-hush. They get it on everywhere while taking care not to let the cat out of the bag... Then, Sasaki moves in with Nanako after a fire in his dormitory! Sasaki's excited, but Nanako's dad, the team coach, is there... Her dad's about to come home, but they're at it right by the front door... and she's in so much pleasure, she can't move...!


Entranced by Love Comic

Yumika Kurokawa can't help feeling uncomfortable when she's around her good-looking and popular classmate, Kon Hiromi. It's because he's always teasing her, and she doesn't know how to react. Class representative Mamoru Kanaya is the only guy that she can depend on. Always helpful, he's kind, gentle, respected by everyone, and totally natural, even with plain and sensible Yumika, in this tale of a fair maiden whose feelings sway between two boys. This collection of six stories will tug at your heartstrings.


A Complete Change Eros -Who's Gonna Make Me Wet?- Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

"He was so nice a second ago, but now he's doing this!? He changed so suddenly, and his you-know-what is so great that I can't stop cumming......" That was a few hours ago. Tomboy Tamaki disguises herself as her bullied twin brother Hisaki and goes to his school for revenge. She immediately gets into a fight with some punks, when she's rescued by Kanan, Hisaki's friend. He seems strong, gentle and an all-around good guy at first, but something causes him to suddenly change! He's a completely different person!! Facing such a sadistic personality, will Tamaki......!? Find out in this long-awaited second school love/suspense story by the popular love/erotica author!


The Dangerous Seduction of the Pheromone Prince Comic

One night, while walking around the dangerous city streets, Haruka Uchida is saved by her classmate, Nobuhiro Takumi. Often absent from class, he's considered mature for his age. Not only has he been seen walking around with housewives, there are rumors he's a gigolo. Considering they're from two different worlds, Haruka's never known how to act around him. But after that night, they become friends (?) and she even falls for him......! Risky love with a classmate; an admission of betrayal during a long-distance relationship; a forbidden relationship between a teacher and student; a reunion with one's first love,and more! This is the third collection of stories based on girls' real-life experiences!!


My Boyfriend, the Absolute Monarch Comic

AuthorErio Hori

One day, in the school cafeteria, Nana Sasaki spills curry all over the smartest and most handsome boy in her grade, Keigo Tachibana. Since Nana's ruined his cherished bag, Keigo orders her to be his slave with the words, "From today, you're gonna be my bag!" What happens when the bossy Keigo has Nana at his beck and call......!? This is a collection of titillating love stories where the main male characters are all teasing sadists.


Don't Call Me Your Teacher! Comic

Haruka Morikawa is a university student training to be a teacher, and her boyfriend, a fellow trainee, cheats on her. As Haruka drinks her sorrows away in a park, a hot guy just happens to be passing by and comes over to comfort her. The next day, when she's student-teaching at a local school - the same school her now ex-boyfriend is student-teaching at - she sees the guy from the night before in her classroom......! "Could it be that I forced my own student to do this and that with me!?" This is a love story full of passion that's sure to make your heart throb with envy!


Nonstop Desire -The Lust Within- Comic

My boyfriend Ryo will only ever have sex with me once, leaving me and my unsatiated lust to be seized by wild fantasies... Is it weird for me to want more sex? Thinking I should purge myself of these dirty desires, I try all sorts of meditation, but I can't control my sex-crazed mind!!! When I tell him how I really feel, my usually calm and composed lover suddenly changes into a beast!! He whispers into my ear, "Tonight I won't let you off so easy!!"


Love Message Comic

Rui told her classmate Kei how she feels about him, but they're still just friends... She wants to be his girlfriend! Then one day, Kei suddenly kisses her... Does this mean they're going out now!? Kanako Sakurai's first comic is filled with pure and cute love!


A Three Player Love Game! [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic


"It feels much better when I lick you, doesn't it?", says the sadistic older brother with glasses. He's like a king. "I can't stop......!" says the gentle but reckless younger brother. He's like a prince. These super handsome twin brothers are making extreme advances! Minami is a typical nerdy girl. She was leading a boring school life, when suddenly two of her childhood friends transfer into her school! They're the Maijou brothers, and they've both grown up to be super handsome...... Minami feels inferior for having degraded into a total nerd, and tries to avoid the two of them. But despite her efforts, the brother's advances are ferocious! At school, in public and at home... Wherever Minami goes, they cause her big trouble! But amongst all the fuss, Minami finds her cold heart and body slowly warming up to them......!


Girls, Go Get Some More Love! Comic


No one can know how good this feels! Nanako goes out with and then dumps boys one after another, like some kind of greedy monster. Her next target is her classmate, the charming and bespectacled Fukazawa Naruhisa. However, his appearance belies his dominant and rough style, and Nanako finds herself unable to leave him... This long-awaited collection features four complete stories!


The Bed's in Use -Sexual Guidance for the Prince Who's Faking Illness- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

PublisherOtome-chika POP

"I want our bodies to intertwine...", a soft voice moans in the nurse's office at night... An honor student by day, Funase is thought of as the school's prince. Although her words say no, her body responds honestly and quivers from his touch. "Girls are just there to satisfy my sexual desires... nothing else!" What happened to the kind, gentle Funase? He's changed 180 degrees, but it feels like she's become paralyzed inside. She became a school nurse to help people! Why is she getting sexual guidance from this beast-like prince!? This isn't right!! She's the one who has to guide him, and make him into a decent student!!


Fragments of Eternity Comic

"I met you in summer. I fell in love with you in summer..." After transferring schools, I became friends with two boys. I was hoping the three of us would be together forever... But now my tears won't stop flowing. A heart-wrenching love story!!


Jekyll and Hyde Boyfriend Comic

I'm Sachi Asahina, 17 years old. I'm concerned about my boyfriend, Yuki Saeki, who is way too stuffy. We've been dating for three months and he hasn't even kissed me yet... But one day a trendy-looking Yuki suddenly appeared at school. Seeing how surprised I was, he told me that he was Mizuki, the other personality within Yuki. My secret is that my boyfriend has a split personality!!


The Hara-Kiri Lovers Comic

Aiko Imura, a good girl with good grades, sparkling athleticism, and a perfect figure, has always been able to easily get whatever she wants. But the only guy she can't get to fall for her is Mashima, a total square in the Judo Club, who's both a proficient scholar and a martial artist...! Along with the titular story, there are many other LOVE stories included of girls who are hesitant in front of guys they really like.


The Devilish Valet Comic


The Princess Cafe, a place where anyone can become a princess. It's there that Shiori, who just went through a break-up, meets the valet Kisaragi. He's kind, and dashing...... "I thought the he was truly the ideal guy, but it turns out he's a former gang member!" At the cafe, he's a gentleman, but, outside the cafe, Shiori is often bullied by Kisaragi. Still, she can't change her feelings towards him... The title story and other included works comprise this sweet Love Comic that is dedicated to all girls who are in love.


Scandalous Extra-Curricular Activities Comic

One fateful day, Tsugumi Satonaka, a high school teacher, is seen possessing a certain incriminating object by the hottest guy in school, Mikiya Kamijou. She tries to keep Mikiya quiet with pleas and bribes, but ends up being tormented with lewd situations! Starting with a story of forbidden love between teacher and student, this collection's full of egotistical younger guys. The sex is sure to satisfy!!


Totally out of Control: Girl Tactics Comic

Excellence? Miwa got a boyfriend, the younger Yuu. Will she also get his virginity? But he's dominating her!! Has Miwa's delusion run wild? Then, the compilation love story "Love Guardian, "about a high school SP and the rich boy she's supposed to protect. Ulala's heart is gonna burst!


Wicked Pure Love Comic

In the summer of her third year at high school, Erika Kanzaki runs into a big problem. A younger student, the gentlemanly Nagumo, asks her out in a way that makes it difficult to turn him down. Still, they start a relationship, and act like lovers. Erika isn't sure if she really loves him yet, but going out with him just feels so good. If Nagumo, who loves her whole-heartedly, found out about this, he'd surely despise her... When Erika gets scared and tries to turn Nagumo away, he is hurt deeply...... Their feelings of sorrow intertwine in this sensitive romance.


If Your Eyes Speak of Love Comic

"I don't believe in love at first sight. It'll end as quickly as it starts..." Misao Kanda is a beautiful girl, but she hates it when people judge her by appearance. "Cute, ladylike, and a great personality... Perfect girls like that just don't exist!!" Traumatized by the guys she went out with before, Misao wants to take her time to find "real love". But one day, the super-popular, handsome, kind, and rich Oribe makes his move... "I might've just fallen in love at first sight!"

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